The Drew Carey Show - Season 2

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • New York and Queens
    New York and Queens
    Episode 24
    After he is honored for going to work 3000 times without missing a day, Drew fears that he has wasted his life. He grows depressed that everyone at the store calls him "Old Man Carey" and sees him as a model for stability and responsibility. While the gang is out restocking bars with Buzz Beer on Sunday morning, he suddenly suggests that they drive to New York to watch the Indians play the Yankees. They would not make it back in time for work the next day, but they decide that they don't care. After arriving in New York, they get stuck in a massive traffic jam and meet Donald Trump. Carol Channing continually rams her car into the truck and yells at them. The traffic clears up, but the truck runs out of gas. Drew and Oswald sell two cases of Buzz Beer to a nearby store to get gas money, as they blew all of their cash in Hershey, Pennsylvania. An ice cream man starts beating on the truck with a baseball bat because he thinks that Drew and his friends are moving in on his territory. When they explain that they actually carry beer in the truck, a policeman arrests them for selling alcohol without a permit. After they are released and return to Cleveland, Drew convinces them to go to the midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." They show up in costume to find that the theater has replaced Rocky Horror with "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert." The gang argues with Mimi, Wick and other patrons about which of the films is better, and they have a dance-off.moreless
  • Win a Date with Kate
    Kate takes offense when the guys decide to give away a date with her as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Mr. Wick finds the winning bottle cap. Kate doesn't like the idea of dating her boss, but decides that she can survive one date. Mimi warns Kate not to try anything with Wick. Kate and Wick fall for each other, to everyone's amazement. Drew worries that they will eventually break up and take out their anger on him. Kate defends Drew when Wick makes an unreasonable request at work. Wick snaps at her and says that her opinion is of no value in the work place. Kate is outraged, and repeats many insults that Drew had made about Wick behind his back. Drew tries to get Kate to calm down. She lashes out at him for not standing up for her, and breaks up with Wick. Wick fires Drew. However, Kate and Wick reveal that they orchestrated the scam so that Kate could get back at Drew for giving her away as a prize. Wick stuns Kate by declaring that he has really fallen in love with her. He writes a poem for her, but she regretfully replies that she doesn't feel the same way about him. Drew bails out the heartbroken Wick by claiming that they were playing a joke as retaliation for Kate's prank. Mimi invites Wick to turn to her on the rebound.moreless
  • Drew vs. Mimi, Part II
    Mr. Bradbury, the employee representative to the board of directors, is forced to retire after forty years on the job. Drew, Mimi and Larry are desperate to replace him, as the position comes with a substantial raise and lots of benefits and requires little actual work. Drew consults a book for tips on how to gain an edge in business, and manages to impress Wick and several other board members. Mimi finds Drew's book at the Warsaw and decides to use it to her advantage. The finalists meet with the board in the company dining room. Larry shows up late and acts completely disrespectful to everyone. Mimi and Drew seem to impress Mrs. Louder and the others, but soon slip up. A waiter picks a fight with Drew, and they get into a brawl. Drew tries to make up for his gaffe by learning magic tricks so that he will seem more likable. The board is delighted by his act, but Mrs. Louder announces that Larry has won the job. When Drew and Mimi confront him, he admits that he is sleeping with Mrs. Louder. He seems embarrassed and disgusted, but claims the job is worth it.moreless
  • Cap-Beer-Cino
    Episode 21
    Kate discovers that someone has marketed another coffee-flavored beer, Cap-Beer-Cino. The man behind the product, Chris Vanderkamp, shows up at the Warsaw to try to sell Cap-Beer-Cino to the bar. He freely admits that he stole the idea from Buzz Beer, but has received assurances from his lawyers that he is in the clear. The gang buys an ice cream truck to keep the beer cold while making shipments. The next day, the refrigeration unit breaks. The car dealership finally agrees to replace it after Lewis and Oswald dress as lemons and make a scene. Lewis and Oswald discover that Vanderkamp sabotaged the truck. Cap-Beer-Cino infiltrates the Warsaw and wins over customers with an endorsement from supermodel Rachel Hunter. Everyone decides to drink their beer so that they can be like the "beautiful people." The gang tries to get revenge by going to Vanderkamp's wealthy neighborhood to sell Buzz Beer at his hangout. They are unsuccessful, and Vanderkamp taunts them. Kate belts him in the stomach and sets off a brawl. Drew convinces the Warsaw customers to reject Cap-Beer-Cino by standing on the bar and making a speech about loyalty. Kate is not pleased when Drew cites Buzz Beer as the "beer of attainable women" and promises to give away a date with her. The gang replaces Rachel Hunter's face on a Cap-Beer-Cino ad with a picture of Mimi.moreless
  • Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar
    Earl is released from prison and insists that he has changed his ways. He says that he never really intended to hurt Drew, as the gun he pointed at him was a toy. Drew is put off when Earl rents the house next door and begins watching his every move. Earl insists that he wants to observe Drew so that he can learn to become normal and assimilate into society. Drew likes the idea of being a role model, until Earl begins dressing exactly like him and trying to do his job. When Drew confronts him, Earl apologizes. He invites the gang over to his house for a party to say goodbye. They reluctantly attend, only to find that Earl has redone his house to look exactly like Drew's place. He wants everyone to call him Drew, and waves a knife around menacingly while serving pizza. He then pulls a gun on them and leads them to believe it is real. He wants to kill Drew so that he can take over his life. Oswald distracts Earl with a math story problem and jumps him. Kate calls the police and predicts that Earl will end up on the news. The guys decide to cover him with Buzz Beer bumper stickers to get free advertising. Mimi prepares to meet the King of Poland with the hopes of becoming queen. Mimi's aunt dies, and Mimi pilfers a ring from the corpse that is to signify her new title.moreless
  • Man's Best Same Sex Companion
    During a trip to the vet, Drew learns that Speedy's hip problem is getting worse. However, there is an operation that can restore the dog to his old self. It costs 2700 dollars, but Drew vows to find a way to come up with the money. Nora learns about the situation and advises Drew to use his insurance to get the company to pay for the surgery. Winfred-Louder has same-sex health benefits, so he could claim that the operation was for his lover. Nora assures him that she is the only one who would see the form. Drew agrees, and Speedy undergoes a successful operation. Unfortunately, Drew's claim comes up on Nora's day off, and the board doesn't believe that he is gay. They insist that they must meet with Drew and his lover, "Aaron." Drew convinces Oswald to pose as his boyfriend. They fail miserably when quizzed separately about each other's likes and dislikes (other than beer and pizza), but their subsequent bickering convinces Mrs. Louder that they are a couple after all. Wick suggests using the pair to promote Winfred-Louder at gay events throughout the state. Drew comes clean, as he feels it would be wrong to act as a gay role model when he isn't really gay. Mrs. Louder accepts his explanation for the fraud and suspends his health benefits until he pays off Speedy's claim. Meanwhile, Kate gets a ferret, but can't seem to keep it from escaping.moreless
  • Drew Gets Married
    Drew Gets Married
    Episode 18
    Drew returns from a convention in Las Vegas looking angry and disheveled. He points out that Kate drove away with his luggage after she dropped him off at the airport. He tells his friends that he planned on buying some clothes for the convention, but stopped to play one of the craps tables. He hit a hot streak for a while; but was distracted by a woman he believed was a hooker (actually Grace trying to get rid of Cirque du Soleil tickets) and wound up losing all his money. He jumped into the fountain in despair, and security caught him and another man stealing the coins. A waitress covered for him and got him drunk to take his mind off his troubles. She took him to a rock and roll church and convinced him to get married. He agreed, unaware that the ceremony was real. She apologized and explained that she was fighting for custody of her kids, as her ex-husband was trying to force them to move back to Cleveland. Drew agreed to pose as her husband for the social worker. As Drew, Diane and the kids practice for their meeting, the social worker shows up a day early. Unfortunately, Diane's daughter climbs on the roof in an effort to follow Drew's recommendation that she find a place to be alone with her thoughts. The social worker is impressed when Drew helps talk her down, and notes that the family worked well in a crisis situation. Diane thanks Drew, and they plan to divorce in a week.moreless
  • See Drew Run
    See Drew Run
    Episode 17
