The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 24

The Dating Consultant

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 22, 1998 on ABC
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The Dating Consultant
Drew meets a woman at the Warsaw who recommends that he sign up for her dating advice service (for $250). He is reluctant, but finally agrees. She embarrasses him by taking hidden video of his date and using it as a "teaching aid" for the class. Drew becomes the laughingstock of the class, despite the fact that most of the students are dorks and losers who have never had sex. Drew seeks the help of the Better Business Bureau to have the service shut down. However, he ends up enlisting tips from the class to get a date with the Better Business Bureau employee. He quickly scares her off with his overeager behavior, and ends up back in the class. Lewis interviews potential new roommates, but Oswald keeps driving them all away. Lewis enjoys the freedom of having the place to himself. Mr. Wick bribes Lewis into letting him use the extra bedroom for a one-night stand. Mimi messes with Oswald's head by trying to convince him that Kate really loves Drew.moreless

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  • Drew turns to a dating consultant for dating advice.

    In Lewis and Oswald's apartment, they're showing around a guy who will be replacing Oswald there since he's moving out to move in with Kate. The new guy is shocked to see how easy it is to get a beer, since the place is right above a bar. Oswald asks the guy to leave when he doesn't like him. Mr. Wick and Mimi come in. Mr. Wick is wasted and Mimi doesn't want him around her. Downstairs, Drew comes in and sits down at the bar. He talks to a woman, who happens to be a dating expert. All of a sudden Mr. Wick comes falling from the apartment above. He stands up and says there's obviously something wrong with the toilet.

    At home, it's Saturday night, and Drew's ironing clothes. Kate comes in and sees what Drew's doing, and finds it sad. Drew brings up the topic of a dating expert service, but Kate thinks it's crazy to spend that money. When Kate tests Drew, she finds Drew's terrible, and suggests that he pay the money for the dating advice service.

    At the Warsaw, Mimi comes in and starts a rumor about Kate with Oswald. Drew comes in with the woman from earlier in the episode, as well as with another gentleman. They all walk over to Drew's date and sit down. Upstairs, Lewis is bored, so he's singing a little song and walks over to the refrigerator. When he realizes the milk is expired, he continues singing, incorporating expired milk into it. He's interrupted by Mr. Wick and his female friend, who come in.

    At the dating advice place, Drew's surrounded by a lot of guys who are clearly terrible with talking to women, but they try hitting on Kate, who brings Drew there. The woman from earlier in the episode comes in and starts the class. After trying to get Drew to introduce himself, she asks for progress reports from some of the guys. After the first guy goes, she asks for comments on him. She then brings out a video tape of Drew's date, which clearly went terrible. Everyone tears into Drew for the way the day went. Drew decides to leave after feeling humiliated.

    At the Warsaw, Mimi comes up to Drew, who's down about the way the dating advice service went. Drew doesn't seem to be getting the usual terrible treatment from Mimi, so feels sorry for him.

    At the Better Business Bureau, a guy is trying to file a complaint about a business who sold him a terrible hair-trimming product. Drew then comes in and complains about the dating advice service. During the whole thing, Drew envisions the guys from the dating advice service, offering advice. Drew asks her out for lunch sometime, so she decides to go with him. Before they're out the door, Drew steps over the line by asking her out on additional dates, so she turns him down.

    At the dating advice class, Drew's dancing with one of the guys. Everyone is practicing dancing, and it all looks a bit sad.

    The show ends with Lewis dressed up as a robot in his apartment. He stumbles and falls through and into the bar, like Mr. Wick did. Oswald asks Lewis how the roommate hunt is going, but Lewis reveals it's not going so well, there's a lot of nuts out there.

    Although this wasn't one of my favorite episodes, I enjoyed most of it. My favorite scene was likely the one early on where Kate tested Drew's dating skills. Frankly, there weren't any great scenes in the episode.moreless

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