The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 20

The Bachelor Party

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 1998 on ABC
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The Bachelor Party
Drew and Nicki plan to videotape themselves having sex. Drew's parents come to town to celebrate his engagement, and arrive very early in the morning. After Nicki leaves, Drew tries to tell his mom about a problem involving the couple's relationship. Before he can finish, Kate, Oswald and Lewis stop by to share details of Drew and Oswald's bachelor party. Drew finally tells Beulah that he has called off the wedding. She pleads with him to go through with the bachelor party and let her break the bad news to George, as he has been depressed recently. Steve shows up in a dress, and Drew and Beulah plead with him not to tell George that he is a cross-dresser. Oswald nearly screens the video of Drew and Nicki at the bachelor party. After the guys try to give Drew a bunch of money as a wedding present, Drew breaks down and tells his father that he isn't getting married. Steve pops out of the cake in a dress. George and Beulah leave, but he seems to take Steve's news better than expected. Drew puts in the video of Nicki and him. Before anything happened, she saw herself in the monitor and became horrified. She blamed Drew for her massive weight gain and dumped him.moreless

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  • The final scene all by itself elevates The Drew Carey Show above that of a standard funny sitcom, and this episode is one of the show’s best - which, for once, doesn’t necessarily mean funniest.moreless

    The Drew Carey Show was always very adept at comedy, but rarely had any truly dramatic moments. The last scene of this episode, however, ranks as one of the most powerful endings of a TV show episode ever, comedy OR drama. When Drew pops the tape in the VCR that was going to be of him and Nicki consummating their love and you see what happened on that fateful night, how things ended... I get a lump in my throat just remembering it. It was very surprising since the show usually stuck to strict comedy, but even more surprising because of how well done it was. This scene all by itself elevates The Drew Carey Show above that of a standard funny sitcom, and this episode is one of the show’s best - which, for once, doesn’t necessarily mean funniest.moreless
  • Drew and Nicki end their relationship.

    Drew is in his bedroom, combing his hair. There's a knock at the door, it's Nicki dressed up and playing the role of an electrician. They're all doing this on-camera, but Nicki wants to make sure no one ever sees this, so they want to rename it something no one would ever want to watch. They're interrupted by Drew's mom, who calls. She's coming tomorrow for dinner.

    Drew comes down and sees his mom and dad in the kitchen. They're anxious to see Nicki, who comes down in a minute. Drew's father decides it's time to use the bathroom since he's now on "home turf". Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come over and see Drew. They leave after a short time. Kate's mom is surprised to hear that Kate and Oswald are getting married soon. When they leave, Drew tells his mom that he won't be marrying Nicki, as something happened last night, and he decided that she isn't the woman for him. Drew's mother tells Drew it's not a good idea to tell his father about it. Just then, Drew's brother, Steve comes in and wants to tell his father about him being a cross dresser, but his mother rushes him out, as she doesn't want him to know about it yet. George, Drew's father, comes down with what is Drew and Nicki's sex tape, so Drew tries to come up with a way to make him not want to watch it, so he lies about its contents a little to bore him.

    At work, Beulah, Drew's mother, comes in and asks Mimi about where Drew is. Beulah has a new shirt for him for the bachelor's party. Based on the way Beulah talks, Mimi realizes something's wrong with the wedding, so she asks Beulah about it. Mimi tries to suggest a stronger woman for Drew.

    At the Warsaw, Drew isn't having much fun at the bachelor's party. They're surrounded by a few dozen people, and watch porn. Larry puts in the first tape, and it turns out that it's a gay porn film, which grosses them out. They realize that the tapes are all gay porn films. Oswald brings out the special tape of Drew's, the one with he and Nicki on it, but they don't all know that's what it is, so Drew lies about what it is, and gets Oswald not to put it in. Drew finally admits to his father about he and Nicki aren't getting married. He's disappointed, but is glad Drew didn't marry someone he isn't in love with. Out comes the big cake with a woman inside. It turns out to be Steve, dressed as a woman, and comes out and admits to George that he's a cross dresser. This pretty much floors George, like Drew not getting married wasn't enough.

    Drew arrives home and listens to the messages on his machine. It's his mom, back in Florida. It seems George is getting more accustomed to Steve's cross dressing. Drew grabs a beer and walks into the living room. He puts in the tape with he and Nicki, and we get to see what they didn't show at the beginning of the episode. The reason for the breakup was Nicki's weight. She is really upset about how she looks, and she just can't be around guys who like to eat a lot.

    The show ends with Oswald screwing around in the backyard, with Kate coming out after him.

    I thought this episode was very good. The ending with Drew watching the end of the tape he made with Nicki was touching, which was great to see.moreless
Marion Ross

Marion Ross

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Stanley Anderson

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    • (Nicki breaks up with Drew because he helped her to become overweight)
      Nicki: You can't help me, you're the problem! Here's your wedding ring back. I can't even get it off my finger!

    • (George tells Drew about his depression)
      George: I had severe depression for about a month. And for the last few months, I've been milking it to get out of yard work.

    • (Lewis gives Drew a bucket of money at his bachelor party)
      Lewis: We actually started collecting this money to buy you a wife. But we passed a picture of you around the village and all the single women threw themselves in front of a volcano.

    • Beulah: Mimi, why haven't you got married yet?
      Mimi: I think wedding rings are like mini-handcuffs.

    • Mimi: I'm sorry to hear about your future daughter-in-law.
      Beulah: Why? What has she done?
      Mimi: She's marrying your son.

    • (Beulah is questioning her parenting skills after Drew calls off his wedding and Steve still dresses as a cross-dresser)
      Beulah: Where did I go wrong with you two boys?
      Drew: I told you if you didn't get me that red bike there'd be trouble.

    • (Beulah greets Nicki)
      Beulah: You must be the angel that will save my son from dying alone.

    • (Drew is speaking for the camera)
      Drew: We should dedicate this for our children. Hey kids, this your mommy and daddy on their first date. (looks back at Nicki) What's your name again honey?
      (Nicki hits him)
      Drew: Don't worry kids, that's a good kind of owie.

    • (Nicki doesn't want the sex tape to be found by anybody else)
      Nicki: What should we name it, so nobody finds it?
      Drew: How about "Drew Having Sex"?

    • (Nicki and Drew are about to make a sex tape)
      Nicki: I'm sorry, this is my first time in front of a camera.
      Drew: That's Ok, I'm just glad to have a co-star.

    • George: Son, you're confusing me. Either you should drink more or drink less.
      Drew: Considering that I'm about to watch porn with my dad, I think I'll drink more.

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