The Drew Carey Show - Season 4

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Brotherhood of Man
    Brotherhood of Man
    Episode 27
    Mr. Van Zandt, the leader of the Dutch ownership group, announces that he is giving everyone a one-month paid vacation while the store is remodeled. Drew must continue to work during that time, spoiling his plans to spend Memorial Day weekend at a bed-and-breakfast with Sharon. He tries to make it up to her by organizing a picnic in the store. Mr. Van Zandt arrives while Drew and Sharon are inside a tent, and they overhear him say that he is going to fire everyone and have the store blown up to make way for a parking lot. Drew confronts Van Zandt, who says that the store is barely making a profit and the employees are lazy. He demonstrates this through a series of videotapes. However, he is impressed by Drew's work ethic and offers him the chance to manage the Toledo store if he keeps quiet about the closing of the Cleveland store. Drew feels that it is wrong to keep the staff in the dark, but Van Zandt points out that they will lose their jobs either way. Drew decides to go along with this after Mimi and Larry act rudely toward him; but feels guilty after talking with another employee, a good family man. Drew tries to have the store declared a historical landmark, but this fails. He convinces Van Zandt to save everyone's jobs with a song and dance number about the "brotherhood of man." Meanwhile, Oswald buys a pay phone in the hopes of making money. He proves surprisingly successful, thanks to local teenagers.moreless
  • Up on the Roof
    Up on the Roof
    Episode 26
    After her wedding plans don't work out, Oswald's mother moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. Kate gleefully quits her job as Mrs. Louder's assistant after Mrs. Harvey offers her work at the salon. Mrs. Harvey needs someone to repair the roof of the salon, and Drew suggests Sharon. Sharon is unsure because she doesn't have any experience with roofing, but Drew convinces her to take the job. Mrs. Harvey demands that Sharon re-do the job after the roof blows off in a storm, while Sharon insists that she isn't responsible. Lewis and Oswald get into a spat after Lewis sides with Sharon. Lewis ends up moving out and staying inside a storage locker. Mrs. Harvey sues Sharon for the completion of the job. She later goes to see Drew, who mistakenly believes she is seducing him. Mrs. Harvey instead shows Drew a report that proves that Sharon screwed up; she didn't realize that she needed special roofers' nails. Drew, Lewis and Kate try to repair the roof on their own. Oswald joins them, and he and Lewis patch things up. Sharon finds them and learns about her mistake. She is touched that Drew tried to protect her, and helps them with the roof. Kate discovers that she made more money with Mrs. Louder than at the salon, so she gets her terrible job back by claiming that the person who quit was an impostor.moreless
  • Do the Hustle
    Do the Hustle
    Episode 25
    Steve and Sharon grow tired of Drew and Mimi's constant sniping. They suggest that the foursome go on a double date in the hopes that Drew and Mimi might finally agree to a truce. They constantly insult each other, and Steve and Sharon leave angrily after Mimi sets Drew's menu on fire. Mimi and Drew are left stranded, and have to walk to the bowling alley to call for rides. They decide to bowl while they wait, and end up hustling two doctors out of four-hundred dollars. Drew and Mimi agree to meet each night to continue their scam. They keep it a secret because they fear that Steve and Sharon would force them to go on more double dates if they knew they were getting along. Mimi gets in over her head when she accepts a two-thousand dollar bet from some men. It turns out that they are professional bowlers, hired by the doctors that Drew and Mimi beat in their first scam. Drew tries to flee, but Sharon and his friends show up before he can escape. Drew and Mimi compete very well and have a chance to win in the final frame. Unfortunately, Mimi accidentally says, "I love you, buddy" while giving Drew a pep talk. He falls into a state of shock and drops the ball, which rolls into the gutter.moreless
  • Good Vibrations
    Good Vibrations
    Episode 24
