The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 2

Something Wick This Way Comes

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 25, 1996 on ABC

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  • One of the best characters of the series is introduced.

    At the Warsaw, Oswald is showing people the new Buzz Beer, and everyone seems to like it. Lewis comes over and it turns out that they didn't make enough beer for the Warsaw. Drew and Kate run in, with Drew frantically yelling that he's expecting a call from Saks Fifth Avenue about a job interview. He applied there because he doesn't think he'll be promoted at Winfred Louder. When they call, Drew is told that he left his briefcase there and they'll keep his information on file.

    At work, Drew runs to his desk to answer the phone. Since Drew's acting Store Manager, he's working a lot, and ends up telling off the guy on the phone. Mimi walks over and tells Drew that they're bringing in an English guy for the Store Manager position. Kate stops by to talk to Drew, just as Mr. Wick, the new Store Manager, and Mr. Van Houten come in. Mr. Van Houten announces the change with the Store Manager position, and everyone goes back to work.

    Mr. Wick tells Drew that he can be promoted if he signs memos, getting rid of employee discounts, free employee parking, and makes the lunch breaks shorter. Drew reluctantly agrees to do so, knowing that he'll probably regret the whole thing.

    In Drew's back yard, Lewis and Oswald are busy getting neighborhood kids to help bottle the beer faster. Oswald even has one girl delivering beer. Drew then comes in and orders everyone out, and yells at Lewis and Oswald. Drew, Lewis, and Oswald then go inside Drew's house. Drew listens to the answering machine, and all of the messages are from upset people at work, complaining about Drew's memos about the cost-cutting measures. Kate then comes in with a case of beer she got back from the girl who was using her bicycle to deliver it to the Warsaw. After finding out that the memos at work are real, Kate tries to beat up Drew, but Lewis stops it from happening.

    At work, Drew's going over everyone's clothing, to see if they match the new dress code. Mr. Wick then comes out and tells Drew to fire all of the old people before they retire and collect pensions. At Drew's cubicle, there's a man, Burt, waiting for Drew. Not being able to fire him, Drew storms into Mr. Wick's office and lies to him that everyone is about to walk off the job. Mr. Wick eventually walks out of his office, and tells everyone that all of the recent changes are over. Back at his desk, Drew is threatened by Larry, who sets his desk on fire. It turns out Mimi was able to get Mr. Wick to give Drew's desk to her, as punishment for his questioning Mr. Wick's opinions on the store.

    With Drew, Kate, and Jay watching, the show ends with Lewis and Oswald doing impressions of the Budweiser frogs in Drew's garage.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. The scene where the kids are bottling the beer was hilarious. We also got a new character, Nigel Wick, in this episode, and he ends up being a favorite of mine.