The Drew Carey Show - Season 6

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Bananas (2)
    Bananas (2)
    Episode 27
    Kate, Lewis and Oswald search for Drew. Mimi fails to share his whereabouts with Mr. Wick, and gets him to appoint her the new manager of the women's store. Lewis and Oswald learn that Drew is in the institution. Only family is allowed to visit, so they check themselves in as patients so that they can talk to him. Drew plots to escape and reclaim his job. He leaves a message on his machine telling Kate what has happened to the guys and asking her to show up with a van the next day. Although they have stolen the master keys, Oswald and Lewis insist on breaking out by building a bomb and blowing a hole in the wall. Most of the other patients escape with them, but a large patient restrains Drew and keeps him from leaving. Kate doesn't think that he has made it to the van, but Oswald insists otherwise. Drew finally makes it to the store opening in his hospital gown. When he learns that Mimi has taken his job, he loses it and starts seeing everyone as Mimi. He attacks Wick and has to return to the institution.moreless
  • Bananas (1)
    Bananas (1)
    Episode 26
    Drew suggests that Winfred-Louder open a women's store. The board agrees, and Mr. Wick appoints Drew as manager of the new store. Mimi objects, but Wick appeases her by giving her Drew's old job and letting her abuse her power for personal gain. Drew is overwhelmed by the work required to get the store ready for opening, and cannot find any time to sleep. His behavior becomes increasingly erratic. He runs out of the new store site in a panic after the mannequins stage a revolt. Kate suggests that Mimi might be responsible for Drew's problems, but Drew points out that Mimi always brags about her pranks. Drew hears some parrots taunting him from the trees outside his house and throws firecrackers at them. He is apprehended by the police and placed in a sanitarium. The doctor agrees that Drew is not crazy, and that his behavior was the result of stress and sleep deprivation. However, he must be observed for 72 hours and will miss the opening. Mimi visits Drew and admits that she was behind the pranks. She expected him to quit as women's store manager, and was surprised that he went crazy. She refuses to vouch for Drew's sanity, and boasts that she has replaced him as manager. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis take jobs for a fireworks company.moreless
  • Drew and the Activist (2)
    Drew and Rachel decide to see each other exclusively. Mimi suggests holding a barbecue for bar and restaurant owners as a promotion for Buzz Beer. Rachel tries to convince Drew to change his lifestyle to be more conscious of the environment. She is horrified to hear about the barbecue, and he agrees to serve veggie burgers. Lewis, Oswald and Mimi are angry at Drew for making decisions for the business without consulting them, and point out that they already had the meat. They secretly serve the meat without telling Drew. Mimi doesn't tell Rachel until she has had three burgers. She becomes addicted to meat-eating, and begins to lose all passion for her causes because she feels like a hypocrite. Drew helps her find her way by renting a live cow from a slaughterhouse and telling her that they are going to kill it and make it dinner. He realizes that they are too different to be together, and tells her to continue her activism. She liberates the cow, costing Drew his thousand-dollar deposit. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick goes to a fox hunt, only to have the animal fight back.moreless
  • Drew and the Activist (1)
    A woman approaches Drew at the Warsaw and asks him for a date. Lewis comes downstairs and has words with her. He reveals that she is an activist protesting a secret DrugCo project for which he is serving as foreman. He assumes that she is using Drew to get information, then describes the project in detail for no apparent reason. Drew plans to call off the date, but Rachel insists that she didn't know that he was Lewis's friend. Rachel infuriates Mimi by throwing out some of her make-up because it is tested on animals. After sleeping with Drew, Rachel pleads with him for information on Lewis's project. He agrees after she tells him that Lewis may be in danger because DrugCo allows employees to work with toxic waste without informing them of the risk. The EPA shuts down the project, and Lewis gets bumped back down to janitor. Mimi discovers that Rachel works for one of DrugCo's competitors. Drew goes to DrugCo to apologize. The gang turns off the bathroom lights to talk without security detection, and discovers that they are glowing in the dark. Oswald admits that he stole water from Lewis's project and used it in his new specially brewed beer. The gang does not become seriously ill. Drew confronts Rachel about Mimi's allegations. She assures him that she quit the pharmaceutical company long ago after learning the truth about its activities.moreless
  • Christening
    Episode 23
    Mimi's cousin Vanessa comes for a visit. Mimi has always hated Vanessa, but now sucks up to her because she is rich. Vanessa and Drew are named the baby's godparents. However, Mimi declares that Vanessa will be the one to actually raise Gus if anything happens to Mimi and Steve. Steve objects, noting Drew's close bond with his nephew. Lewis and Oswald decide to use the store's new portrait studio to get pictures of themselves as astronauts in the hopes of impressing women. They are angry to find that families get a cheaper rate, as they can't afford the individual prices. Steve asks Drew to babysit Gus while he and Mimi are at the church preparing for the christening. Oswald spills tacos on Gus, so Kate and Drew have to take the outfit to the dry cleaners. Lewis and Oswald borrow the baby so that they can get family portrait prices. Drew and Kate go to the church and try to stall. Drew's parents wrap Oswald's rabbit, Commander Bun-Bun, in a blanket and try to pass him off as the baby. The priest has to postpone the ceremony, and Mimi names Vanessa the guardian. However, Drew has some photos of Gus (from Lewis and Oswald's session) blown up for display around the church during the ceremony. Gus begins crying when Drew tries to leave. Mimi still fears that Drew would trash her to her son after she was gone. After Drew assures her that he would say that she was a good person, Mimi agrees to let him be guardian.moreless
  • The Easter Show
    The Easter Show
    Episode 22
    Drew gets his car back from the repair shop, but suffers flashbacks to his accident and refuses to drive. Mr. Wick assigns Drew the task of hiring someone to deliver Easter baskets from the store to area children. Drew ignores Wick's objections and hires Oswald, who will enlist the aid of his fellow Global Parcel drivers. Lewis successfully gets the phone number of a woman delivering water to the store. She writes it on his hand, and it gets smeared before he can copy it onto paper. Oswald decides that he will deliver all of the baskets himself so that he can keep all of the money. He takes the baskets down to the basement, and all of the chocolate bunnies melt after he turns up the heat. Drew must find a solution or face repercussions at work. Oswald tries to make new chocolate bunnies, but there is no time for them to harden. They give the kids "chocolate gravy." Drew continually makes excuses when the gang tries to get him to use his car for some of the deliveries. He finally admits that he is afraid to drive. Lewis drives Drew's car. Oswald and Kate try to speed up their deliveries, and end up throwing baskets everywhere and making a huge mess. Lewis spots his "water goddess" and abandons Drew's car at a busy intersection. Drew manages to drive home, but then cannot bring himself to break his grip on the steering wheel.moreless
  • What's Wrong with This Episode IV
    Drew begins to worry about Lewis's increasingly mean-spirited actions, especially because his guide (during the coma) told him that Lewis will go to hell. Drew and Oswald secretly videotape Lewis and confront him about his terrible behavior. Lewis realizes that he must change his ways. However, he soon becomes convinced that his friends are all going to hell. He tries to shake them of their "sinful" ways, and breaks up Kate's date by standing outside with a bullhorn and calling her a whore. He also denies Oswald his cable fix and throws all of Drew's porn onto the lawn. Lewis insists that he is simply doing God's will, but has a change of heart after he is repeatedly struck by lightning. Steve fills in for Mimi at Winfred-Louder while she is on maternity leave. He does such a good job that everyone wants him to stay on permanently. Mimi announces that she is going to become a stay-at-home mom, but is very depressed. Steve tries to find a way to get himself fired.moreless
  • Kate and Her New Boyfriend
