The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 9

The Dawn Patrol (2)

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2002 on ABC

Episode Recap

The show opens as a continuation from the end of the previous episode, where Drew is chasing the bus. He's finally able to catch up and comes aboard. He sits down next to Dawn and she kisses him. When it's time for her to get off the bus, she gives him her number. Tony asks Drew about why he's not marrying Robin. Drew tells him he and Dawn seemed to have a moment.

At home, Drew's dressing up for his time with Robin. Kellie suggests that he lose the tie in case Robin chokes him with it when Drew tells her he's not going to marry her. Oswald comes in and makes a ridiculous suggestion involving telling Robin that Drew died. Oswald and Kellie go outside when Robin comes in. Drew tells Robin he can't marry him, and she takes it surprisingly well, which surprises everyone.

We now join Drew and Dawn on a romantic date. While toasting one another, she has some difficulty coming up with something to say since they really don't know one another. Through the large window next to them, we see people getting into a fight, something Drew and Dawn don't notice.

At Dawn's house, Drew and Dawn are talking about their relationship when Drew tells her about his plans to get married, and she's happy for Drew. She leaves to take a shower. A half-naked man comes into the living room with some food, and Drew doesn't know who he is, so he asks him. The man, Jim, introduces himself as Dawn's ex-boyfriend who's living above her garage now.

A bit later, Dawn comes down after a shower and Drew asks her about Jim. As Dawn is about to leave, Drake walks in to take Dawn for a bike ride. When Drake walks out, it's obvious Drew's a little upset about Dawn's exes being around all the time, but Dawn tries to re-assure him that he's got nothing to worry about.

At the Warsaw, Mimi's at the bar when a guy walks up and asks if he can sit down next to her. She tells him he's not looking for a man. They end up talking, and Mimi's not interested in listening to his entire life story, so she walks out. When she leaves, we turn our attention to Drew, Kellie and Oswald at one of the tables. Drew tells them about how Dawn's exes stay around all the time. Kellie thinks Dawn is still attracted to them. Drew comes to the same conclusion.

At Dawn's house, Drew's called a meeting with all of the exes. It obviously disappoints all of them when Drew tells them that they need to move out and to stay away from Dawn, but it makes Drew more comfortable.

Dawn catches up to Drew at the Warsaw. Drew's exhausted from riding the bike and installing Dawn's storm windows. When Dawn goes over to get a beer, she runs into a guy, and he buys her a beer to apologize. They end up talking about sailing, something they both have in common.

We join Dawn leaving with Grant, the guy from the bar, for their sailing trip. Kellie and Oswald feel bad for Drew losing Dawn this way.

The show ends with an extended cut of a scene from the "Cleveland Rocks" opening.