The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 10

That Thing You Don't

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 26, 1997 on ABC

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  • The Horndogs!

    At work, Mr. Wick comes over and thanks Drew for getting him out of Mimi's apartment. He then hugs Drew, after the advice from a therapy session. Mr. Wick is able to get Drew to open up about his feelings, and has people gather around, when Drew's not looking, so they can hear him pour his heart out. Drew turns around and yells at Mr. Wick, as he knew what he was doing, and Mr. Wick hasn't really changed at all.

    Lewis and Drew are playing pool in Drew's back yard, and talk about if they had ever thought about what it would be like to be a woman. Lewis had an odd dream where he and Drew were both women. Oswald and Kate come in with a flier from the Warsaw, which mentioned a "Battle of the Bands" contest, which makes Drew think of getting the old band back together. The big problem is Kate, who wants to be the singer, but she's got a really bad singing voice.

    The next day, Lewis, Drew, and Oswald are goofing around in the back yard. Drew pulls out an old tape from a practice session when they were younger. Kate then comes out for a singing test, and it goes really poorly. They try to convince Kate that they have to try again later, after they tune their instruments; they just don't want to tell Kate the truth about her singing voice.

    At the Warsaw, some guys from high school come in and make fun of Lewis, Oswald, and Drew for being pathetic. They're competing against Drew's band, the Horndogs. Lewis pulls Drew away from the group and tells him that there's no way they'll win with Kate singing. Drew asks Oswald to tell Kate that she's terrible, but he won't. Oswald, Lewis, and Drew sit down and Drew tells her how bad she is. With Kate out, Oswald says he's out of the band now.

    The next day at the Warsaw, Drew and Lewis are watching the other bands perform. A guy who plays the keyboard runs in, all set to play with the band. A few seconds later, they go up and play their song.

    In the car, Kate wants Oswald to be honest about why he quit the band, but he quickly tries to change the subject. Kate catches on to just how bad she is.

    Back to the Warsaw, a young man is announcing the three bands which are in the finals, and the Horndogs are one of the three. Mimi goes into the men's room and knocks out the keyboard player so that one of the other bands would beat the Horndogs. When it's time to play, the keyboard player leaves to go to the emergency room. All of a sudden, Oswald comes in to save the day. Kate even tries to help out, by dancing.

    Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come marching into Drew's kitchen with a trophy. They stole it from the band who won.

    The show ends with Drew introducing The Reverend Horton Heat, who plays out the rest of the show.

    This episode was enjoyable, but it still wasn't my favorite. The Horndogs were used future plots, which I didn't like, but I'll save those criticisms for those episodes. The funniest part about this episode had to have been the whole problem with Kate not being able to sing very well.