The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 4

The Bully You Know

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Oct 16, 1996 on ABC

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  • Funny.

    This was a good episode of Drew Carey. I liked it because it flowed very well and wasn't slow paced or boring. The storylines were good, the writng was decent, and the comedy was great. Drew found an old bully, but he ended up being friends with him for a short time. The bully soon turns on him and throws him down the stairs where Mimi was banished. He ends up finding her liking it down there and she doesn't want to leave. Overall, this was a good episode with plenty of entertainment and interesting bits here and there, which was fun. Thank you.
  • Norm Macdonald guest stars as a bully.

    Mimi is on the phone with her makeup company, trying to get them refill her keg of makeup. A woman stops by to interrupt Mimi, so she gives the woman attitude. It turns out that she's Mr. Wick's mother. Mr. Wick yells at Mimi about her makeup, and after consulting Drew, reassigns her to the basement.

    Oswald comes in to find Lewis tending bar, so he joins him. Drew and Kate come running in. They're racing to see which one buys the beer. Drew bumps into a guy, but a person from Drew's high school stops the fight. The guy was a bully back then. He's in town, ready to turn thing his life around. Drew offers him a job at the store.

    At the store, Drew and Kate chat about Mimi, who is downstairs with no phone. Chuck comes by with the head of a mannequin, who was painted like her face. It turns out that Simon, from Drew's school is still a bit of a bully and is getting pretty friendly with Mr. Wick.

    Still at the store, Drew's having hallucinations about Mimi. When Drew wakes up, he hears Mimi's voice through the air-tube. After they play pranks on one another, Drew walks over to his desk to see that his candy bars are missing. Simon stops by and it turns out Simon took his candy bars. Mr. Wick comes out and tells Drew to fire Simon since he's doing a terrible job. Simon then comes cruising through the office in someone's wheelchair, and Mr. Wick tells Drew again to fire Simon.

    At Drew's house, Lewis and Oswald are introducing Speedy to all of the neighborhood dogs. Drew comes in and sees what's going on. They then go inside and talks about Simon's behavior. Kate then comes in complaining about the dogs in the back yard having sex. Kate and Lewis try to convince Drew to fire Simon.

    Back at the office, Mimi fires another letter at Drew, almost hitting Chuck. Simon comes in, screwing around with the maintenance crew, so Drew decides to stand up to Simon and fire him. We then see Drew falling down the basement stairs. He runs into Mimi, who laughs when Drew tells her about Simon. Drew then says that Simon was fired and she can have her job back. Mimi isn't too anxious to go back up there, not without a pay raise and to be expected. Drew reveals a sensitive, but funny story, about his life to Mimi, but she's holding the button to the intercom during the whole time, allowing everyone in the office to hear it.

    The show ends with Mimi not able to sleep, so she thinks about Drew, dressed as a sheep, jumping over a little fence, but he's getting tired, and asks Mimi if she can just take a pill or something.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The whole thing with Mimi and Simon was great. I think they should have kept Simon around for a few more shows.