    Steve orders Drew and Mimi to call a truce because he believes their hostility could be a bad influence on the baby. Kate begins dating Eric, a paramedic whom she met when he gave a demonstration at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Drew claims to be happy for her, but is actually seething with jealousy. Mimi comes to Winfred-Louder and tries to goad Drew into insulting her, as she is consumed by boredom. He manages to restrain himself, but then takes out his aggression by beating up Mr. Wick. Wick does not fire him (because Drew would then divorce him and let him get deported), and vows to hit him back when he least expects it. Eric offers to take everyone out to dinner. Lewis and Oswald try to keep Drew from making a scene by inviting Steve and Mimi. Although Kate keeps flaunting the relationship and talking about how happy they are, Eric doesn't really seem to know much about her. Drew and Mimi "accidentally" inflict pain on each other. However, he lashes out at Eric after he keeps bragging about himself. Kate is angry with Drew, but still stands up for him when Eric puts him down. Eric leaves in a huff and breaks up with Kate. Drew tracks down Kate at the Warsaw to apologize, and they admit that they don't want to see each other with anyone else. They cannot get back together because they still disagree about whether to have kids. Mr. Wick pops up from behind the bar and punches Drew, but only ends up breaking his hand.moreless
  • Drew and the Motorcycle
    Kate warns the guys to return the life insurance money, but they insist they are only spending the profit and cannot get in trouble. Lewis and Oswald begin to panic when an insurance agent shows up at Drew's house, but she just asks them to sign some forms. She sees Drew on his motorcycle and finds him attractive. He claims to be Kyle, Drew's estranged brother. Drew and Julie begin dating, and he pretends to be a bad boy to impress her. They go to a biker bar, where Drew exchanges insults with the owner, Smelly Mary. She offers her approval, thus winning him the respect of everyone in the bar. Drew receives notice that his death certificate has been revoked, but decides that he wants to leave Drew dead and continue living as Kyle. Lewis and Oswald cut into the original insurance settlement to record an album. They turn to Drew for help, and he must sell his motorcycle. He returns to the biker bar and encounters Mimi. She explains that she heard about Drew's exploits from Smelly Mary, who was her tag-team wrestling partner in Mexico. She buys the bike with money from a tortilla chip endorsement deal she had in Mexico. After Julie learns that Drew is alive, he finally confesses his true identity. She says that they can't see each other any longer, as they are both boring and needed the excitement of the "Kyle" identity.moreless
  • Drew's Life After Death
    Drew is shocked when his obituary appears in the newspaper. He learns that Mimi is responsible; his doctor sent a death certificate to Steve when Drew was in the coma, and Mimi retrieved it from the mail. Her actions trigger a "doomsday" prank that Drew had arranged in the event of his early death. She gets handcuffed to a chair and has to watch half-naked fat men dance around. Mimi sends the death certificate out and has Drew's credit cards and bank accounts cancelled. Drew becomes depressed over his brief and unspectacular obituary. Lewis and Oswald reveal that they took out a life insurance policy on Drew in high school, and have received a large claim. Drew points out that they are breaking the law. They promise to return the money after he is declared alive, but will spend the profit they made betting it on the horses. Wick is able to take time off as a "bereaved spouse" and go to Hawaii. Drew fears that he has wasted his life, as he seems to be helping more people through his "death" than when he was alive. He volunteers at a crisis center. Oswald and Lewis also volunteer, but become bored and decide to quit after a few minutes. Drew realizes that the people seeking help actually have better lives than he does. He starts bawling and is asked to leave. He demands his share of the insurance payoff and disappears. He shows up a few days later with a motorcycle.moreless
  • Hush Little Baby
    Hush Little Baby
    Episode 17
    Mimi and Steve cannot get their son to stop crying. He becomes quiet instantly when Drew comes for a visit and interacts with him. Steve becomes ill, and Mimi orders him to leave so that he doesn't infect the baby. He stays at Drew's house, where Oswald and Kate look after him. He convinces the reluctant Drew to stay at his house and help Mimi with the baby until he recovers. The baby will only stop crying when Drew is holding him, and refuses to eat. Much to his horror, Drew must hold the baby while he breast-feeds. He then learns that Steve has strep throat and cannot return for two weeks. Drew finally becomes fed up and says that Mimi and Steve will have to learn to take care of their child on their own. Mimi, disheartened by her inability to bond with the baby, tries to leave him with Drew. When a still-ailing Steve comes over to visit, the baby stops crying after Mimi yells at Steve to get out. Drew concludes that the baby had grown used to Mimi's irascible behavior while he was in the womb, and just didn't recognize her because she was acting too nice. Steve and Mimi name their son King Augustus Antonio (?) Carey. Meanwhile, Lewis catches a cold from Steve after claiming that exposure to viruses at DrugCo had left him immune to illness. He is convinced that he will die, and decides to be totally free and honest--even if it means walking around the Warsaw naked.moreless