    Drew is thrilled when he wins the opportunity to give a speech at a retailers' convention in Chicago. He engages in a practical joke war with Lewis and Oswald. The guys play a joke on Sharon, and she promises to get back at them. Drew gets stopped by airport security, which finds a vibrating marital aid in his bag. He is humiliated in front of all the representatives from other stores, and everyone makes jokes and laughs at him during his speech at the convention. Drew assumes that Mimi is responsible. He goes before the board to request her firing. However, Sharon actually staged the joke, with help from Kate and Lewis. She says that she just wanted to feel like one of the gang. Drew is upset with her for jeopardizing his professional reputation. They break up, but Sharon later shows up at his house for their scheduled date, where they apologize. Meanwhile, Oswald gets a promotion to Global Parcel's "angel of death," where he must inform customers about their lost or damaged packages.moreless
  • She's Gotta Have It
    She's Gotta Have It
    Episode 23
    A depressed Sharon shows up at the Warsaw after breaking up with her boyfriend. It is closing time, so Drew offers to let her come to his house for a beer. He promises to be a perfect gentleman, but she suddenly jumps him. Sharon leaves before Drew gets up, and acts weird when he calls her for a date. She begins showing up at the house frequently. She tells him that she is only interested in sex, and does not want another relationship. Drew begins to feel like a gigolo. Although Sharon is reluctant, he eventually persuades her to begin dating him. Meanwhile, a Winfred-Louder employee ingratiates himself with Wick by hanging around and never saying a word.moreless
  • What's Wrong with This Episode II
    While Steve and Drew are getting their hair cut, their longtime barber suddenly dies of a heart attack. Drew plans to throw a party for his parents' 45th wedding anniversary, but his mother comes to town a week early. The gang is just about to leave for Phil's funeral when she arrives. Beulah is visibly shaken by news of his death, and insists on coming along. She had lunch with Phil whenever she was in town. Oswald, Kate and Lewis notice Beulah giving a kiss to Phil's corpse, and also witness a nasty exchange with the widow. They suspect that Beulah had an affair with Phil. Drew doesn't believe this, but remembers once seeing Beulah and Phil go off to the back room of the barber shop after she came to pick up the boys. Drew accuses his mother of betraying his father, and doesn't want to attend the anniversary party. Steve tells him that George actually had an affair with Phil's wife; Beulah and Phil just became friends while discussing their mutual problems. The Careys thought about getting a divorce, but were able to work things out. Steve urges Drew to leave the incident in the past instead of saying anything to their father. Drew asks his mom for a dance and apologizes for the misunderstanding.moreless
  • Steve and Mimi
    Steve and Mimi
    Episode 21
    Drew is forced to lay off a slew of workers as Winfred-Louder suffers a financial decline. Drew agrees to let Steve stay at his place after he becomes a victim of the cutbacks. As the gang is helping Steve move in, Mimi comes over with another list of people for Drew to fire. She is impressed with the way Steve looks out of drag, and they flirt. They set up a date, but Steve suggests that they keep it a secret from Drew. Mimi is disappointed when she arrives to find that Steve is wearing a dress, as she assumed that he dressed as a man on dates. They decide to just hang out and be friends. They get along very well, and a shocked Drew comes home to spy them kissing. He keeps his discovery to himself as he tries to deal with it, but later accidentally sees Steve and Mimi having sex in the kitchen. Drew and Mimi bicker and put Steve in the middle of their argument. Mimi ends up storming out. Steve and Mimi both grow extremely depressed. Drew feels bad for Steve and realizes that he shouldn't stand in the way of his brother's happiness. He approaches Mimi with the suggestion that they call a truce while Steve is around. Steve and Mimi happily get back together.moreless
  • DrugCo
    Episode 20
    Lewis is a finalist for a promotion to head of the janitorial department at DrugCo. Oswald insists on keeping a tanning bed that Kate's uncle in Ireland recently sent them as a belated wedding present. Drew discovers that Speedy is losing his vision because of cataracts. Lewis gets him into an experimental treatment program at DrugCo, but he must stay on the premises for at least a week. Lewis gets the promotion. When he tries to ask his boss about Speedy's status, Mr. Hathaway denies ever seeing Speedy and warns Lewis not to ask questions. Lewis uses his new security clearance to sneak the gang into the building. While searching for Speedy, they encounter many strange things, such as an insect man using the bathroom and a combination monkey/hippo. Drew finds a silver globe that causes epiphanies when touched, and theorizes that Oswald kept the tanning bed because he still harbors resentment toward Kate. Oswald holds the globe and realizes that he has a fear of abandonment. The gang discovers Mr. Hathaway playing with Speedy in his office. Speedy's cataracts were cured by a pill five minutes after he arrived at DrugCo. Hathaway wants to keep him as his own dog, and threatens to strip Lewis of his promotion. He relents after Lewis offers to act as his pet and play frisbee with him at the park.moreless
