The Drew Carey Show

Season 7 Episode 14

The Curse of the Mummy

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jan 16, 2002 on ABC
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The Curse of the Mummy
Kate puts together a video résumé for Drew to help him attract more potential new employers. He immediately receives a call from Proctor & Gamble, and gets a dinner interview. Winfred-Louder begins to fall apart because of Mr. Wick's incompetence. The janitorial staff refuses to pick up the garbage after he insults them. Wick pleads with Drew to return to the store as co-manager, but Drew feels that he can do better for himself. Mr. Wick's promiscuous and very masculine mother tries to intervene on her son's behalf. She shows up at Drew's house and tries to force herself on him. Wick walks in on them and freaks out. Drew misses his chance at the Proctor & Gamble job because of Mrs. Wick's interference. Mr. Wick stops showing up for work, and seems to have completely vanished. The board of directors asks Drew to become the new manager, and he accepts. A plastered Wick stumbles into the Warsaw and tells Steve, Kate, Lewis and Oswald that Drew had sex with Wick's mother and stole his job. They try to convince Drew that it is wrong to take the job under the circumstances. Drew finds Wick hanging around outside his house. He tells him that nothing happened with his mother. Drew takes Wick to rehab and promises to try to get his job back. Drew's efforts fail, but Mrs. Wick uses her own special methods of persuasion to get a board member to change his mind. Drew reluctantly agrees to accept Mr. Wick as co-manager, as long as he has final say on all decisions. Lewis and Oswald enlist the help of Kate and Steve to make a video touting them as homeowners. They run the tape at the bar to impress women, but no one seems to care.moreless

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  • Drew becomes co-manager!

    Tonight's show opens with Drew meeting up the the guys at the Warsaw to show off his new resume. Instead of a traditional resume, Drew and Kate shot a video resume and sent it around to everyone. He pulls out his laptop and show it to the guys, and they seem to like it. A second later, Drew receives a call from Proctor & Gamble and they offer Drew a dinner meeting to discuss a job there.

    The next morning, Drew stops by Winfred-Louder because Mr. Wick called him in. Waiting for Mr. Wick to stop by, Drew talks to Mimi about the garbage lying around, and it seems that the janitors went on strike. When Mr. Wick comes in, he offers Drew a co-manager position, but Drew's not interested in it. This obviously makes Mr. Wick a bit upset, but he's cheered up when his mom comes in. After Drew, Mimi, and Mr. Wick's mother exchange a few insults, Mimi and Drew leave the scene, while Mr. Wick talks to his mother about how things aren't going so well, and he really needs Drew's help.

    At home, Drew's preparing for his interview when he's interrupted by Lewis, Oswald, Kate, and Steve, who are going to work on a video for Lewis and Oswald's dating video. When they leave, Drew continues to get ready when Mr. Wick's mother comes over and flirts with Drew. She eventually ties him up and gets him into an awkward position when Mr. Wick walks in and catches them.

    At work, Mimi comes by with a leaf blower, trying to clean a path through all of the trash. Drew follows her in so he can talk to Mr. Wick, but it seems Mr. Wick didn't come in today. One of the board members walks in and talks to Drew and offers him the manager position, which would mean Mr. Wick would be out of a job.

    At the Warsaw, Lewis and Oswald play their video for two women, and they don't go for it. Mr. Wick then walks in and asks for a drink. When the guys see how drunk Mr. Wick is, they can't help but ask him about what's going on. Mr. Wick goes on to tell them about how he caught Drew having sex with his mother and that Drew took his job. Kate thinks Mr. Wick is just crazy and suggests they take him to rehab. Mr. Wick ends up leaving the scene to use the restroom. Just then, Drew comes in and tells them about his new job as manager at the store. When asked about if he's seen Mr. Wick's mom, Drew acknowledges that he saw her and mentions something about a "wrestling match," which makes everyone else think he really did have sex with her.

    At home, Drew's in the backyard when Mr. Wick jumps out of a tree, trying to kill him. He's still drunk, and accuses him of having sex with his mother. Drew tells him the truth, and Mr. Wick believes him. Drew tells him he'll take him to rehab and help him get a job at the store.

    Two weeks later, Mr. Wick comes into Winfred-Louder to find out if he's able to get a job there. Drew tells him the board turned him down. Just then, Mr. Wick's mother and a member of the board come in and tell Mr. Wick that he's got his manager position back, but doesn't say why, although you can use your imagination.

    The show ends with Mr. Wick's mother preparing some food for Mr. Wick and Drew. Just then, Mr. Wick gets some lemon in his eye, causing him to cry, and his mother chokes on something, so Drew gives her the Heimlich maneuver. All of this takes place as Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in.

    Tonight's plot was a bit week and boring. The scenes with Mr. Wick's mother weren't particularly funny, other than the first one at Winfred-Louder. This really wasn't a favorite episode of mine, either for the series as a whole, or even this season.moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Drew Allison Carey

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Christa Miller-Lawrence

Kate O'Brien (1995-2002)

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Oswald Lee Harvey

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Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

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Nigel Algernon Wick (1996-2003)

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