  • Drew and the Baby (3)
    En route to heaven, Drew encounters his nephew, who is on his way to Earth to be born. The baby takes note of Drew's sarcastic comments about Mimi and fears that his mother is a terrible person. He no longer wants to be born. Drew tries to prove that Mimi will be a good mother by having his soul inhabit the newborn while the baby observes from heaven. The gang takes the comatose Drew's body home and tries to make his nurse serve them. The baby nearly chokes after Oswald tries to feed him a pretzel. Mimi comforts the child and says that she would not be able to go on if something happened to him. The baby is convinced of her love and decides that he is ready to switch with Drew. Drew becomes very sad at the prospect of not being able to spend any more time with his friends. He decides that he wants to return to Earth. He awakens from his coma, but no one believes his story.moreless
  • Drew's in a Coma (2)
    Drew is left comatose after a car accident. He enjoys a fantasy world where he is surrounded by scantily clad models, dines from pizza trees, and has a makeup-free Mimi as his slave. Meanwhile, his friends hold a bedside vigil. Mimi even kisses him in the hopes that the shock to his system would wake him. The doctor gives him an injection to help him come around, but it doesn't work. Drew insists that he would rather stay in the coma, as it seems much better than his real life. As a last resort, the doctor suggests that they remove him from the respirator. The shock will cause him to either come out of the coma or die. Steve (who has power of attorney) hopes to avoid this option. The gang tries surrounding Drew with familiar things, but there is no change in his condition. After Drew is removed from the respirator, he takes a test to see if he can get into heaven. He learns that he has been accepted. Mimi goes into labor in Drew's room.moreless
  • All Work and No Play (1)
    Mr. Wick begins spending more time around Drew's house. He claims that he needs to keep up appearances in case the INS makes a surprise visit. Wick has to sleep over after he injures his ankle while exercising. He borrows a pair of underwear from Drew, and suddenly becomes a really nice guy. He treats employees with kindness and takes Lewis, Kate and Oswald to lunch. Drew is hurt when his friends accept Wick's lunch invitation instead of staying with him. They later join Wick at a British pub, ignoring plans to meet Drew at the Warsaw. Drew accuses Wick of stealing his friends. He throws him out of the house and says that he will end their fake gay marriage. Wick becomes a bigger tyrant than ever at the office, and says that he will not change his ways unless Drew lets him hang out at the house. Wick comes over to pick up his belongings, and pleads for a chance to be friends. Drew is put off by his overbearing personality and wants nothing to do with him. Wick hires a woman to impersonate an INS agent in the hopes of tricking Drew into letting him stay. Drew does not fall for it. Kate later receives a phone call at the Warsaw. She learns that Drew has been in an accident and is in the hospital.moreless
  • Oswald's Dad Returns
    Oswald's estranged father gets out of prison after a ten-year sentence, but Oswald doesn't want to see him. Drew looks for a part-time job to pay off his credit card debts. Oswald tells him that his father was hired by a real estate company, and asks his dad to help Drew get a job. Mr. Harvey also buys Oswald a bike, and they seem to be making a connection. Drew fails to make a sale for several days. The boss threatens to fire him unless he sells something by the end of the day. Lewis agrees to buy one of the cheaper properties, which a divorcing couple is supposedly trying to unload. He pays cash, so there can be no trace if there is a problem. Drew learns that his boss is a scam artist; he has sold the same property dozens of times, and it is unlivable because of high levels of radioactivity. Drew tells Lewis, but they do not call the police because they do not want to send Oswald's dad back to prison. Lewis and Kate fail in an attempt to get his money back. Drew confirms that Mr. Harvey is in on the scam. Mr. Harvey promises to return Lewis's money by eight o'clock that night. When he doesn't show on time, Drew and Lewis tell Oswald the truth. Mr. Harvey claims to have Lewis's money, but instead just gives him a sack full of items belonging to an old man that he mugged. Oswald is mortified, but decides to give his father a head start before calling the cops.moreless
