The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 26

The Bataan Wedding March

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Aug 27, 2003 on ABC

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  • Drew and Lily get married.

    The show opens with Lewis and Oswald sitting down in Drew's living room. They're going over their toasts for Drew and Lily's wedding when Drew and his mother, Beulah come home. They chit-chat for a minute until we overhear a loud conversation between Lily and her mother, from upstairs. It seems Lily's mother did some research on Drew and tells Lily about some of the things Drew has done, including dancing nude in public, being married to two women at the same time, and being in a mental institute. They get into a big fight over Drew, and Lily's mother walks out.

    Back from commercial, Lily asks to see Drew in the kitchen so they can talk. While in the kitchen, Lily asks Drew about some of the things her mother said Drew did, but Drew doesn't want to try to explain them, as there's really no good way to spin marrying two women at the same time. Mr. Wick stops by and announces he's a Christian weatherman in Toledo. Oswald can't help but notice the changes in his hair and skin color.

    We now join Drew at his bachelor's party. Mr. Wick, Tony, Drew, Steve, and Lewis seem to be having a nice time in front of the stripper, Lewis' niece. Just then, Oswald walks in with flowers from the flower shop. It seems the flower shop was unable to make enough center pieces on such a short amount of time.

    From the bachelor's party, we jump to the bachelorette's party for Lily. After Lily opens the gift from Beulah, Beulah has a drink with Kellie, who clearly has feelings for Drew. When Beulah realizes this, she leaves.

    Back home, Beulah interrupts the bachelor's party to speak to Drew. She's a little surprised to find all of the guys assembling the center pieces for the wedding. In the kitchen, Beulah tells Drew about Kellie loving him, which surprises Drew, but he doesn't really believe her.

    Now at the wedding ceremony, Beulah and Mimi chat about Drew and Kellie. Mimi confesses Kellie has feelings for Drew. Beulah tries to tell Kellie that Drew loves her, but when the wedding starts, Kellie doesn't stop it.

    When outside of the church, Lily takes off in a car. She comes back and apologizes to him... she just can't be married to him.

    Later that day, Drew's all alone when Kellie comes in and dances with him. They briefly kiss and continue to dance for the remainder of the short scene.

    The show ends with Mr. Wick, as Scotty McRainshower, giving the a Christian weather forecast.

    Tonight's episode was pretty good, but the ending wasn't particularly good. It just didn't work for me, I guess. My favorite scene was obviously the bachelor's party. The fact that they spent most of the time putting together flower center pieces was a hilarious idea.