    Winfred-Louder employees must risk their lives to get to work each day because the crosswalk from the new parking garage to the store is at an intersection that leads to the freeway. Faith, a member of the Optimists Club, gets hit by a car while trying to cross. Mimi fills in for her as operator of the store's day care center, and gets along surprisingly well with the kids. Drew demands that the store build a skywalk to the employee garage. Even after Drew finds several construction companies that will work cheap, Wick and the board ignore his complaints because they don't care if the workers get killed. Drew organizes a slowdown, but has to call it off after Wick threatens to fire everyone. Lewis and Oswald get hit by a car after visiting Drew at the store. The Winfred-Louder lawyers try to trick them into signing a waiver absolving the store of all responsibility. Drew announces that he is going on a hunger strike until the store agrees to build the skywalk. He doesn't eat for a week, but doesn't seem to lose any weight. A week later, Wick and Mimi come over to the house to find an emaciated Drew lying on the couch. Wick agrees to cave in to avoid negative publicity. After he is gone, the gang reveals that a skinny pizza delivery guy hid under a blanket and served as Drew's body.moreless
  • Check Out Drew's Old Flame
    Drew buys a new car, but learns that the check for the down payment has bounced. A woman wrote a bad check at Drew's garage sale. Drew meets with her at the Warsaw to get his money. He finds that she is Kyra, his old girlfriend from junior high school. She apologizes and claims that her roommate wrote bad checks from her account. After she reports that her roommate's gambling debtors might be after her, Drew invites her to stay at his house. He later asks her on a date. Drew's car is repossessed after Kyra's second check also bounces. When Drew confronts her, her roommate shows up and threatens them. He gives Drew the money that Kyra owes him. Drew feels bad about doubting Kyra, and sleeps with her. He awakens in the morning to discover that she has stolen all of his furniture. She was scamming him all along, and is not even the girl he knew from junior high. Drew looks forward to receiving a substantial insurance payment, but Kyra and her brother crash their car and get caught. Drew only gets his "old, crappy stuff" and fifty dollars. Meanwhile, Kate questions her decision to buy everything on deferred payment plans after she discovers that all of the payments are due in two weeks. She tries to save money, but winds up consolidating her debts through another deferred payment plan.moreless
  • Drew Blows His Promotion
    Lewis and Oswald plan their annual series of pranks for Drew's birthday, and tease Kate about her inability to keep up with them. Drew volunteers to update Winfred-Louder's training films. He hopes to impress the board and gain a promotion to regional director of personnel. His friends and co-workers help him put together a video outlining the store's sexual harassment policy (although Mimi seems reluctant to resist when Wick "harasses" her). Hoping to win the prank war, Kate alters Drew's safety video. She plans to show it at his birthday party. Unfortunately, he accidentally takes the tampered video to the store and presents it to the board. The video makes it seem as though Drew is passing a lot of gas. He becomes depressed after the incident and eats an entire birthday cake. He is furious at his friends and becomes the laughingstock of the store. He refuses to put up with this, and demands that the board allow him a chance to explain. Drew does not realize that the cake was made of tofu, and that Oswald had accidentally left it out in his truck all day. Drew feels very ill in the middle of his meeting with the board, and struggles to avoid a humiliating incident. Mrs. Louder tells him that he has gotten the promotion, but it is just a token gesture. Winfred-Louder plans to close one of its other regional stores in thirty days, while the third store will "accidentally" burn to the ground.moreless
  • Drewstock
    Episode 14
    Drew realizes that it is impossible to make a profit from Buzz Beer. The gang decides to go out of business, and will use the end of the supply by throwing a party with free beer. Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw and invites her to the party. She is only in town for a few days, and Drew forgets to get her name or number. Kate decides that she needs some female friends. She starts hanging out with three women whose looks and personalities are eerily similar to those of Drew, Lewis and Oswald. Drew tampers with Mimi's hair spray and causes her to flock herself. She has to postpone her long-awaited lunch date with Mr. Wick. As revenge, she slips a flier about Drew's party in with Winfred-Louder's newspaper insert. Everyone in the city receives an invitation to the party, and thousands show up at Drew's house--including the mayor, and former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar. Kate runs into her girlfriends at the party and discovers that they have ditched her. They feel that she asks them to do too many "girly" things, and are frightened by her temper. Lewis and Oswald try to make a date with each other's female counterpart, but ultimately realize that it is creepy. Drew finally catches up to the woman from the Warsaw, but a bouncer stops him from following her upstairs. Little Richard and Joe Walsh have taken over his bedroom to play chess. They come outside and perform "Rocky Mountain Way." The party causes such a demand for Buzz Beer that the gang decides to stay in business.moreless