  • The Warsaw Closes
    The Warsaw Closes
    Episode 12
    Mimi and Steve buy the house next door to the Warsaw, and she taunts Drew about the fact that she will always be nearby when he is trying to unwind. Drew, Lewis and Oswald get drunk and urinate on her front lawn. She catches them in the act and files a complaint. Because a number of neighbors have complained about the boorish behavior of the bar patrons, the Warsaw is stripped of its liquor license. Drew apologizes to Mimi, but admits that he doesn't mean it. He convinces the Warsaw's owner to slip alcohol into all of the food (soup, lemonade, etc.) but Mimi reports the owner and has him arrested. Drew does not understand why Mimi is so upset about this particular prank. Steve explains that she has never lived in a house before, so it is very special to her. Drew apologizes and creates a little gnome town for her front yard. Mimi drops the complaint. Meanwhile, Lewis and Oswald prove that their stupidity knows no limits as they try to "milk" snakes and sell their venom.moreless
  • Fetal Attraction
    Fetal Attraction
    Episode 11
    Drew meets Suzanne, a single co-worker who is about to have a baby. They hit it off and decide to go on a date. Everyone seems repulsed by the idea of Drew dating a pregnant woman, and Kate and Steve feel that he is just hoping to latch onto her kid. Drew doesn't think that one date is a big deal, but Steve warns that Suzanne views him as a potential father. All of the other pregnant women in the office assume that Drew has a "thing" for pregnant women and start hitting on him. Suzanne becomes extremely possessive of Drew and constantly makes demands on him. He doesn't want to see her again, but is afraid of her Suzanne goes into labor, and tries to list Drew as the father on the insurance forms. Drew finally dumps her, and she makes a move on an orderly. Meanwhile, elves Oswald and Lewis grow tired of the wrath of the store's sadistic Santa Claus. Drew cannot fire him because of the lack of available replacements, so Lewis and Oswald try kidnapping Santa so that he will be dismissed for skipping work.moreless
  • Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer
    Buzz Beer decides to get a booth at an alcohol expo in the hopes of being chosen for a Beer-of-the-Month club. Oswald forgets to send in the application, so they end up at the lone remaining table--next to an anti-alcohol group that displays giant photographs of diseased livers. Drew and Mimi lecture Lewis and Oswald about their constant screw-ups. Kate suggests that they get some business by giving away free peanuts to customers. Drew and Mimi go with her to borrow a peanut cart, leaving Oswald and Lewis behind to think about their mistakes. They decide to prove themselves by signing out a former circus bear now at DrugCo, who knows how to drink beer. They believe that the novelty will attract customers. Oswald hides the bear in the beer truck when Drew returns home. Lewis and Oswald are distracted for a moment, and the bear steals the truck and starts driving around the neighborhood. Drew and Mimi run out of beer (thereby losing a lot of business) and head out to search for Lewis, Oswald and the rest of their supply. The bear mistakes Mimi for his old trainer--a clown--and follows her to the expo. The bear proves a huge hit and brings a lot of attention to Buzz Beer. Lewis and Oswald celebrate their first successful idea by having Drew photograph them with the bear. Quite predictably, the flash photography causes the bear to go crazy.moreless
  • Drew Can't Carey a Tune
    Drew immediately gets off on the wrong foot with Mr. Nichols, his demanding new boss. He tries to suck up to get himself off of Nichols' "crap list." Nichols receives a call asking him to head up fund raising for a new roof for his church. Drew contributes $100 and offers to begin attending services. He volunteers to sing at a church benefit. Although Nichols and the minister are skeptical, Drew insists that he is talented. Oswald, Lewis and Kate lie and vouch for his singing abilities. Drew's performance (with an accordion and knee cymbals) is so embarrassing that Oswald has to pull the fire alarm to save him from being booed off the stage. Drew is hurt when he receives a scathing review in the church newsletter, but thinks that the crowd would have liked him if he had gotten to finish his song. His friends still do not tell him the truth about his singing. Drew goes to the church to confront the reviewer, only to find that it is Nichols' teenage son. Nichols and his son tell Drew that he is awful. Drew's friends show up to console him.moreless
