The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 13, 1995 on ABC

Episode Recap

Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are sitting around at the Warsaw, when they start talking about Brad Pitt and what guys are attractive. Based on the response from Oswald, Drew and Lewis can't help but put him on the spot and get a response, which he gives, Liam Neeson.

At Drew's home, Lewis is helping Drew clean up the house. There are pizza boxes and beer bottles lying around. Oswald is sitting on the couch, relaxing and having a conversation with Drew about beer and his voice on the radio. After noticing the fact that Lewis and Oswald drank some of Drew's non-generic beer, Drew complains about it, and Oswald says he and Lewis will go buy him some more.

Drew walks into the kitchen, and there's a knock at the back door, it's Kate. She just got fired from work when she decided to leave her boyfriend. Drew tells her the obvious thing, the only reason he hired her was because she would sleep with him.

In the ride to work, Drew and some of his co-workers are crammed in the car. Drew complains to Larry because he's driving far too slow.

At work, Drew has to interview a woman, Mimi, for a spot at the cosmetic counter. Mimi goes off on a rant about why she didn't get hired, suggesting Drew is a sexist pig.

Lewis, Oswald and Kate are standing around, playing pool in Drew's back yard when Drew comes home. He complains to no end about how the job interview went. Mimi complained to Mr. Bell, and he reamed Drew over what happened at work.

Later that night, Drew, Kate, Oswald, and Lewis go to the bar. After sitting around for a while, Drew notices that Mimi is in there. He tries to avoid her, but when Mimi notices him, she comes over and yells at both him and then Kate, suggesting she was the trash that probably got the job. Drew eventually walks over and talks to Mimi, telling her that the reason she didn't get the job wasn't entirely about her appearance, but because she was a horrible person.

At work, Drew has another job interview with a woman, and everything goes well. Kate then walks in and asks for the job. Drew is very reluctant to hire her, but after a call from Mr. Bell and more pleading from Kate, he decides to hire her for the job.

In the kitchen at home, Drew, Lewis and Oswald are making hot chocolate because of the rain. Kate walks in to get their opinion of what perfume to push tomorrow at work.

The show ends with Drew going outside and playing pool out in the rain.