The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 13

Oswald's Dad Returns

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2001 on ABC

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  • Oswald's father is finally out of prison!

    The guys are gathered at the Warsaw, talking about Oswald's father, who's out of prison, when Oswald's father, Roscoe, walks in and tells Oswald that he plans on obeying the law. Oswald doesn't seen convinced as he's been without a normal father most of his life.

    As Drew and Oswald walk into Winfred-Louder, Oswald's complaining about how his father kept going on and on about prison stories last night. Oswald leaves for a few minutes with some packages and Drew's joined by Steve and Mimi who show him the sonogram of their baby. When Drew points out something on the sonogram, Steve tells Mimi about the Carey tail. Drew had one and had it removed when he was a baby. The whole thing freaks Mimi out as she obviously doesn't want a baby with a tail. Oswald and his father come in. Roscoe reveals to everyone that he got a new job, as a real estate salesman, and tells Drew he'll try to help him get a job there.

    At the realtor company, Drew's doing a terrible job selling pieces of land. His new boss tells him to try to sell the Dunbar properties as they're only $8,000. Lewis comes in and buys the land from Drew and leaves. Drew tells his boss about it, and he realizes that the land is radioactive, so he's obviously concerned about Lewis suffering from ill-effects of spending time there.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald and his father are looking through some photo albums. Lewis finds some old letters which Roscoe never sent to him because he thought Oswald would probably be better without him in his life. After talking to Oswald about the letters, Roscoe tells him about a present he's got for him, outside. Oswald runs out to see what it is, but we don't get to see it yet.

    Drew comes over to Lewis' apartment to warn him about the land scam, and it seems Lewis is getting ready to go to his land. Oswald comes in with the present from his father, a red bike. Lewis considers going on a killing spree to get his money back, so Drew stops him and tells him he's got a plan of his own.

    At the realtor company, Drew's boss comes over and asks him how many Chinese he can fit in his trunk. Lewis and Kate come in, posing like a married couple, and ask to buy a bigger piece of land, but when they plan to get the $8,000 back fails, they run out. Roscoe comes in and talks to Drew, who tells him about Lewis getting scammed, so he promises to get Lewis his money back.

    At Lewis' apartment, Lewis and Drew are waiting for Oswald's father to show up. They tell Oswald about how his father acted and Lewis got screwed out of $8,000. When Roscoe comes over, Oswald tells him he's going to call the police but he's going to give him a head-start.

    Now on his land, Lewis is fishing off of a pier when he realizes he's caught something. A large swamp monster comes out of the water and attacks Lewis. It takes Lewis' beer and goes back into the swamp.

    The show ends with some silly bloopers from the episode.

    This was a fairly funny episode. It's too bad Roscoe didn't come back on occasion, such as Oswald visiting him in prison or something along those lines.