  • Drew and Kate Become Friends
    Drew is still devastated by his break-up with Kate. Steve encourages him to move on with his life, and Oswald and Lewis suggest that sleeping with another woman would allow him to get over Kate and go back to just thinking of her as a friend. Mr. Wick moves in with Drew temporarily to keep up appearances for the INS. Oswald and Lewis run into a heartbroken Kate at the Warsaw and tell her about their advice to Drew. She cannot stand the thought of Drew with another woman, especially so soon after the completely implausible demise of their relationship. She races to the house to stop him, only to learn from Wick that Steve has taken Drew out to meet someone. Drew is less than pleased to find that his beautiful date, Jenny, is Mimi's cousin. Mimi forbids Jenny from dating Drew, but she ignores him. Jenny wants to sleep with Drew right away, so they head back to the house. Meanwhile, Kate gets plastered and decides to sleep with Wick. She eventually realizes that this is wrong and starts to leave, but runs into Drew in the hallway. Each is furious to discover that the other plans to sleep with someone else. Drew tries to make Kate think that he is having sex, but soon becomes so upset by the idea of Kate with Wick that he barges into Wick's room. He finds Kate covering her head with a pillow. They each admit that they can't go through with their trysts. Mr. Wick heads across the hall to accommodate the still-horny Jenny. Drew and Kate decide to go back to being friends.moreless
  • Drew and the Trail Scouts
    Drew agrees to marry Wick and help him get his green card if Wick lets him have his old job. They head for Vermont to get married, and Oswald and Lewis come along to cheer the depressed Drew. During the ceremony, Drew nearly backs out because he realizes that the whole thing is really, really stupid and that he should still be with Kate. He finally agrees to go through with it. While moping in a nearby park, he encounters a scout troop. They prompt him to recall his old scouting days, and encourage him to volunteer to help with a troop. Drew is soon named a scoutmaster, and learns that his predecessor was forced out because the scouts do not allow gays. Drew tries to hide the truth about his marriage to Wick. An INS agent shows up to investigate Drew and Wick while the scout troop is at Drew's house. Drew must either tell the agent the truth and get Wick deported, or give up his scoutmaster duties. He protects Wick, who responds by promoting him to head of personnel.moreless
  • The Pregnancy Scare
    Kate has reason to believe that she is pregnant. She's not. She suddenly decides that she doesn't ever want to have children. Drew suddenly determines that being a father is the thing he wants most in the world. End of relationship. Meanwhile, Mr. Wick faces deportation unless he can find someone to marry. When he can't find an interested woman, he settles on marrying a man in Vermont, where same-sex civil unions have recently been legalized.moreless
  • Drew Live II
    Drew Live II
    Episode 5
    Mr. Wick refuses to let Drew collect unemployment, and keeps saying that he quit even though he was actually fired. An employee objects to Wick's treatment of Drew and gets fired. Drew promises to help him land a new job, and the man offers to give him ten percent of his first month's salary. Drew decides to run an employment agency out of his house, and it proves very successful. Oswald and Lewis express dissatisfaction with their jobs and ask Drew to help them. He believes that he can get both of them work at a new restaurant, only to discover that there is only one opening. Oswald and Lewis are furious, as they have already quit their jobs. They keep pushing Drew to choose between them. Kate suggests that they just go to the restaurant for a tryout. They both fail miserably. Fortunately, Oswald realizes that he never really quit at Global (he went into the wrong office and mooned a blind lady instead of his boss). Lewis returns to DrugCo to beg for his job back.moreless
  • Mimi's a Partner
    Mimi's a Partner
    Episode 4
