The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 16

Suddenly No Summer

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jun 25, 2003 on ABC
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Suddenly No Summer
Drew tries to improve his standing at work by taking a computer course over the summer. The gang tempts him into blowing it off to take a trip to Florida. Drew is wracked with guilt and his vacation, not surprisingly, turns out to be a disaster.

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  • Drew debates whether or not to go on vacation.

    At the office, Drew, Lewis, and Kellie are bidding on an auction for a trip to Florida. When they win, they all seem pretty excited. Lewis and Kellie leave the scene to tell Oswald about the tickets to Florida. A man comes by with a paycheck for Drew, but he notices it's huge. It seems Drew and Traylor got their checks switched, so Drew walks over to her to get his paycheck. When Scott and Evan come in, Drew complains to them about how much he makes compared to Traylor, so they tell Drew to take a programming class, which could help him get ahead of where he is. Kellie, Lewis, and Oswald come back into the scene and Drew tells them about taking the class, so he won't be able to go on vacation to Florida. They try to convince him of going, but they don't get anywhere.

    We now join Drew at the classroom, where he's trying to learn about programming, but he's being distracted by Lewis and Oswald, who are playing on a water slide outside.

    A bit later, Drew's still being distracted, so he calls the guys over and tells them to knock it off. Scott announces to the class that they need to make a java-enabled website, and Drew manages to get partnered with Mimi since they know one another.

    At home, Drew and Mimi are on the couch, trying to come up with some ideas for their website, when Lewis, Oswald, and Kellie come in, after skating all day. They tell Drew he's made a mistake, not choosing to go on a vacation, but Drew's certain he made the right choice. The guys leave when they hear an ice cream truck go by.

    Drew walks into work and complains to Scott and Evan when he notices the windows are covered. It seems they're going to be covered for six to eight weeks while some construction goes on, which is upsetting since people like to look outside, especially when it's nice and sunny. Drew sits down and begins to daydream about a vacation. He comes out of it and decides to lie about his grandmother passing away so he can go on vacation.

    We quickly cut to the guys on the airplane, bound for Florida.

    A bit later, the guys are happy about going on vacation and Oswald notices Drew is starting to itch. Drew thinks it's because he's nervous about work. Lewis, who's sitting next to a stranger, tries to sniff the woman's hair, scaring her.

    In the hotel room, Kellie notices Drew has hives, which freaks everyone out, as he looks terrible. The others decide to go and have fun without him. Drew walks over to his mini-fridge and puts a pop can up to his face, and it makes him feel better, so he decides to lie down, with his head in the refrigerator.

    The next morning, we see Kellie crashed on the bed, while Drew's got his head in the refrigerator. They both wake up and Drew doesn't feel well. He's got a cold, so Kellie wraps him up in blankets. Lewis and Oswald come in with scuba gear. They then leave to go scuba diving when they see Drew can't join them.

    The next day, Drew wakes up and realizes it's their last day there, and he vows to have a fun time. Lewis, Oswald, and Kellie don't think it's such a good idea for Drew to sit out in the sun, naked.

    Back at the classroom, Scott is punishing Drew for skipping the classes last week. Mimi asks him about his vacation and whether or not it was worth it. Drew looks terrible, as he's covered in sunburns. He goes on to peal off part of the dead skin on his forehead.

    The show ends with a scene set in France, where Drew and Mimi lend their voices to two kittens. This is related to something Evan said earlier in the episode.

    The plot of tonight's episode was good, but it ended up being fairly average. There was a lot of potential here.moreless
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