The Drew Carey Show

Season 7 Episode 26

The Eagle Has Landed

Aired Daily 9:00 PM May 15, 2002 on ABC

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  • What a silly episode...

    Tonight's show opens with Drew interviewing a woman for a job at Winfred-Louder. She starts to flirt with Drew to get the job, and then Mimi comes over. It seems she and Mimi knew one another years ago because they both stripped and they fought over the same guy. When the woman, Kathy, goes back to talking with Drew, she's told that she may not get the job since she doesn't have very much retail experience.

    At home, Drew is testing whether or not some foods in his refrigerator have spoiled by having Lewis smell them. Oswald then comes in with a small paper bag for Lewis. Inside is his grandmother's gingerbread man cookie. He tells Lewis that they can bake a ton of them and make a great business. Lewis gets upset when Oswald tells him that he has already went ahead and used their savings to buy a large oven. Just then, there's a noise on the roof, so the three fellas go outside to check it out. It turns out there's a large eagle on the roof, and it's been killing squirrels. Lewis chooses to see this as some sort of omen, that their business will take off and soar like an eagle. They decide to leave and take a look at the oven Oswald bought earlier.

    A few hours later, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald get home and find a hole in one of Drew's windows. They rush in and find that a bald eagle has torn up Drew's couch, making a huge mess.

    A bit later, a park ranger of some kind stops by at Drew's request and tells him he can't move the bird because it's protected. Mimi and Steve stop by to get a look at the eagle, and they're fascinated by it. Drew doesn't seem to be quite as happy about it.

    Over at Lewis and Oswald's, the guys are busy making cookies. There's then a knock at the door and they come in to eat some of their gingerbread cookies. It turns out that the kids know that the house was built illegally, so they decide to take all of Lewis and Oswald's cookies and they won't tell the police. Lewis and Oswald are caught off-guard to find that two kids so young are familiar with blackmail.

    Later that night, the park ranger and Nora are standing in Drew's backyard, admiring the bald eagle, which is perched on Drew's roof. Drew comes outside to take out some trash and he's surprised to find out the guys are filming outside. He's worried they're going to film he and his date later that night. Kate then stops by and tells Drew that the fish and game warden should protect the eagle. She then says there's going to a big party. A second later, the eagle flies over her and poops on her new dress. She then tries to kill the eagle but is stopped.

    Later that night, Drew and his date, Kathy, get home and start making out in the kitchen. Drew puts the woman's dog outside, but the dog ends up being carried off by the eagle, much to Drew's surprise.

    Over at Lewis and Oswald's, the guys are doing homework for those kids when Drew calls and asks them to go to the pound and find a dog to replace the dog which was taken away.

    Back at Drew's house, he and Kathy are making out when Lewis and Oswald come over with a dog. It seems they were able to actually get Kathy's dog back. When Drew calls out Kathy to see her dog, the eagle flies in and takes the dog all over again.

    Over at Lewis and Oswald's, the kids stop by and tell them they've called the police, but the guys respond by showing them the eagle on their roof. They tell the kids their house is now a protected eagle habitat.

    The show ends with a series of bloopers.

    The show's plot wasn't interesting at all, but I thought the comedic writing was very good, making up for the lack of a good plot. The subplot with Lewis and Oswald's gingerbread cookie business was much more interesting than I anticipated.