  • Tracy Bowl
    Tracy Bowl
    Episode 19
    The guys vie for the right to take Tracy to a wedding. The winner will officially be in a relationship with her, as he would have to travel out of town with her and meet her family. Sports broadcasters Bob Costas, Lynn Swann and Kenny Mayne provide a running commentary during the competition. Drew and Oswald separately slip Lewis strawberries and put fish oil in the wine in order to trigger his allergies during a dinner date with Tracy. The combined effects cause his face to puff up. He requires medical attention, and Tracy freaks out. Drew feels guilty and suggests that he and Oswald sabotage their own chances with Tracy so that Lewis can get the girl for a change. Oswald agrees, and makes himself look bad by parking in a handicapped space. Drew does not go along with the bargain, and Tracy rejects Oswald. Oswald and Lewis are furious at Drew for stabbing them in the back. Drew rigs a fortune telling machine at the Warsaw to say bad things about him, and blames it on Lewis. His plan works beautifully, as Tracy orders Lewis to stay away from her. However, Drew feels guilty after Tracy admits that she had really begun to like Lewis. He confesses the truth, and says that Lewis was the only one not to do anything underhanded. Tracy runs after him to apologize. Meanwhile, Kate begins her demanding new job as Mrs. Louder's assistant.moreless
  • Boy Party / Girl Party
    Drew has trouble getting another date with Tracy because Lewis and Oswald are keeping her booked. He meets one of Winfred-Louder's catalog models, who complains that she and her model friends haven't been invited to any parties while in Cleveland. Drew follows Kate's suggestion by organizing a slumber party at his house for the models. Drew plans to sneak out for a date with Tracy during the party. Unfortunately, a blizzard keeps the models away and prevents Drew from going on the date. Lewis and Oswald learn of his plans and vow revenge. They suggest that the guys at the party learn swing dancing to impress the ladies, and proceed to injure Drew as many times as possible. They decide to set aside all rules or attempts to act gentlemanly as they pursue Tracy. Mimi holds a women in business seminar, where Kate sucks up to Mrs. Louder to get her job back. Steve also attends, explaining that the fact that he dresses as a woman means that he faces the same disadvantages as women in the business world. Mimi reveals that the seminar was actually a ruse to pitch cosmetics to everyone. Kate demands to know why Mrs. Louder won't rehire her. She says that she overheard Kate insulting her. Kate claims that she was just trying to follow Mrs. Louder's example, as she has seen how far she has gotten by stepping on others. Mrs. Louder is impressed and hires Kate as her personal assistant.moreless
  • Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story
    Lewis meets a woman at a Babylon 5 convention and gets a date with her. Oswald gets a date with the same woman, Tracy, when he delivers a package to her house. It is an ice cream maker from Lewis, but Oswald doesn't know this because Lewis wrote his name and address in an alien language from Babylon 5. Drew meets Tracy when she complains to him about the store's reluctance to exchange the broken ice cream maker. He also gets a date with her. The guys are excited to have found possible girlfriends, and have no idea that they are dating the same woman. They seek advice from Kate on how to make a first date special. They follow her suggestions a little too literally and freak out Tracy by each following the same routine (paying everyone at the Warsaw to yell out his name when he enters, pulling out a pocket watch, and singing the Commodores' "Three Times a Lady"). The guys finally run into each other during Drew's date and realize what has happened. Tracy is mortified. Drew later explains the misunderstanding, and she says that she is still open to dating them--so long as they don't fight over her. Meanwhile, Wick tires of serving as landlord for the Winfred-Louder employees and dumps the job off on Mimi. She accepts bribes in exchange for repairs and services. Kate tries to start a massage business.moreless
  • Rats, Kate's Dating a Wrestler
    The Warsaw must temporarily close after it is taken over by super-intelligent rats from DrugCo, which escaped from a cage in Lewis's apartment. In order to keep Buzz Beer afloat in the meantime, the gang asks a popular pro wrestler to serve as spokesman. The company begins making a profit for the first time. Kate begins dating The Disciplinarian, much to Drew's chagrin. They get into an argument after Drew notes that all of her relationships end in disaster. The Disciplinarian, once devoted to his fitness routine, starts getting drunk all the time and missing public appearances. Drew warns Kate to cut him loose, while she feels that the gang is working him too hard. Kate nearly ruins The Disciplinarian's career when she takes him to Atlantic City, where he loses $20,000 and winds up naked in a fountain. He breaks up with her and denounces Buzz Beer. However, his comments actually lead to more business, as everyone wants to try the beer that could "kick The Disciplinarian's ass." Drew makes Kate feel guilty by consoling her about the break-up instead of yelling at her for nearly destroying Buzz Beer. They wonder why neither of them can ever have a lasting relationship.moreless
  • A House Reunited
    A House Reunited
    Episode 15
    Celia returns from an out-of-town trip and learns about Drew's fight with Winfred-Louder. She offers her support. The store recruits Mimi to try to drive Drew out of the house. She points blinding lights at the house and constantly blasts "Panama" by Van Halen. Larry and Chuck later tell Drew that Winfred-Louder's investors gave up and backed out of the mall project. The store decides to rent all of the houses it had purchased to employees. After learning that Mimi continued to torment him for days after he had already won the battle, Drew gets revenge by tricking her into sending her outfits to a fake dry cleaner, who ruins them. Drew asks Celia to move in with him. Lewis, Oswald and Kate become creeped out by Drew's relationship with Celia, as they feel that they are acting like mother and son. The store's contractor reassembles Drew's house in an improper fashion, causing the kitchen to slope. Wick refuses to pay for the repairs, so Drew has to contact a lawyer. Drew and Celia realize that their relationship has become inappropriate after she "shushes" him during his argument with Wick. They try to stay together, but realize that is too weird. Celia moves out.moreless
  • A House Divided
    A House Divided
    Episode 14
    A corporation tries to convince everyone in Drew's neighborhood to sell their houses to make way for a new mall. Drew is reluctant, but agrees to think it over. Mrs. Louder reveals that Winfred-Louder is behind the project. She and Mr. Wick try to sweet-talk Drew to get him to sell. He is interested in moving to lakefront property, but does not want to give up his family home. Mimi suggests that Winfred-Louder move the entire house, and Mrs. Louder agrees. Mimi later tells Drew that she has accessed Wick's E-mail and learned that the house will not be moved to the lake. Drew goes home and discovers that half of his house has been taken away, a week earlier than scheduled. Mrs. Louder and Wick claim that Drew's house was rejected by the lakeside property owners' association. They offer him another lot, which he accepts. Oswald, Kate and Lewis lodge a protest against the homeowners association, only to learn that Winfred-Louder never bought a lot in the area or submitted Drew's house for approval. Drew refuses to let the store move the other half of his house. He vows to stay home until Winfred-Louder gives up, even though he has no heat, electricity or protection from the elements.moreless
  • Drew's Holiday Punch
    Drew's parents arrive unexpectedly for Christmas. They assume that Celia is his maid, and he is reluctant to reveal the true nature of their relationship. Celia's son, Chip, shows up at her house in the middle of the night. He has come to visit for the holidays. When Drew comes downstairs in Celia's bathrobe and tries to make conversation, Chip punches him in the face. Drew's parents are horrified when he finally tells them that he and Celia are dating. Celia and Chip come over to Drew's house to have dinner with Drew's parents and Steve. It proves to be a disaster. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald agree to help Mimi with door-to-door Christmas tree sales after she fires an associate. Kate comes along to help supervise the guys. They make very few sales (aside from Wick buying two trees to get them to go away), and accumulate several fines.moreless
  • Drew Dates a Senior
    Drew Dates a Senior
    Episode 12
