The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 13, 1995 on ABC

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  • The Genesis of the show.

    This is how pilot episodes start. They usually show what the characters are about and how much one would hate the other's guts. This one shows that Drew has an interview with Mimi and from the start, Mimi gives Drew a hard time. And Drew (since he dosen't or rarely drives), carpools to work, but his carpoolers decided to stop picking him up and give him a bus pass. Well, Mimi gets the job, but she gives Drew a life of hell. The ending is cool too, he plays pool in the pouring rain. The best thing that really came to Cleveland.
  • This is basically the pilot episode of The Drew Carey Show. In this episode,Kate gets fired from the body shop that she worked at (because she broke up with her boyfriend,Barry). And then,Drew hires Kate by the end of the episode.

    Overall,I found this episode funny and clever. And,you know what,this is not one of those bad pilots,or okay pilots. It\'s a great pilot. I mean,it\'s basically a masterpiece. And,it\'s probably better then some pilots I\'ve seen in the past. From a memorable job interview with Mimi Bobeck (which introduced Mimi calling Drew a pig),to Kate getting fired,this episode practically had it all! It even showcased some stand-up from Drew (but not in the Jerry Seinfeld kind of way).
    The plot of this episode is:Kate gets fired,then Mimi comes in,and she just doesn\'t get hired (but don\'t worry,she\'ll become a series regular by the second episode),and then,everything wraps up,and Kate gets hired again (by,of course,Drew,for a job in the Cosmetics department). And,I also loved when Drew was reading all of Mimi\'s former jobs,and they were all pretty bad (definitely at the bottom-of-the-barrel). This episode was maybe even one of the most memorable episodes of the show,and not just because it was the first,but because it had memorable lines and memorable (and very experimental) storylines. Overall,a good start to a good series!
  • A great begining to a great show.

    The Drew Carey Show's first episode was great. Even though it was written "diffrently" than most episodes it was funny. It also introduced Mimi Bobeck who was going to be a guest star but kept due to her enjoyment by audiences. A great character helped create one of the funniest duo's in the entire show. Great start for a great show.
  • Witty, and hilarious!

    I love this show, it gets funnier and funnier throughout the show. I'm pretty sure that it is the only sitcom that takes place in clevland.
    Drew reminds me of Dilbert, lots of camios, it just insured Drew Carey's place in comic heros.
    and bringing in ryan stiles, Genious, simply genious. if you haven't seen this show, WATCH IT, you will NOT be disappointed. the running gags and the hopelessness of drew's life just makes my day a little happier, just like office space, but drew is in an even worse position. the characters are lovable and their misadventures are the best situations.
  • Meet Drew Carey. He lives in his parents house, is around forty, has been in the same dead end job for years, and just been displayed as a sexist.

    Not many pilots are hilarious, some aren\'t even funny. But the Drew Carey Show pilot is one of the funniests series openers ever! In the first scene we really get into the minds of real characters (Drew, Lewis, Oswald) as they discuss things men wonder. Same thing with Kate as she complains about her boss firing her. It was the perfect way to open up the show. Also the pilot showed a rare piece of comedy with Drew acting like he was doing stand up, really funny! Perfect way to open up the series, one of it\'s best episodes!
  • A great start to the series!

    Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are sitting around at the Warsaw, when they start talking about Brad Pitt what guys are attractive. Based on the response from Oswald, Drew and Lewis can't help but put him on the spot and get a response, which he gives, Liam Neesen. This scene was funny, but rather silly I thought, but I'm not surprised, since this is a pilot of course.

    At Drew's home, Lewis is helping out Drew clean up the house. There are pizza boxes and beer bottles lying around. Oswald is sitting on the couch, relaxing and having a conversation with Drew about beer and his voice on the radio. After noticing the fact that Lewis and Oswald drank some of Drew's non-generic beer, Drew complains about it, and Oswald says he and Lewis will go buy him some more. This scene, as with several others has some moments which were taken straight out of Drew's stand-up routines.

    Drew walks into the kitchen, and there's a knock at the back door, it's Kate. She just got fired from work when she decided to leave him. Drew tells her the obvious thing, the only reason he hired her was because she would sleep with him.

    In the ride to work, Drew and some of his co-workers are crammed in the car. Drew complains to Larry because he's driving far too slow.

    At work, Drew has to interview a woman, Mimi, for a spot at the cosmetic counter. Mimi goes off on a rant about why she didn't get hired, suggesting Drew is a sexist pig. This is one of the more memorable moments of the episode. Somehow you just don't forget how Mimi and Drew met.

    Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are standing around, playing pool in Drew's back yard when Drew comes home, he complains to no end about how the job interview went. Mimi complained to Mr. Bell, and he reamed Drew over what happened at work. You can't help but feel a little sorry for Drew in this whole thing, he didn't do anything wrong, really.

    Later that night, Drew, Kate, Oswald, and Lewis go to the bar. After sitting around for a while, Drew notices that Mimi is in there. He tries to avoid her, but when Mimi notices him, she comes over and yells at both him and then Kate, suggesting she was the trash that probably got the job. Drew eventually walks over and talks to Mimi, telling her that the reason she didn't get the job wasn't entirely about her appearance, but because she was a horrible person.

    At work, Drew has another job interview with a woman, and everything went well. Kate then walks in and asks for the job. Drew is very reluctant to hire her, but after a call from Mr. Bell and more pleading from Kate, he decides to hire her for the job.

    In the kitchen at home, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are making hot chocolate because of the rain. Kate walks in to get their opinion of what perfume to push tomorrow at work.

    The show ends with Drew going outside and play pool out in the rain. This scene is re-enacted in the series finale, where Drew puts on a raincoat and plays pool in the rain.

    As far as pilots go, this wasn't too bad. There were moments which I felt Drew wasn't acting in a comedy, but rather doing his stand-up. There were several scenes which featured this sort of thing. The drive-thru beer store was the one that stood out the most as an example of this. The stand-up integration was lessened in future episode, much to the delight of myself, since it was so obvious where that humor came from.