The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 18

Playing the Unified Field

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1996 on ABC
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Despite his protests, Lisa tells Drew that she is going to start seeing other people. She urges him to do the same. He asks out his hard-living barber, Sue. She takes him to a strip club (to meet her mother), and forces him to defend her honor to a pair of guys twice his size at the Warsaw. Worst of all, she takes a liking to Mimi and offers to do her hair. Drew fears that he will not survive much longer. Lisa calls and leaves a message saying that she has figured out a way for them to begin dating in public. Drew has to keep his last date with Sue, who is bungee-jumping from a water tower. He breaks the news that he wants to stop seeing her, and is relieved when she kisses him goodbye instead of killing him. Kate tells Drew that she has applied for a job as head of the personal shopper department. He promises to hire her. Just then, Lisa shows up and announces her plan. She wants him to hire her to head the personal shopper department so that they would both be management. Mimi also applies for the position and warns Drew that she has Bell's backing.moreless

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  • Funny.

    I liked the comedy in this one. I liked the interaction between Drew and his new girlfriend in Sue. She was crazy and she made Drew nervous. Of course, he wanted to date Lisa, but was not able to do so because of the new rule at his job. It turns out that he couldn't keep up with Sue and he ended up breaking up with her. I thought she was going to murder him for dumping her. Overall, this was an entertaining episode. I liked the fact that Drew dated someone crazy and it was also very refreshing to see someone different. Thank you.moreless
  • With his relationship with Lisa over, Drew tries to move on.

    At the barber shop, Lewis is pointing a hair dryer at Oswald's face, while Drew watches in another chair. Lewis is timing how long Oswald can go without blinking. After Lewis sprays some stuff on Oswald, they spray mousse all over one another, and the barber, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, comes out and runs them off. She then comes over and chats with Drew about her life, Drew's secret girlfriend at work, Lisa, and her love for buzz cuts.

    At work, Lisa stops by Drew's cubicle to see him, but Kate's sitting there, trying to make everything look normal. Drew, sitting at Mimi's desk, calls his own phone so Lisa picks it up. They chat about going public about their relation, but it doesn't go so well, and Lisa confesses that someone else asked her out, and she's going to go with him.

    At Drew's house, Jay is making a pizza when Drew, Lewis, Kate, and Oswald show up. They all talk about Drew and Lisa. Jay gives Drew his book of single women. After a few minutes of discussion, it's suggested to Drew that he go out with Sue, the barber.

    At the barber shop, Drew comes by to see Sue. When he asks her out, she agrees to go with him, but Drew's still a bit nervous since she seems to be much wilder than he is.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald are sitting down when Drew and Sue come by after their time at the strip club. Lisa then walks in with the guy who asked her out. It turns out he's been taking Lisa to all of Drew's favorite places. Sue leaves to the restroom, while Drew and Lisa spend a little time chatting. Sue comes out running, yelling to Drew that two guys were all over her and are coming down. When the guys come down, Drew's a little surprised at how big they are, so he grabs the bat from behind the bar to scare them off, which excites Sue.

    At work, Chuck, walks Sue to Drew's cubicle after he catches her stealing things from housewares. When Mimi stops by, Sue offers to do her hair sometime, which she agrees to.

    At Drew's house, Lewis and Oswald are sitting down, chatting about Oswald's hair, which made a few people at the barber shop laugh, while Lewis has been trying to keep a straight face. Drew and Kate come in and laugh at Oswald's hair, and then Drew listens to his messages on the answering machine. The first call is from Lisa, who tells him that she's not going to be seeing Dean anymore. The second call is from Sue, who tells him to meet her at a place, and to bring some "grippy" shoes.

    Drew climbs a water tower and looks for Sue, who bungees down. Sue's just full of energy. Drew then tells her that they're over, which bums her out a little. However, before they leave, she kisses him.

    At work, Kate stops by Drew's desk to ask him to transfer her to a new position, which he agrees to do what he can. Lisa stops by to talk to Drew, and asks him for the job, the same job Kate is asking for. If Lisa gets the job, they'll both be management, so they could date. Drew obviously has mixed emotions about the whole thing. As soon as Lisa leaves, Mimi comes over and applies for that same job. Mimi has the support of Mr. Bell.

    The show ends with Sue talking to Mimi at the barber. They exchange stories about wild things they've done, and Sue says there's one thing she's never been able to do, polka. Mimi then shows her how to do it.

    You couldn't help but feel for Drew, as he's in a tough spot, of his own doing, mind you. The show wasn't too bad from a comedy point of view. You just knew Sue and Drew weren't going to work out.moreless
Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis


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Michael Bailey Smith

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Monte Grix

Monte Grix


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Kelly Perine


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Katy Selverstone

Katy Selverstone

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Robert Torti

Robert Torti

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    • Sue (running up to Drew at the Warsaw Tavern): Drew! Drew!
      Drew: Have you been in my vitamins, angel?
      Sue: Listen, two guys were giving me crap and we kinda got in a fight and in about two seconds they're going to come charging down here looking for me.
      Drew: Don't worry, no one's going to hurt you. We'll be in the car before they head down (heads for the door).
      Sue (pulling him back): Drew, these guys insulted me. Now are you going to tell them off, or are you going to run off scared?
      Drew: Scared? I'll show you whose scared! (the two guys appear behind Drew without him knowing) I'll them them off and make them apologize.
      Sue: Great, these are the guys (points at the two men).
      Man: Are you the guy that has something to say to us?
      Drew: Nope, not me (reaches for bat that is handed to him by the bartender). It must be my friend Louie (holds bat up). Now he wants you to apologize to the lady.
      Man: OK, I'm sorry.
      Drew: Now I suggest you get out of here, I'm too out of shape for a long fight, so I'll have to kill you fast (the two guys leave).

    • Jay (trying to set Drew up with a date talking about a little black book with a list of women's names): I know hundreds of women, all available, all gorgeous, and all lonely.
      Kate: Honey?
      Jay: Just a minute. You know a good friend gave me this. I haven't actually looked inside it. Because I'm in love with my girl Kate (puts his arm around her).
      Kate: Um, so, why do you carry it with you?
      Drew, Oswald, and Lewis (in unison): Yeah, why is that?
      Jay: Every one of these women is my blood type. You know, in case I get in an accident.
      Drew, Oswald, Lewis, and Kate (nodding as if understanding): Ohhhhhh!
      Kate: You're about to get in an accident!

    • Lewis (explaining Drew's relationship with Lisa): Wait, I think I can demonstrate this more clearly. Drew give me a dollar.
      (Drew reaches into his pocket for a dollar)
      Lewis: C'mon, c'mon. (Drew hands him the dollar and Lewis sets it on the table) OK, now give me five dollars. (Drew hands him five dollars) OK, now give me ten dollars.
      Drew: All I got left is a twenty.
      Lewis (gesturing for the money) That's fine. (folds up the money and puts it in his pocket as he leaves) Ok, see you at Hooters.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode was featured as part of a six-episode DVD release of the show. The DVD also includes: "Pilot", "We'll Remember Always", "Evaluation Day", "Drew Blows His Promotion", "My Best Friend's Wedding", and "DrugCo".

    • Jamie Lee Curtis is credited as Special Guest Star.