The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 13

Oswald's Dad Returns

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2001 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Lewis tell Drew about his plan to ask out the cute teller at the bank. He says that every week he takes out 10,000 dollars from the ugly teller and the re-deposits it through the pretty one. "This way after a couple of years, she thinks I'm a millionaire..." Drew can't find the flaw in the plan. But wouldn't the pretty teller be depositing the money back into the same account that he took it out of, thereby seeing how much money is in the account?

    • This episode was filmed early in the season and postponed from its original air date. Because of this, and the fact that Drew and Kate smiling and holding hands while referring to the fact that they had broken up seemed strange, I thought that the original line may have been "the bully magnet IS engaged to the skank" and that it was dubbed over to "used to be engaged" in an attempt to hide the fact that the episode was airing out of order. However, isn't there another line later in the episode where they refer to Drew being single?

    • This episode cannot possibly fit anywhere into continuity. At one point it is stated that Drew used to be engaged to Kate (when Oswald's dad referred to Lewis, Drew and Kate as "the tall weirdo, the bully magnet and the skank," Drew states that "the bully magnet used to be engaged to the skank"), implying that they had broken up. Yet later, it is stated that Drew is still unemployed; but Drew was offered his job back immediately after his break-up with Kate in the episode "Drew and the Trail Scouts," which takes place immediately after "The Pregnancy Scare." Even if it didn't, it was established that Kate and Drew did not become friends again until a few episodes later ("Drew and Kate Become Friends"). Anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy?

  • Quotes

    • Lewis: I left the other baby next to killing machine.

    • Drew: Wait! I have a plan. And if it doesn't work, you can always go back to the killing spree.
      Lewis: You promise? (Drew nods.) I hope your plan FAILS!

    • (Oswald gets a bike from his dad after Lewis fell for the scam.)
      Lewis: Can't put a price on that kind of happiness. Oh wait--$8,000! (Picks up phone)
      Oswald: The bike isn't the best part. Now, I really have a dad.
      Lewis (pause): Crap. (Hangs up phone)
      Oswald: What's the problem?
      Lewis: This little red bitch in my chest, that's what's the problem!
      Oswald: Little Red Bitch--what a great name for my bike!

    • Lewis (after being swindled): The way I see it, it's live and learn. (Picks up shotgun) I'm gonna live, they're gonna learn.

    • Drew: Oswald, get in here!
      Oswald: I can't, I'm waxing my bike!
      Drew: Is that what you guys call it?
      Lewis: No, he's really waxing his bike.
      (Drew nods his head behind Lewis. Lewis turns and sees Oswald's bike)
      Lewis: Oh, well than I guess he's masturbating!

    • Drew (about the boss): Is he gonna kill me?
      Roscoe Harvey: No, he's gay. He's been working up the nerve to ask you out all week!

    • Lewis: Now that I own a piece of land, I can finally vote!

    • Roscoe Harvey: You seem like the kinda guy who would give up his pudding real easy in the joint.
      Drew: By my pudding, do you mean my...manflower?
      Roscoe Harvey: No, I'm talking about chocolate pudding, it's a dessert!

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