  • Hello/Goodbye
    Episode 13
    Drew notes the squalid living conditions in Lewis and Oswald's apartment, including an oven that doesn't work and terrible plumbing. They tell Drew that they have complained to the landlord, to no avail. Drew calls the landlord down to the store and threatens to take him to court. He learns that Drew is living with the guys without a lease, and evicts them. The trio winds up sleeping on Kate's floor, much to her dismay. She will only allow them to stay for a few days. Everyone pressures Drew to stand up to his parents. Drew tries to convince his mom to move back to Florida, and promises to help pay for an apartment. He is shocked to discover that his parents own over $100,000 in gold, as well as shares in Microsoft. He manages to convince Beulah to use some of the couple's "rainy day fund" to make a down payment on another house. Meanwhile, Mr. Bell's old flame Suzie takes a liking to Lewis because she mistakenly assumes that he is wealthy. He takes extra jobs in an effort to buy her things, but eventually decides to dump her. Suzie then sets her sights on Mr. Wick, but Mimi cleans her clock.moreless
  • They're Back
    They're Back
    Episode 12
    Kate alerts the guys to the fact that a hurricane has struck near the neighborhood where Drew's parents live in Florida. As they watch the news report, Drew's parents suddenly show up at his house in their Winnebago. They have been on the road since losing their house for failure to make payments. They finally admit that Beulah lost their life savings in a land development scam. The Careys plan to stay with Drew for a few weeks until they receive their claim in a class-action lawsuit. Unfortunately, they lose the case. George and Beulah take over the house and prevent Drew from having any privacy. After his parents spoil a date, he begins spending all of his time at the store. He finally resolves to ask his parents to leave by laying a guilt trip on them. They prove too tough to crack, and Drew ends up staying with Lewis and Oswald.moreless
  • Lisa Gets Married
    Lisa Gets Married
    Episode 11
    Drew tries to bring Wick's random firings to an end by developing a system that ranks employees based on their work performance. Drew inadvertently agrees to organize a wedding shower for Lisa. He had mistakenly believed that an elderly employee was the bride-to-be, not his ex-girlfriend. Lisa's fiancé, Trent, is one of the first employees in line to be fired after Drew's system is implemented. Lisa believes that Drew is acting out of spite, but he insists that Trent is being fired because he is always late and leaves his cash register open. Lisa asks Drew to talk to Trent and give him another chance. He notes that Trent seems to bounce from job to job frequently, and suggests that he think more carefully about his career moves. Trent suddenly concludes that he is rushing into marriage and should call off the wedding. He also quits his job. Lisa is enraged. She later stops by Drew's house to apologize after Trent explains what happened. She tells Drew that she and Trent are eloping. Lewis and Oswald take jobs as elves after Winfred-Louder fails to meet the salary demands of their predecessors. They constantly have run-ins with the drunken Santa, who eventually drops dead. Mimi hopes that Wick will ask her to the office Christmas party. He instead has her call up 25 women to invite them on his behalf.moreless
  • It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To
    An employee is killed by a speeding car while trying to cross a busy intersection in front of the store. Dexter K. Roberts, a popular salesman famous for his great parties, is brought in to take over her job. Drew feels left out when everyone leaves to have lunch with Dexter while Drew is in the copy room. Dexter then embarrasses Drew in front of the staff by using him as the guinea pig for his magic tricks. Dexter throws a big party for his co-workers, and even invites Lewis and Oswald. Drew and Mimi are the only ones who do not have invitations. They run into each other at the Warsaw that night and discuss the pain of being outcasts. They become furious and decide to crash the party and ruin everyone's good time. Dexter reveals that he had actually left invitations for Drew in his pockets during the magic trick. However, Mimi was not invited because of her attitude. She wants to trash his house, but Dexter says that he has called the cops and orders her to leave. He pleads with Drew to stay, but Drew feels that it is wrong for Mimi to be excluded. He loads up on food and leaves with her. Meanwhile, Kate bleaches her hair in the hopes of attracting decent men, but does not receive the desired results.moreless
  • Mimi's Day Parade
    Mimi's Day Parade
    Episode 9
    Drew finishes his holiday hirings early and plans to spend Thanksgiving alone with his date. However, Mr. Wick decides to throw together a Winfred-Louder Thanksgiving Day parade at the last minute. He places Drew in charge, and warns him that many people will be fired unless the parade helps boost holiday sales. With just two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, Drew has a very difficult time locating balloons, and cannot obtain permits from the city to block off traffic. Mimi tells him that her father owns a trucking company and can loan the store flatbed trucks to use for floats. He can also arrange for the permits, so long as Mimi is allowed to sit on the lead float and serve as "snow queen." Drew agrees. Mr. Wick kidnaps actor David Lander from the airport and forces him to serve as grand marshal. A furious Mimi steals the keys to all of the floats and goes home. Drew goes after her, and warns that Mr. Wick has given him permission to fire her unless she returns the keys. Drew meets Mimi's family, who talk about how excited they are to see her on television. He is overcome with guilt and agrees to let her be on the head float. Mimi thanks her family for helping her scam Drew.moreless
  • Drew's the Other Man
    Drew is confused when Bonnie refuses to go out anywhere with him. She always insists that they just pick up some fast food and go back to his house. Drew believes that she is just concerned about putting a strain on his finances, but wishes that they could do something special. Kate suggests that Drew surprise Bonnie. Drew shows up at her apartment with a gourmet meal, only to find that she is married. He ends up having to impersonate a caterer and serve dinner to the couple. Bonnie comes to Drew's house the next day to apologize. She says that her marriage had been dead for a long time, and that she had been planning to end it. Ironically, Drew's dinner helped to rekindle the passion in the marriage. Oswald wins Global Parcel's intramural boxing championship. The man he defeated, Joe "Special Delivery" Lupo, takes him to dinner to celebrate. After Joe begins showering Oswald with gifts, the gang finally forces Oswald to realize that Joe has the wrong impression about their relationship. Oswald discovers that he has been unwittingly "dating" several of his male co-workers.moreless
  • What the Zoning Inspector Saw
    Drew catches the eye of an attractive stranger at the Warsaw. The woman, Bonnie, agrees to come back to his house to see his brewery. After she learns that he does not have a permit, she reveals that she is a zoning inspector and says that she must report him. Mimi (for a fee) suggests a way that Drew might get out of the situation. She says that the gang could organize a party and sell maps to the location, then give away the appropriate amount of beer. Bonnie comes to Winfred-Louder to apologize to Drew, and agrees to attend his party. She brings a policewoman friend to the gathering. Unfortunately, she threatens to arrest Drew and his friends for soliciting to sell alcohol unless they shut down the party and return everyone's money. Bonnie and Drew sleep together. She feels bad about causing him so many problems. She recommends that he get signatures on a petition and appear before the city council to request a change in the zoning laws for his neighborhood. The council has no interest in listening to Drew, but Bonnie shows up with his neighbors who run businesses from their homes. Drew warns that they will show up for every meeting until they get their way. The council decides to conduct a two-year study on re-zoning and leave the residents and their businesses alone.moreless
  • The Day the Music Died
    Drew, Lewis and Oswald learn that their high school band teacher, Ms. Blankenship, has died. Drew seems to take the news especially hard. He organizes the band to put together one last performance for her, and becomes furious whenever anyone insults Ms. Blankenship. His friends ask for an explanation, and Drew reveals that he lost his virginity to her. He considers the experience to be special. However, he soon learns that the teacher regularly seduced her male pupils. Drew receives another shock when Kate and Oswald confess that they slept together once in high school. Drew feels like a fool because he was unaware of these secrets. Kate tries to cheer him up by proposing a secret of their own. She declares that they should get married if they are both still single by a certain age (which Drew keeps trying to lower).moreless
  • The Devil, You Say
    The Devil, You Say
    Episode 5
    Kate begins dating Jack, a guy that she met at the Warsaw. He interviews for a job at the store, and Drew is disturbed to learn that he thinks he is the devil. He has even taken out credit cards under the name "The Devil." Kate is certain that this is a joke, but soon discovers otherwise. When she tries to dump Jack, he claims that she has sold him her soul. Drew puts his own soul on the line and challenges Jack to a game of pool, but it doesn't go very well. Kate confronts Jack and says that he claims to be the devil because he is afraid that women will dump him if he acts like himself. He mocks her, so Drew prepares to beat him up. However, Jack loses interest when he learns that Kate lied about being a virgin. He leaves in disgust. Wick orders all of the staff to wear costumes for Halloween. Drew dresses as Mimi, who is outraged when he wears an outfit that she had already purchased.moreless