    Drew decides to take night school classes to pursue a master's degree after a young man he was mentoring suddenly receives an executive position at Winfred-Louder. When his statistics professor recommends that the students find study partners, Drew pairs with Celia, a 62-year-old woman who is the only other "old person" in the class. They have a good time hanging out at Drew's house after a study session, and soon realize that they are attracted to each other. Celia stays the night, although they do not have sex. Drew's friends mock him after learning of the age difference, but he insists that he really likes Celia. He is puzzled when Celia ignores him in class and says that she doesn't want to see him anymore. Drew shows up at her favorite bingo parlor, and Celia explains that she dumped him because she thought he would eventually become embarrassed by her. Drew proves himself by taking over for the bingo caller and publicly announcing his feelings. Celia agrees to date him. Meanwhile, Mimi volunteers for the task of organizing a Christmas display window for the store. The board objects to her portrayal of Mary, until she convinces them that she does not intend any disrespect.moreless
  • Kate's Family
    Kate's Family
    Episode 11
    After Kate loses another job, Drew suggests that she contact his neighbors about a paid housesitting gig. She meets Scott, a handsome plumber working on the house, and they become attracted to each other. The couple's two children are supposed to stay with a babysitter while their parents are away, but the woman has to leave town because of a family emergency. She leaves the kids with Kate. Scott offers to help her out, and the foursome begins acting like a family. Kate gets a little too caught up in the charade, and freaks out when Scott decides to go out with his buddies instead of staying over with her. She leaves the kids with Drew and tries to win him back, but Scott has tired of the situation and dumps her. Kate becomes depressed when the Fosters return early and reclaim their kids. Drew takes up swimming in the hopes of impressing avid swimmer Sharon, but only ends up with an ear infection. Sharon still refuses to date him. Mimi worries about how Drew will get his revenge for the China prank.moreless
  • Drew's Dance Party
    Drew's Dance Party
    Episode 10
    The gang learns that its favorite local radio station is going off the air. They decide to have a slumber party at Drew's house and request a bunch of songs. The station has so many requests that the lines are busy for hours. Oswald goes out for beer, but instead goes to the station and pays the D.J. to let him take over. He plays all of his friends' favorite songs.moreless
  • The High Road to China
    Drew pulls off an elaborate practical joke against Mimi and boasts that she will never be able to top it. A few days later, he wakes up to find himself on the Great Wall of China with no money or passport. Mimi has left a tape recording in his pocket in which she taunts him. Drew gets a ride into a small town, where a young woman who speaks English offers him shelter. She gets him a job helping her family sell chickens so that he can eventually afford bus fare to Beijing and go to the U.S. embassy. Kate, Lewis and Oswald grow concerned after they discover that Drew never made his scheduled business trip to Winnipeg. Mimi brags about sending Drew to China. She explains that she had her father's secretary drug Drew and put him on a courier flight. The gang has no idea what to do to help him. Ming finally agrees to drive Drew to Beijing, but the embassy is closed for Thanksgiving. He tries to make enough money to get himself a hotel room by putting on a sock puppet show, but only ends up losing a shoe to a boy who believed it was for sale. Drew believes that he is being arrested after some officers take him away. He later learns that they were just trying to get him to apply for a vendor permit. Drew manages to make a phone call to his friends, but the line goes dead before he can give any information. Drew is thrilled to learn that there is a McDonald's in the city. Unfortunately, he doesn't have enough money for any food. After he gives an impassioned rendition of "You Deserve a Break Today," the manager takes pity on him, buying him a meal and giving him the number of a customer service line that can direct him to help from the U.S. government.moreless
  • Drew's New Car
    Drew's New Car
    Episode 8
    Drew must submit candidates for Winfred-Louder's employee of the year, who will win a trip to Hawaii. A legitimate employee may win for the first time in history, as all of the Louders have (apparently) already received the award. Mimi tricks Drew into including her name on the list. She attends sobriety events with Mr. Wick in the hopes of getting his vote. Oswald receives another $10,000 by posing for the DrugCo calendar before his implants are removed. He decides to use the money from his "man boobs" to repay his debts to his friends. Drew's car rolls down a hill and gets wrecked. Oswald and Kate decide that they should pool all of the money and buy Drew a VW Bug. Lewis doesn't want to cooperate, but has no choice because Oswald hadn't actually given him his money yet. Drew is touched, but elects to sell the car and use the money to help his friends. Kate, Lewis and Oswald take offense to his actions. Drew tries desperately to get the car back from Mimi. She will only agree to sell if he can help her win Employee of the Year. Drew makes a speech on her behalf, only to learn that Mrs. Louder is giving herself the award. However, she realizes that Mimi is blackmailing Drew and is impressed. She takes her to Hawaii as her "spunky friend," and Drew gets his car back.moreless
