The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 13, 1995 on ABC

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  • This is basically the pilot episode of The Drew Carey Show. In this episode,Kate gets fired from the body shop that she worked at (because she broke up with her boyfriend,Barry). And then,Drew hires Kate by the end of the episode.

    Overall,I found this episode funny and clever. And,you know what,this is not one of those bad pilots,or okay pilots. It\'s a great pilot. I mean,it\'s basically a masterpiece. And,it\'s probably better then some pilots I\'ve seen in the past. From a memorable job interview with Mimi Bobeck (which introduced Mimi calling Drew a pig),to Kate getting fired,this episode practically had it all! It even showcased some stand-up from Drew (but not in the Jerry Seinfeld kind of way).
    The plot of this episode is:Kate gets fired,then Mimi comes in,and she just doesn\'t get hired (but don\'t worry,she\'ll become a series regular by the second episode),and then,everything wraps up,and Kate gets hired again (by,of course,Drew,for a job in the Cosmetics department). And,I also loved when Drew was reading all of Mimi\'s former jobs,and they were all pretty bad (definitely at the bottom-of-the-barrel). This episode was maybe even one of the most memorable episodes of the show,and not just because it was the first,but because it had memorable lines and memorable (and very experimental) storylines. Overall,a good start to a good series!
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