  • The Bully You Know
    The Bully You Know
    Episode 4
    Wick orders Mimi to begin wearing less make-up and more conservative clothing, as he doesn't want her representing him with her current appearance. When she refuses, Wick banishes her to the archives in the sub-basement. She tries to get revenge by wreaking havoc throughout the store. When Drew accidentally spills beer on a large man at the Warsaw, another man saves him from a fight. He turns out to be Simon, a bully who tormented the gang throughout high school. He apologizes for his actions and seems to have changed his ways. Simon is out of work, so Drew hires him as Wick's new assistant. Simon soon begins pushing everyone around, and even Wick becomes terrified of him. Wick decides to bring back Mimi, regardless of her appearance. He is too afraid to fire Simon, and leaves the task to Drew. Lewis, Oswald and Kate encourage Drew to stand up to Simon, claiming that bullies are really cowards at heart. Although Simon beats him up, Drew manages to fire him. Mimi doesn't want to leave the comfort of the basement, but Drew tells her an embarrassing story about his childhood to prove that he understands how it feels to be an outcast. She turns on the p.a. system and broadcasts his humiliation throughout the store.moreless
  • Break It Up, Break It Up
    Lisa moves in with Drew, bringing an assortment of pets that includes a toilet-trained cat. They begin to really get on each other's nerves, and Drew goes to great lengths to avoid going home at night. Jay tells Drew that he is considering an offer to run a Dairy Queen in Minnesota with his brother. Kate comes to believe that Jay is going to propose, and realizes that she must reject him. She is bewildered when Jay simply tells her that he is moving and does not even ask her to come with him. Drew tries to console the furious Kate. He drives around with her all night and eats french fries. He finally goes home to find a note from Lisa saying that she has realized that Drew is uncomfortable and has gone to stay with a friend. He dances around to celebrate the fact that he is alone, unaware that Lisa hasn't left yet. She confesses that she is also unhappy, and they have an amicable break-up. She lets him keep her handicapped dog, Speedy. Drew drives Kate around as she breaks the windows of Jay and every other person who has ever committed wrong against her.moreless
  • Something Wick This Way Comes
    Drew serves as acting store manager while also fulfilling his regular duties. He is outraged when the store declines to make him the permanent manager, instead hiring Nigel Wick, an Englishman who makes it clear that he would rather be anywhere but Cleveland. Wick makes a stamp of Drew's signature and makes it appear as though Drew is responsible for cost-cutting measures such as the elimination of employee discounts. He coaxes Drew into agreeing to be the "bad guy" by offering him a promotion to assistant manager and a new desk. However, Drew draws the line after Wick tries to fire all of the employees with seniority right before their pensions kick in. He claims that the employees are staging a revolt, and Wick wins the staff's approval by eliminating all of "Drew's" cutbacks. Oswald and Lewis search for a way to fill a large order of Buzz Beer, which is due in just a few days. They put the neighborhood children to work bottling and delivering beer, much to Drew's horror.moreless
  • We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day
    Drew and Lisa begin arguing on a regular basis. She gets jealous when he turns down a date with her so that he can go clothes shopping with Kate. The Winfred-Louder staff sucks up to Drew as he completes the annual performance evaluations. Mimi gets a hold of some of the evaluations, and is surprised that he made some critical remarks about Lisa. He tries to hide this from Lisa, but she discovers the truth and becomes furious. She feels that Drew was tougher on her so that people wouldn't accuse him of favoritism. He insists that he was honest about her performance, and says that he was just doing his job. Lisa feels that Drew always puts his job ahead of their relationship. Drew puts together a series of pranks to get revenge on Mimi for showing Lisa her evaluation. Lisa says that her supervisor allowed her to see the evaluation; Mimi had nothing to do with it. She pressures Drew to prove that she is important to him by blowing off work for the rest of the day. Mimi shows up with a cast on her foot and announces that her sister is in the hospital. Drew tries to disable all of the pranks, and feels so guilty that he agrees to work for Mimi for the rest of the day. Mimi admits that she scammed him, as her sister was just undergoing liposuction. Lisa decides to break up with Drew after he leaves her in the car all day. Drew asks Lisa to move in with him in a desperate attempt to save the relationship.moreless