The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 13

Oswald's Dad Returns

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2001 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This episode cannot possibly fit anywhere into continuity. At one point it is stated that Drew used to be engaged to Kate (when Oswald's dad referred to Lewis, Drew and Kate as "the tall weirdo, the bully magnet and the skank," Drew states that "the bully magnet used to be engaged to the skank"), implying that they had broken up. Yet later, it is stated that Drew is still unemployed; but Drew was offered his job back immediately after his break-up with Kate in the episode "Drew and the Trail Scouts," which takes place immediately after "The Pregnancy Scare." Even if it didn't, it was established that Kate and Drew did not become friends again until a few episodes later ("Drew and Kate Become Friends"). Anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy?