The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 6

The Day the Music Died

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 06, 1996 on ABC
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The Day the Music Died
Drew, Lewis and Oswald learn that their high school band teacher, Ms. Blankenship, has died. Drew seems to take the news especially hard. He organizes the band to put together one last performance for her, and becomes furious whenever anyone insults Ms. Blankenship. His friends ask for an explanation, and Drew reveals that he lost his virginity to her. He considers the experience to be special. However, he soon learns that the teacher regularly seduced her male pupils. Drew receives another shock when Kate and Oswald confess that they slept together once in high school. Drew feels like a fool because he was unaware of these secrets. Kate tries to cheer him up by proposing a secret of their own. She declares that they should get married if they are both still single by a certain age (which Drew keeps trying to lower).moreless

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  • Drew reveals a secret...

    Chuck and Mimi are driving to work with a few others. Drew is sitting next to Chuck, hiding his identity from Mimi, since she doesn't want him in her car. When she finds out that it's Drew, she tries to throw him out of the car. The police try to pull Mimi over, but she decides to try and outrun them.

    Drew and Mimi walk into work, upset about the way the morning went. When they get to Drew's cubicle, Lewis and Kate are there, to ask Drew why he missed lunch. He explained to them that he and Mimi got arrested for trying to outrun the police. Julie comes by, after Kate asked her to come by so Drew could ask her out, but when Drew asked her out, she said "no." Oswald then comes by and says their old band teacher, Ms. Blankenship died. Oswald, Lewis, and Kate then say that they're off to have lunch, but Drew oddly wants to know more about the band teacher. Mr. Wick comes out of his office and fires Johnson, and gives Drew the rest of the day off after he's able to correctly guess a random number.

    At home, Drew is gathered around a lot of other people, who are playing music. They're practicing for the funeral, but everyone is really bad, so Drew yells at them out of frustration. Since Lewis is cold, they decide to go inside and warm up. Kate hands them all beer as they come through the door. They start discussing ideas for songs, but when someone insults Ms. Blankenship, Drew tries to take a swing at him, but Lewis, Oswald, and Kate rush Drew out of the room, where Drew confesses that he and his band teacher had sex when he was in high school, which shocks the three of them.

    Arriving at the high school, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald tease Drew all about he and Ms. Blankenship. Having had heard enough about it, Drew spells out the details to them, so they'll drop it. The principal then comes in and compliments the late Ms. Blankenship, and says a few things that make Lewis, Oswald, and Kate burst out laughing. The principal then asks a young man to come up and accept something from him. It's Ms. Blankenship's son, who looks a lot like Drew. Drew gets a little nervous at first, but later finds out that she slept with a lot of the kids from school.

    Sitting under the bleachers, Lewis, Drew, Oswald, and Kate talk about Ms. Blankenship, and why Drew never told them about he and his band teacher. They all decide to trade stories about the first time they each had sex. It turns out Kate's first was Oswald.

    At work, Mr. Wick tries to say that he's sorry about his friend's death, but he's practically reading it right out of the handbook, so it's not at all sincere. Chuck comes by saying that Mimi is stealing things, but Drew doesn't want anything to do with it. Kate comes by and Drew's still upset about hearing that Kate's first was Oswald. Kate then tells Drew a secret, that she decided a long time ago that if she and Drew never got married at a certain age, that she would marry him, which kind of flattered Drew. Julie then walks by, and shoots Drew down again.

    The show ends with the band teacher's son, Bill stopping by and giving Drew his mother's bataan, and said that his mother told him that he was special. As he's leaving, Billy has a problem with his backpack, and about 20 other bataans fall out.

    I enjoyed this episode, although the plot was a little ridiculous. There were a lot of little silly things throughout the episode, which kept the episode going... one laugh after another.moreless
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Graham Jarvis

Principal Zand

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Jim Wise

Harry the Tuba

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    • Lewis: Remember Joanie McCormick?
      Kate: Yeah.
      Lewis: Well one day we were at her house by the pool and it was summer and it was real hot.
      Drew: So it was Joanie.
      Lewis: No. Joanie had to go to field hockey practice but her sister comes over.
      Kate: You slept with her sister?
      Lewis: No. We chatted for for a while then she had to leave but her brother comes in. So we open a couple beers.
      Oswald: Lewis, no.
      Lewis: What? No! No! Her brother had to leave and I'm all alone until the dog comes in.
      All: Eww!
      Lewis: But the dog goes.
      Drew: (interrupting) Lewis, who did you sleep with?!
      Lewis: Six years later. Some girl in a bar. I don't know.

    • Drew: Ms. Blankenship died? Oh my God. What are we gonna do?
      Lewis: Well, since we haven't perfected reanimation, I say we just let her be dead.

    • Principal Zand: She was, no doubt, in her classroom, toiling away, helping a student master his instrument. (Lewis, Kate and Oswald all laugh out loud and try to cover it up as crying.)

    • Kate: That's the most beautiful story of statutory rape I've ever heard.

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