The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 4

Misery Loves Mimi

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 1997 on ABC
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Misery Loves Mimi
When Mr. Wick announces that he feels better and wants to help "rebuild" the store, Mimi tricks him into believing that another storm has hit the city. Mimi continues to run the store by issuing memos with Wick's signature. She forces Drew to come in and work on the weekend, just as Nicki was about to agree to a lunch date. Drew becomes suspicious of Wick's disappearance and begins asking questions. Mimi gives him a memo that says he is fired. Kate and Oswald tell Lewis that they are dating. He isn't very happy about it, and warns that Drew will be even more upset. Kate begins to break the news to Drew, but backs down after hearing of his firing. Nicki comes to the Warsaw, and concludes that Drew is a loser after Larry mentions that they are both unemployed. Drew and Lewis go to Mimi's apartment to confront her, and find Mr. Wick. Mimi tries to convince him to stay, but Drew wins him over by pointing out that Wick isn't getting the credit for the store's success. Drew gets his job back. Larry suddenly comes up with a lot of money and begins buying gifts for Drew, including a big-screen TV. Nicki comes over and says that she is willing to go out with him. Kate and Oswald decide that the timing is right to make their big announcement. Seconds later, DEA agents burst in and arrest everyone, as Larry has been selling drugs. Drew's new neighbors come over to introduce themselves, only to find everyone on the floor with guns pointed at their heads.moreless

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  • Mimi takes advantage of Mr. Wick.

    At Mimi's home, Mr. Wick is playing "Hide and Go Seek" with Mimi. Mimi gets a call from someone at the store, which allows Mimi to reveal to us that all of Mr. Wick's decisions on the store are going through her. Mr. Wick decides that he's healthy again, and is ready to leave and help fix the store. Mimi fakes thunder and lightning, scaring Mr. Wick back into staying.

    In Drew's backyard, Lewis is playing pool when Drew comes out and asks Lewis about the sweater he's wearing, as Drew wants to impress Nicki, who is coming over. Oswald and Kate come through the front door, wearing one another's clothes. They don't want to tell Drew that they're sleeping together. Lewis and Drew come in, followed by Nicki after a minute. Nicki announces that the new neighbors are moving in tomorrow and she won't be by again. Larry and a pizza delivery guy come in to the kitchen. Larry tells Drew to pay the pizza delivery man for the three pizzas, even though Drew won't get any of the pizza. When Drew realizes he, and none of his friends have any money on them, Nicki ends up having to pay. Drew then gets a phone call saying he's got to come to work on the weekend.

    At work, Drew finds that Mimi is ordering Drew to wear a suit which looks a bit like a billboard for the store. When a large troll doll comes in, Drew knows something is up, but Mimi does whatever she can to come up with excuses about where Mr. Wick is. Mimi then fires Drew, with the authority of Mr. Wick. The security comes up and escorts him out, but Drew ends up making them chase him through the store.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis, Kate, and Oswald are sitting down. Kate and Oswald announce to Lewis that they're dating, which makes him flip over the table. When Drew comes in, Kate tries to tell him about she and Oswald, but Drew's upset that he was fired. Larry comes in and offers Drew a check for rent, but it's for the entire mortgage. When Nicki comes in, Drew goes over to talk to her. When she finds out that Drew's out of work, she doesn't want anything to do with him; she's supported too many guys in her life.

    Drew and Lewis go over to Mimi's place to yell at Mimi for firing him, which put a stop to any possible relationship he may have with Nicki. When Drew knocks down the door, he finds Mr. Wick huddled into a ball. Mimi has setup all sorts of sound and visual effects, making it seem like it has been a massive thunderstorm. Mimi comes home, and Mr. Wick asks her what's going on. Mr. Wick decides to leave with Drew and Lewis when he realizes he won't be getting the credit for all of the success the store has been having.

    Arriving home, Drew calls out for Larry, who comes out, dressed like a pimp. After Larry shows Drew the big screen TV he bought for the place, they go into the kitchen and see all of the food Larry bought for Drew, even lobster. Nicki knocks on the door, which surprises Drew a little bit, even more so when she brought over a six-pack of beer. Kate decides that it's time to announce that she and Oswald are going out now. All of a sudden, the DEA run in, for a raid, and arrest everyone because Larry's been selling drugs out of Drew's house. Drew's new neighbors come over to meet Drew, but leave when they see what's going on.

    The show ends with a series of mugshots of Drew, Kate, Lewis, etc being shown.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The DEA raid was a little silly, but it made for an interesting future episode, where Drew lost his house.moreless
Michael Alaimo

Michael Alaimo

Pizza Delivery Guy

Guest Star

Lisa Dinkins

Lisa Dinkins

DEA Officer #1

Guest Star

Keith Diamond

Keith Diamond

Greg Clemens

Recurring Role

Rachel True

Rachel True

Janet Clemens

Recurring Role

Ian Gomez

Ian Gomez

Larry Almada

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The lobster Larry holds near the end when he is arrested is clearly a rubber replica.

    • When the pizza is delivered to Drew's house for Larry, Drew doesn't have enough money to pay for it. Nikki ends up paying the delivery man $20. Later when they are at the Warsaw, Drew goes and pays back Nikki $10.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Wick: Now, where are my big boy pants?

    • (Drew and Lewis are about to enter Mimi's apartment)
      Lewis: Drew, remember Mimi is a human being...well, she knows human beings. She could be hunched over the table picking at the bones of Mr. Wick. In that case, I'm glad I'm the skinny one.

    • (Drew gets called in to work on a Saturday)
      Lewis: You know, if you work at DrugCo on Saturdays you get to play in the mutant room. (pulls out a picture from his wallet) Want to see me riding a Monkeypotamus?

    • (Nicki is coming over to Drew's house)
      Drew: Quick, Kate, sweater on or off?
      Kate: Does Nicki like grandpas?
      (Drew pulls off his sweater as Nicki arrives)

    • Kate (to Larry): Where did you get that kind of money?
      Larry: I've been selling my hair.
      Oswald: Oh, you must be loaded!

    • (Kate is trying to tell Drew about her and Oswald.)
      Kate: Drew, I've got some bad news for you...
      Drew: Of course you do! You know why you got bad news?! Because I just got fired! By MIMI! So whatever bad news you have, just give it to me!
      Kate: The monke-potomis died. I'm sorry.

    • Wick: Carey. Mimi told me you were dead.
      Drew: Only on the inside, sir.

  • NOTES (0)


    • There's a scene in the episode where when Drew walks into his house, and notices Larry dressed up like a pimp, Drew calls him Huggy Bear, which was a character from Starsky & Hutch.

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