The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 7

Red, White and Drew

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 1999 on ABC
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Red, White and Drew
Drew becomes obsessed with getting the city to repair a pothole in front of his house. He supports a ballot measure allocating money for street repairs. When the nearest polling place suffers a fire just before the election, Drew volunteers his house as a replacement. Lewis and Oswald give people beer in exchange for a vote for the measure. Drew arrives home from work to find everyone partying. Aware that he could get in hot water for serving alcohol at a polling place, he tries to break up the gathering. A college student puts out his cigarette in the ballot box and causes the ballots to catch on fire. Oswald and Lewis distract the polling inspector to keep him out while Drew and Kate have everyone re-vote to replace the damaged ballots. The measure is handily defeated in spite of the gang's efforts. Drew ends up trying to repair the pothole himself in the middle of a rainstorm. He eventually agrees with his friends' contention that he is trying to distract himself because he is frustrated about not being able to date. Meanwhile, everyone discovers that Mr. Wick wears a toupee.moreless

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  • Drew tries to get a pothole in front of his house fixed.

    While driving Mimi, Mr. Wick, and Kate to work, Drew's having problems with his car, as the pot hole in front of his home has caused his car to get out of alignment. When Drew realizes he forgot his report at home, he turns the car around, and ends up driving through the pothole, which causes Mr. Wick's toupee to fly off. Since Mr. Wick doesn't realize what's happened, Drew decides to forget about the report, and drive him to work, so he can get embarrassed by everyone there seeing his bald head.

    Kate and Lewis are sitting at one of the tables in the Warsaw, talking about Kate's timing with showing her interest in Drew. Drew and Oswald walk in and sit down. Drew's trying to get people to vote on a proposition to fix the pothole in front of his house. An attractive woman comes over and hits on Drew, but since he's not looking to get into a relationship, he turns her down. Oswald expresses his interest in her, but he ends up scaring her off. Kate goes over to the bar to get some beer, when a couple of hunky firefighters come in after battling a fire. One firefighter takes off his shirt, which turns Kate on. The firefighters tell Drew about the voting place being burned down, so Drew decides to have people vote at his house.

    At Drew's, Lewis, Oswald, and Mrs. Hopkins are waiting for people to show up, but so far, it's only Mimi. Two college kids come in and give Lewis and Oswald an idea, give free beer to voters.

    Later on, Drew and Kate come in and sees a party at his place. He can't believe Lewis and Oswald are serving beer. When one of the kids puts out his cigarette in the ballot box, Drew tries to put out the fire, but just makes it worse. Kate is able to put out the fire, but to do so, Drew had to break the box open, which is vote tampering. The guys try to keep the polling inspector from seeing the mess and reporting it, so Lewis tries to break Drew's phone with an axe, but he ends up swinging it into one of Drew's cabinets.

    Still at Drew's, Drew tries to get everyone to re-vote, while outside, Lewis and Oswald are doing their best to delay the inspector. Oswald is talking out of his butt, and the inspector thinks they're trying to stall him for some reason. Back inside, they're finishing the re-vote. Oswald comes in and warns everyone about the inspector coming in. All of the college kids leave and the inspector comes in. The news comes on, and Drew finds out his proposition has failed, so he walks outside to fill the pothole himself. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald try to get him to stop, but they're unable to.

    A bit later, Drew's in the middle of the street, in the pouring rain. He stabs the blacktop with part of his shovel, and he hits a water line, shooting water everywhere. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come out to get Drew to get out of the rain and to come inside.

    Outside his house, Drew's eating when Lewis, Kate, and Oswald come out to see him. He was able to get the city to fix the pothole by breaking the water line, but now needs to raise $1200 before the city will turn on his water, so he's out in the street asking for donations.

    At Winfred-Louder, Mr. Wick's asking a woman out, but since his toupee isn't on right, the woman is turned off. He tells Mimi that he's going out, but his topee falls back into place when he sneezes. To "correct" this, Mimi gives him some eye drops to use.

    I liked this episode quite a bit. We got to see Drew get upset at the system and take matters into his own hands, something many of us feel like doing from time to time. I thought the running gag with Mr. Wick's toupee was funny, but it felt out of place, since we know he doesn't wear a toupee to begin with. It's almost as though the writers got lazy with this one.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the beginning of the show, Drew is in his car driving Mimi, Mr. Wick and Kate to the store. He then realizes he left something he needed for work at his house. On the way home, he hits the pothole in front of his house, but he never goes in to get what he needs.

    • During the end credits, Mimi tells Mr. Wick that his left eye is bloodshot, so he would apply some eyedrops to his eye with his head tilting back for the toupee to fall over. He does apply the eyedrops, but applies them to his right eye instead.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Drew (to Mr. Wick): I swear to God, I will crash this car and kill us all if you don't get your pasty English man-teats out of my face!

    • (Mimi wears a patriotic dress)
      Oswald: Do you really have every President on there?
      Mimi: Yes, all 42. Someday, I hope to have a woman on me.
      (Mimi leaves. Drew starts waving.)
      Oswald: What are you doing?
      Drew: I'm waving goodbye to my fixation on lesbian sex.

    • Inspector: Why does it smell like beer and smoke?
      Drew (pause): I have a cat.

    • Drew: My car's out of alignment because I keep on hitting that stupid pothole in front of my house.
      Mimi: You're trying to tell me that you can't see a big hole in the road with those Hubble telescopes you got on your face?
      Drew: I see it fine. I just can't swerve around it when another car's coming at me. But what's another head-on collision to you?

    • Lewis: Hey, why don't we move the voting over to the adult bookstore? They already got the booths.

    • Mr. Wick: Oh, stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
      (Drew stops the car.)
      Mr. Wick: Hey good-lookin', would you like some fries with that shake? (slight pause) Ah, she's not interested. Go, go, go.
      Drew: Don't be offended, sir. She's probably just late for school.

    • (Kate is deep in thought)
      Lewis: Whatcha thinkin' about? Wait! Don't tell me. Let me write my guess on this napkin, and if I'm right, you buy the next beer.
      Kate: Okay, I was thinking about my lousy timing. I mean, here I am crazy about Drew right at the same time that stupid store therapist tells him to lay off relationships for a while.
      Lewis: That's exactly what I wrote!
      Kate: Let's see.
      Lewis: Wait, I'm not finished.
      Kate: Give it! (reads) "A large pizza and a pitcher of beer."
      (A waitress looks over.)
      Lewis: You heard the lady!

    • Oswald: Beer brunch! That's what we've missing between beer breakfast and beer lunch!

    • Drew: Who defaced the booth? (reads) "Here I stand all broken-hearted. Came to vote but only...."

    • Lewis: Hey! Hey, the inspector can't report it if he can't call it in, huh?
      (Intends to hit the phone with the axe, but hits Drew's cupboard instead) Would somebody please take this away from me?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Drew: This is how a wrestler becomes a governor.

      Drew's comment refers to Jesse "The Body" Ventura, former wrestler and governor of Minnesota at the time this episode aired.