The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 21

Steve and Mimi

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 1999 on ABC
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Steve and Mimi
Drew is forced to lay off a slew of workers as Winfred-Louder suffers a financial decline. Drew agrees to let Steve stay at his place after he becomes a victim of the cutbacks. As the gang is helping Steve move in, Mimi comes over with another list of people for Drew to fire. She is impressed with the way Steve looks out of drag, and they flirt. They set up a date, but Steve suggests that they keep it a secret from Drew. Mimi is disappointed when she arrives to find that Steve is wearing a dress, as she assumed that he dressed as a man on dates. They decide to just hang out and be friends. They get along very well, and a shocked Drew comes home to spy them kissing. He keeps his discovery to himself as he tries to deal with it, but later accidentally sees Steve and Mimi having sex in the kitchen. Drew and Mimi bicker and put Steve in the middle of their argument. Mimi ends up storming out. Steve and Mimi both grow extremely depressed. Drew feels bad for Steve and realizes that he shouldn't stand in the way of his brother's happiness. He approaches Mimi with the suggestion that they call a truce while Steve is around. Steve and Mimi happily get back together.moreless

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  • Drew freaks out when he finds Steve and Mimi together.

    Mimi comes walking in to see Drew, who's resting his head on his desk. He tells Mimi he's laid off 38 people today, so he's a little bummed out. A few more Winfred Louder employees come in, and Drew lays them off, like the others, which makes Drew cry. Mr. Wick walks by and tells the guys that they can get a discount on things if they show their pink slips. Mr. Wick hands Drew a list of twenty other people he wants Drew to fire, and it seems Mr. Wick wants Drew to fire his own brother, who just so happens to come up to see Mr. Wick. When Steve walks over to Drew, he hugs Steve, and lays him off. Before Steve leaves, he asks Drew if he can stay with him, since he can't afford living anywhere else without a job, so Drew agrees to help him out.

    At Drew's, everyone is helping Steve move in. Mimi comes over with a list of names of people Drew has to fire. When the guys leave, Mimi and Steve talk for a minute, and they decide to go out with one another sometime.

    Later on, Steve's making food for his date with Mimi, and he's dressed as a woman. Drew asks Steve about his date, but he's not willing to share who he's dating. He leaves when there's a knock at the door. Mimi comes in and is a little freaked out when he sees Steve as a woman. She thought this would be a conventional date. They chat about the whole thing, and they decide to hang out like friends, and they remove their heels, since they hurt.

    A bit later that night, Steve and Mimi are in the kitchen talking about some things that happened to Steve years ago. They manage to start kissing, and Drew comes home to witness the kiss, so he freaks out, and runs off. He saw the two kissing while he was still outside, and he didn't disturb them.

    At the Warsaw, Drew tells Kate, Lewis, and Oswald, and they can't believe it. Drew forbids his brother dating his enemy, so he vows to break them up.

    The next day, when Drew arrives home, he finds clothes strewn all around the room. When he hears a moan from Mimi, coming from the other room, Drew freaks out, and falls onto the couch. Steve comes out and sees his brother, and reveals they started out on the couch, which causes Drew to roll off of the couch, in disgust. Mimi comes in and tries to pit Drew against Steve in an argument. Finally, Mimi leaves and Drew asks Steve if he's gay yet.

    When Drew comes home, he finds Steve lying on the couch, watching TV. He's not left the house in a week, and he really misses Mimi. Sharon comes in to blackout the windows for Steve, but she tries to offer some advice instead.

    At work, Mimi's driving Mr. Wick crazy, asking for more work. She needs to do more work, or get someone to talk to about her love life, so she decides to grab Mr. Wick and talk to him about it. She asks him whether or not she should call Steve about the fight they had. Drew comes in with a tape player. Drew got drunk and made a recording, where he asks Mimi to get back with him, as it seems to make the two of them happy. Drew hands the tape player to Mimi, and she plays it. Drew and Mimi agree to be friendly when Steve's around, but the gloves are off when he's not there. Steve comes in, and Drew tells him that they have his blessing, which cheers Steve up. Steve and Mimi hug, just as Mr. Wick decides to poke his head out of the office, and he's horrified by seeing Mimi and Steve.

    The show ends with Lewis making dinner for he, Kate, and Oswald. The kitchen appliances have been moved into the kitchen, and Oswald is in the kitchen, closing the doorway with bricks, since Drew said he never wants to go in there, as that's where Steve and Mimi had sex.

    I really liked this episode, it's one of my all-time favorites. I liked the writing, and the acting was pretty good throughout.moreless
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