The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 22

Mr. Wick Returns

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Apr 12, 2000 on ABC

Episode Recap

At work, Drew comes out of his office to ask Mimi if she's taken care of setting things up for the white sale. She says she has taken care of things. Steve comes in and kisses Mimi and Drew. Steve shows Mimi a vibrating pair of panties in a catalog, which he hopes will help her get pregnant. Mr. Wick comes walking in as a mailman. He asks Drew to sign for something, but Mimi stops him, as Mr. Wick has tried to trick Drew into signing a piece of paper, which if Drew were to sign, it would authorize a "white folks only" sale. Drew walks over to his office and Mr. Soulard comes in and demands to see the paper he's got in his hand, but Drew refuses to hand it over, as it's the "white folks only" sale paper Mr. Wick tried to get him sign. He ends up lying about what the paper is so Mr. Soulard drops his interest.

The next morning, Drew's on his way out the door at home when he notices a man in his backyard. The man is a cowboy and he ropes Drew as though he were cattle.

Drew comes into work late, and he gets chewed out by Mr. Soulard, and he tells Drew he's been demoted back to his old job. Mimi comes in and she's given the store manager position for the time being, until Mr. Soulard finds a replacement. Mimi ends up repeating something the cowboy said, which makes Drew realize she was the one responsible for the cowboy, not Mr. Wick, which is who he initially suspected.

At home, Drew's joined by Kate, Lewis and Oswald. They all chat about how to get Mimi fired. Mr. Wick comes over with a plan to take down Mimi, so he can get a better job. Mr. Wick suggests soaking a pickle in grain alcohol and feeding it to Mimi, which will make her on the job, causing her to be fired or at least demoted.

The next morning, Drew comes down and takes a pickle out of the refrigerator and places it in a plastic baggie and then into his briefcase and walks outside. Once outside, Drew gets roped by a cowboy again.

At Winfred-Louder, Mimi is giving orders to the employees, and she's fairly ruthless. Mr. Wick gets upset when he notices Drew hasn't given Mimi the alcohol-soaked pickle. Steve comes in with the vibrating panties for Mimi and he tells her to put them on. She goes into her office and Drew tells Steve that she's the reason he lost his job as store manager. Upset about it, Steve leaves and throws the remote control for Mimi's panties in the trash can. Mr. Wick quickly picks it out of there. Mr. Soulard comes by with some of the members of the board, and when Mimi is meeting them, Drew hits a button on the remote, which causes Mimi some sudden joy. Drew then gives the remote to Lewis, who proceeds to turn on the panties at opportune times. After blowing her shot at the manager position, Mimi asks the guys to leave the remote on high while she goes back to her office.

Later that day, Drew asks Mr. Soulard about being manager again, but he's re-hired Mr. Wick, who comes out with a stack of papers for Drew to work on for the weekend. Mr. Wick got the job by using grain alcohol-soaked pickles to get Mr. Soulard drunk, which obviously impaired his judgement.

The show ends with Lewis and Oswald being roped by the cowboy as payback by Drew.