  • Nicki's Wedding
    Nicki's Wedding
    Episode 7
    Mimi runs into Nicki at the store's bridal registry. Nicki has to race upstairs to try to keep Mimi from telling Drew about her wedding plans; she had wanted to share the news herself. He claims that he is happy for her. Drew is surprised when Nicki sends him a wedding invitation. Kate, Lewis and Oswald insist that it is only a courtesy invitation and try to discourage him from attending. They plan to stay away as well, but Drew urges them to go to the wedding. Oswald is really excited because the wedding is on a boat. Drew goes on a date with a video store clerk, but suddenly decides to take her to the wedding. Nicki's parents cannot believe that he had the nerve to show up. Drew makes a complete fool of himself while trying to prove how mature he is. He actually manages to give a toast that isn't totally humiliating, but throws out his back while trying to show up the groom on the dance floor. As Drew waits for the helicopter to lift him off the boat to take him to the hospital, he begs Nicki to take him back. She seems embarrassed for him. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick finishes rehab and returns to work at Winfred-Louder.moreless
  • Cain and Mabel
    Cain and Mabel
    Episode 6
    Steve comes to the Warsaw while dressed in drag. A man mistakes him for a woman and tries to buy him a drink. He gets angry when he learns the truth about Steve, and insults him. Drew stands up for his brother. Steve's transvestite friends begin frequenting the Warsaw as a show of solidarity. They dance and play loud music all of the time. Drew, Lewis and Kate become annoyed when other customers begin staying away, as this makes it even harder for any of them to find a date. Drew suggests that the bar get the female customers back by holding a ladies' night with half-price drinks. Steve is outraged when the bartender only gives the discount to actual women, not the cross-dressers. Drew refuses to take his side. Steve accuses Drew of trying to force him out of the Warsaw because he is ashamed of him. Drew insists that he is actually upset because Steve is trying to take away his bar. He says that Steve has been stealing things that Drew liked since they were children. Steve realizes that he is right and apologizes. Oswald's mother comes for a visit, and he plans to surprise her with the check from his breast implants. She stuns him with the news that she is going to marry her orthodontist boyfriend. Oswald notes that the man is not her usual type and suspects that she is just trying to get his money and save her business. Mrs. Harvey says that her taste has changed as she has gotten older, and that she loves her boyfriend very much. She is horrified to learn of Oswald's participation in the experiment. She warns him not to do such a thing again. Mrs. Harvey is grateful, but turns down the check and advises Oswald to keep his "booby money."moreless
  • Sexual Perversity in Cleveland
    Darcy breaks up with Drew after he admits that he is not a full-time musician. He starts spending a lot of time at his computer, and begins a steamy on-line affair with an anonymous woman. He becomes concerned after learning that his chat room girlfriend works at a department store and has a large collection of troll dolls. When he confirms that it is Mimi, Drew begins showering compulsively. He feels extremely awkward when he and Mimi run into each other while visiting Wick in rehab. Mimi does not realize that she was involved with Drew, and is angry that she hasn't heard from her online man for a while. Drew gets really drunk and writes her a kiss-off note in which he claims to be Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Oswald grows concerned about his mother's financial status after her birthday check to him bounces. He learns that her business partner deserted her, and that she may lose her beauty salon and house. Oswald follows Lewis's advice and agrees to test breast implants for DrugCo in exchange for $10,000. He feels very uncomfortable about the amount of attention Drew and Lewis pay to his breasts.moreless
  • Drew Between the Rock and a Hard Place
