The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 7

Nicki's Wedding

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 04, 1998 on ABC
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Nicki's Wedding
Mimi runs into Nicki at the store's bridal registry. Nicki has to race upstairs to try to keep Mimi from telling Drew about her wedding plans; she had wanted to share the news herself. He claims that he is happy for her. Drew is surprised when Nicki sends him a wedding invitation. Kate, Lewis and Oswald insist that it is only a courtesy invitation and try to discourage him from attending. They plan to stay away as well, but Drew urges them to go to the wedding. Oswald is really excited because the wedding is on a boat. Drew goes on a date with a video store clerk, but suddenly decides to take her to the wedding. Nicki's parents cannot believe that he had the nerve to show up. Drew makes a complete fool of himself while trying to prove how mature he is. He actually manages to give a toast that isn't totally humiliating, but throws out his back while trying to show up the groom on the dance floor. As Drew waits for the helicopter to lift him off the boat to take him to the hospital, he begs Nicki to take him back. She seems embarrassed for him. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick finishes rehab and returns to work at Winfred-Louder.moreless

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  • Keep watching all the way to the end!

    This is one of the better episodes of the show. What really puts the episode over the top is the final scene (be sure to stick around for it) where Lewis and Oswald are dressed as pirates sitting in a dive bar and recounting the entire story. While one of them blows into a bottle like a foghorn, the other talks in faux pirate-speak. The timing by the actors is perfect. A great example of a show where the main funny person surrounds themself with even funnier supporting players. Roseanne, Brett Butler and Ellen DeGeneres knew how to use their cast as well.moreless
  • Drew finds out that his ex, Nicki is getting married.

    At Winfred Louder, Mimi is playing little tricks on Drew, which make him think he's imagining things. This gets him to overreact when a woman comes and taps him on his shoulder.

    Later that day, Larry wheels his things out of Mr. Wick's office, as this is his last day there. Mimi comes out with a few more of his things, mainly his porn collection. Mr. Wick comes into the office with gifts for Mimi, Drew, and Larry. Mimi comes running in and tells him that she knows that someone he knows is getting married. Nicki comes running in, to deliver the news that she's getting married. Drew notices how much different she looks, after all of the weight loss and the changes with her hair. He wishes her well, and she says she would have invited him, but she figured it would be awkward. Mimi runs over when Nicki leaves, and she's a little disappointed when Drew doesn't start crying.

    At night, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are in Drew's kitchen, drinking Buzz Beer, which they put in little wax bottles. They get into a fight when Drew comes home. He goes through his mail and notices Nicki sent him an invitation. Lewis and Kate think it's just a courtesy invitation, but Drew and Oswald think Drew should go. When Oswald hears the wedding party is on a boat, he wants to go along with.

    Drew and Margaret, from the video rental store, walk into the Warsaw, but when they see it's crowded, Drew gives her coat back to her and says "let's go to a wedding", and out they leave.

    Arriving at the wedding party, Drew and Margaret walk in and notice Kate, Lewis, and Oswald sitting down. Nicki's mom comes over and asks Drew what he's doing here. Margaret's a little bummed when she finds out Nicki is Drew's ex-fiance.

    Later that night, several people are dancing around when Nicki and her husband come out, and Margaret seems to find the groom handsome. Drew walks up to Nicki and her husband, Chris, and wish them well. Nicki's father does a little toast to Nicki, and insults Drew. Drew wants to make a toast, but is first warned by Nicki's father not to go too far. When they start dancing, Drew takes Margaret, and Drew tries to out-do Chris and Nicki, but it turns out Chris is pretty good on the dance floor. When Drew tries to top him, he throws out his back.

    A bit later that night, Drew is strapped into a support basket, so he can be airlifted out by a helicopter. Nicki comes over and they talk. A helicopter comes in and hauls Drew out, leaving Nicki, sitting on the dance floor.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald, dressed up like pirates, telling Drew's crazy wedding story to two men.

    This wasn't my favorite episode, despite a few funny spots. The overall plot wasn't especially interesting, but I guess it was a logical one.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The following tribute was shown at the end of this episode:

      We Dedicate this Episode to the Lasting Memory of our friend, John Goode.

      Goode times. Goode times.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • (upon seeing Mimi's dress)
      Drew: Boy, you can't burn a flag but you can do that to it. Doesn't seem right.

    • Mimi: (on Drew's learning that his ex-girlfriend was getting married) Drew, look into my eyes and tell me you don't feel like crying.
      Drew: There's not a man alive who could pass that test, Mimi.

    • Mimi: Here's the rest of your crap, Almada. I packed up those training tapes from the bottom desk drawer.
      Larry: I didn't have any training...oh, my porno! (Checks box) Hello, girls.

    • (Mimi wears a dress in the style of a United Kingdom flag)
      Drew: Boy, you can't burn a flag but you can do that to it.
      Mr. Wick: Let me give you a salute. (Covers his eyes) There.
      Drew: The good news is, at night we get to fold her up and put her in a box.

    • Mr. Wick: So THIS is Winfred-Louder through sober eyes! (to Drew) My God, I harassed those women?

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