    The gang plays poker with Mr. Wick in the hopes of winning back Drew's job, but their plan fails. Mimi shows up with Steve and gets herself into the game by showing off a wad of cash. She ends up squaring off with Kate in a high-stakes match-up. Kate has a great hand, so she wagers her share of Buzz Beer against Mimi's $5000. Unfortunately, she loses. Mimi quickly manipulates Oswald and Lewis into naming her the new president of Buzz Beer. Her ideas soon help the company increase its profits considerably. Lewis discovers that the cashbox is $2000 short. Everyone blames Drew--because he is out of work and struggling to pay his bills--but he insists that Mimi is setting him up. Oswald suggests that they just let the culprit return the money secretly. Drew's power and telephone are turned off. He admits to Kate that he was borrowing from Buzz Beer in an attempt to pay off his debts. He doesn't want to take money from her because he is used to being the one who helps everyone with their problems. When he tries to confess, Mimi reveals that she caught Kate putting money in the box. Drew says that Kate was only covering for him, but the others don't believe him. Meanwhile, Steve shows Mimi his support during her pregnancy by donning a weighted belly and breasts. He makes a bet with Oswald and Lewis after they make fun of him.moreless
  • Drew's Inheritance
    Drew's Inheritance
    Episode 3
    Lewis and Oswald get Drew in trouble at the cafeteria by bringing him a beer. Drew grows tired of all the abuse and elects to quit instead of getting fired. He tries to get Mr. Wick to re-hire him, only to find that his cubicle has been replaced by a frozen yogurt machine. Steve tells Drew that their uncle, Cecil, has died. Cecil has left most of his fortune to Bill Gates, but offers smaller amounts to his friends and relatives, provided that they pass certain tests. Steve gets $10,000, but Oswald and Lewis lose out on $5000 each when they are unable to remain silent for 24 hours (they last about five seconds). Cecil had always worried that Drew would end up alone, so he will give him $10,000 if he marries within 72 hours. Drew and Kate try to throw together a ceremony, but realize that it would be making a travesty out of the event. They hire a drunken Santa Claus from the store to pose as a minister and pretend to marry them. They ask Lewis and Oswald to keep quiet about the marriage, and do not tell them that the ceremony will be fake. However, Lewis and Oswald tell everyone about the wedding. Drew's parents show up with his old minister. Drew and Kate realize that they really want to get married, and decide to go through with it. Lewis and Oswald recognize the fake minister and badger him until he admits his true identity. Drew and Kate come downstairs to learn that their deception has been uncovered. They try to explain, but everyone just yells at them and storms out.moreless
  • Be Drew to Your School
    Drew is embarrassed after several people who knew him from the Future Leaders of America in high school come to school for Career Day and see him working in the cafeteria. He wonders when his life got off-track. He recalls being ignored by Kate and pantsed by jocks on his first day of high school. Kate blames herself for his misfortune. She reveals that during their sophomore year, she answered a question when she wasn't really listening and inadvertently advised Drew to get black glasses instead of contacts. Drew was then seen as a nerd and received regular beatings. Lewis argues that he is at fault because he introduced Drew to beer during their junior year. Oswald confesses to spilling chocolate milk all over Drew's application to MIT, then replacing the essay with moronic babbling. He didn't tell Drew, who sent in the application. Drew insists that he could have made better decisions, but liked getting attention from the attractive school nurse after each crisis. He comes to the realization that he is a "pity-whore."moreless
  • Drew Pops Something on Kate
    Drew decides to ask Kate to marry him, and buys a $6000 engagement ring. Mr. Wick screws up the budget and tells Drew that he must fire one employee before the board meeting, which starts in five minutes. Wick cannot do it himself because he is under investigation for several harassment claims. Drew is poised to fulfill his dream of firing Mimi when she feels the baby kicking. He suffers pangs of guilt and cannot bring himself to let her go. He searches desperately for someone to fire, but everyone has suddenly developed impeccable work habits. When Drew cannot make up his mind, Wick forces all of the employees except Drew to do push-ups. They become testy and demand Drew's firing. He sees his dismissal as opportunity for advancement, and encourages Kate to go after her dream job at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Mimi prevents Drew from getting another job by telling lies whenever a potential employer calls the store. He is afraid to propose to Kate because he doesn't think she should spend her life with a loser. Drew has to work in the cafeteria of his old high school, where he is continually subjected to mockery. Kate drops by in time to see a jerk dump food all over Drew's head. He is embarrassed, but she says that she will love him no matter what happens. He proposes to her, and she accepts.moreless