    Mrs. Louder asks Drew to fill in as store manager while Mr. Wick is in rehab. He refuses, as he is having a great time with his band and doesn't want to deal with all the hassles of the job. Mrs. Louder reluctantly gives the job to Larry. A man approaches Drew and offers the Horndogs the chance to go on a tour of all the Ramadas in Ohio. He decides to accept the offer and quit his job. Kate doesn't think this is a good idea, as she ended up working as a "booze wench" at the Ramada after quitting Winfred-Louder. A plastered Wick shows up at Drew's show and says that he was kicked out of rehab because of a change in his health insurance. Drew discovers that Larry changed the employee coverage to an HMO so that he could spend $100,000 on a Jacobs Field skybox for Mrs. Louder. Drew is upset because he had fought hard to get good coverage for everyone. The employees plead with him to go through the budget and find some way to make up the lost money and get their health plan back. Drew succeeds, and realizes that he has a talent for examining boring minutiae and cutting through red tape. He leaves the band and stays at Winfred-Louder.moreless
  • Golden Boy
    Golden Boy
    Episode 3
    Drew lets Darcy dye his hair blonde and grows a goatee so that he will look more like a musician. Larry discovers that someone has been doing cocaine in the men's room at Winfred-Louder. Wick orders Drew and Mimi to collect specimens from every employee for drug testing. Drew does not like invading everyone's privacy. After the men accuse him of being a narc, he throws out all the samples. Wick orders him to give his own sample. Drew refuses and brings in a drug-sniffing dog. Wick becomes furious and fires him. Drew goes into Wick's office and discovers that Wick is the one who is on drugs. He helps him get into rehab. Oswald and Lewis become jealous of Drew's musical success and try to talk him into letting them back into the band. Mimi ends her relationship with Ron after she receives an unpleasant visit from his wife.moreless
  • In Ramada Da Vida
    In Ramada Da Vida
    Episode 2
    Drew entertains a group of investors from Vietnam who are considering opening a store in Hanoi. They have drinks at the Airport Ramada Inn. When the house band goes on break, Drew and the guys fulfill the investors' request for music by taking the stage for a song. The manager feels that they are better than the regular band and asks them to play for a week. Drew fears that this would be too much of a distraction and wants to focus on his new job. He changes his mind after a groupie hits on him in the parking lot. The guys audition guitar players, and hire a free-spirited guy named Ed. Kate becomes dissatisfied with her job and tries to get fired. Drew agrees to let her go, but promises to re-hire her if she can't find a better job in a week. She doesn't have any luck, but Drew backs out of the deal because he wants her to find the kind of happiness he now has with his band. Drew blows off a party at Mrs. Louder's house, and later skips work to fool around with Darcy. The hotel manager asks the Horndogs to become the full-time band. Oswald and Lewis quit, but Drew wants to pursue the opportunity. Wick tells Drew that he must go to Vietnam to help set up the new store. He gives up his promotion to stay with the band.moreless
  • Drew and the Conspiracy
    Drew suffers a constant series of mishaps at work, from dumpsters blocking his parking space to broken chairs and a seemingly endless supply of faulty pencil points. He begins to suspect that someone is out to get him, but his friends feel that he is just paranoid. However, Chuck shows Drew a videotape in which three men sit around discussing how much they hate Drew, and all the things they have done to make him miserable for the last decade. The men indicate that they will pull their ultimate prank the next day. When they cannot be found at work, Drew evacuates the store. The men then show up, and Drew demands to know why they dislike him. One of them says that Drew caused him to lose his fiancée by getting jelly on his collar; she mistook it for lipstick and dumped him. Drew got the second man in trouble by repeating his insults about the boss when he was in earshot, and the third guy didn't like being reported for drinking at work. The guys decide that they are tired of harassing Drew and apologize. Lewis gets Mimi a supply of mood make-up being tested by DrugCo, which changes color as her moods change. A man applying for a Winfred-Louder position in Singapore instantly falls for her. He turns down the job to stay in the country for her, but reveals that he is married. She wants nothing to do with him, but changes her mind after he refuses to leave the store during the bomb scare because he is so upset about losing her.moreless