The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 21

Oswald's Son

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 29, 2000 on ABC
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Oswald's Son
A 21-year-old man claims to be Oswald's son, the result of a fling at a summer tap dance camp. However, the man bears a striking resemblance to Lewis. Lewis admits to Drew and Kate that he also slept with the girl. He believes that he must be the father, but Oswald argues that Robert actually looks like his mother. The guys arrange for separate outings with Robert, but begin bickering about "custody" issues. They finally decide to take a DNA test to find out which of them is the real father. Robert reveals that he is married and has a child of his own, and finally sought out his father because the baby doesn't have a grandpa. He is perfectly happy to have Lewis and Oswald share father/grandfather duties, so they decide to save their friendship by tearing up the results of the paternity test. Meanwhile, Drew's decision to allow the employees to put together the store newsletter proves disastrous.moreless

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  • Oswald reveals he has a son.

    Drew comes home with Kate and Lewis, after going to a swap meet. Kate pulls out a canine clock she bought for $0.50, but when Drew turns it on, the clock won't stop barking so he smashes it with a hammer. Oswald comes running in with a letter. He happily shows them all a letter from a guy claiming to be Oswald's son. They talk about going to band camp, which is where Oswald met the girl who he had sex with.

    At work, Mimi comes in to ask Drew if she can use his paper shredder. Drew agrees and Mimi starts to "file" the employee suggestions. Drew stops her and decides to help her go through them all. Pretty quickly in, they realize they're the only ones who submitted suggestions, and they were just insults for one another. Finally, Drew finds a valid suggestion, have the employees write the employee newsletter for a change. Oswald comes in and he's sad about not getting a response to the letter he wrote to his son. He asks Drew if he could meet his son first and tell him how good Oswald really is, and Drew agrees to help him out.

    At the Warsaw, Drew and Kate are sitting down, chatting about Oswald's son, who's supposed to meet Drew there. Lewis comes in and asks whether or not Oswald's son has come in yet. Lewis makes his way out to take Oswald to a Star Wars convention. Oswald's son, Robert, walks in, and Drew and Kate are shocked as Robert looks exactly like Lewis, not Oswald.

    Back at home, Drew's talking to Kate about what to say to Lewis and Oswald. Lewis comes in and is curious about what they wanted. Drew finally tells Lewis that Robert looks like him, not Oswald, and Lewis reveals he and Sherry had sex after she and Oswald broke up, but ended up getting back together later that day. Oswald comes in and is curious about what happened. Robert comes over and Lewis and Oswald are both surprised to see what he looks like, and they both claim him as their own son.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew asks Mimi about the newsletter, and it seems like some of the material is a bit obscene, such as naming which employees are gay. Oswald comes in with Robert, and they mention how they just got back from a baseball game. Lewis comes in is upset that Oswald didn't bring him back earlier, so he demands another 15 minutes with Robert. To determine who gets Robert this Sunday, Lewis and Oswald play "Rock, Paper, Scissors." Frustrated with the custody problems, Lewis tells Oswald that he's going to have someone at DrugCo do a DNA test on everyone to see who the father is, and Oswald welcomes the test. When they leave, Robert comes in and tells Drew that he's married and has a baby, so having two fathers is a great thing.

    Back at home, Drew and Kate are talking about how she wants kids but is a little hesitant about having Drew's kids because of the size of his head. Lewis and Oswald come in to find out the results of the DNA test, since Drew picked the results up early. Drew warns the guys that the results of the test could end their relationship. Robert comes in with his daughter, and Lewis and Oswald are really impressed to hear Robert is a father and a husband. When Drew's about to reveal the results, Lewis and Oswald decide to patch things up and share the responsibilities of being a father to Robert and a grandfather to Robert's daughter.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to determine which one of them will change the baby's diaper. Finally, Robert decides to do it himself.

    I thought tonight's episode was a bit silly and lacked great comedy. The story was funny, but it doesn't really become part of future storylines, as Lewis and Oswald are never shown taking care of Robert's daughter and Robert is never seen again.moreless

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    • (Oswald just found out he has a son)
      Oswald: His name is Robert Gates! I wish it was Bill though...
      Drew: How come?
      Oswald: Well, imagine all the fun you could have. 'Hey, Bill Gates, take out the trash! Hey, Bill Gates, mow the lawn! What're ya, Bill Gates, an idiot?'

    • Drew: We have to tell Oswald the truth eventually. I mean, we can't just keep distracting him with shiny objects... Okay, we can, but we got to stop doing that.

    • (Drew and Kate suspect Lewis is actually the father of Oswald's son)
      Drew: Hey, Lewis, I got a question. Did you ever sleep with a close friends' girlfriend?
      Lewis: Oh, I see where this is going... I'm in. But, Kate, when we're in bed, Drew's and my eyes must never meet.
      Kate: Lewis, let me make this clear. The only way I'd lie next to you naked is if we're in a mass grave.

    • Kate: Creepy, Oswald had sex with a woman who looked like Lewis.

    • Lewis: Oh, I see how it is. So just because Oswald's son SLIGHTLY resembles me, you all assume that while all the other kids were working on the big dance number, Sherry and I were in the closet, "bringin' in da noise, bringin' in da funk"?
      Kate: She slept with BOTH of you? What, is she too good to sit on a dryer?

    • Kate: I can't believe Oswald has a son.
      Drew: I know. I feel bad for the kid. You grow up thinking your dad's Neil Armstrong. Instead, you get Forrest Gump.

    • Lewis: Robert, my boy, how can I put this delicately? (Pauses) I did the no-no cha-cha with your mom.

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    • Lewis:"Chewbacca's gonna be there signing copies of his latest book: Hairy As I Wanna Be."

      Chewbacca is a famous "Star Wars" character, and this book title is probably a parody of the autobiography of Dennis Rodman (titled "Bad as I Wanna Be.")