The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 22

The Easter Show

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2001 on ABC
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The Easter Show
Drew gets his car back from the repair shop, but suffers flashbacks to his accident and refuses to drive. Mr. Wick assigns Drew the task of hiring someone to deliver Easter baskets from the store to area children. Drew ignores Wick's objections and hires Oswald, who will enlist the aid of his fellow Global Parcel drivers. Lewis successfully gets the phone number of a woman delivering water to the store. She writes it on his hand, and it gets smeared before he can copy it onto paper. Oswald decides that he will deliver all of the baskets himself so that he can keep all of the money. He takes the baskets down to the basement, and all of the chocolate bunnies melt after he turns up the heat. Drew must find a solution or face repercussions at work. Oswald tries to make new chocolate bunnies, but there is no time for them to harden. They give the kids "chocolate gravy." Drew continually makes excuses when the gang tries to get him to use his car for some of the deliveries. He finally admits that he is afraid to drive. Lewis drives Drew's car. Oswald and Kate try to speed up their deliveries, and end up throwing baskets everywhere and making a huge mess. Lewis spots his "water goddess" and abandons Drew's car at a busy intersection. Drew manages to drive home, but then cannot bring himself to break his grip on the steering wheel.moreless

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  • Oswald melts chocolate bunnies.

    Kate, Lewis, and Drew are sitting at Drew's kitchen table. They're talking about the great weather, and how great it would be to go outdoors. They all look out the window, but never go outside. Oswald comes in, he claimed he bought Lamb-Chop, the puppet. Oswald won't be able to pay off his share of the rent.

    At the door is someone from an autobody shop. He brought back Drew's car, which was in an accident. Everyone goes outside and Drew gets into the car. Drew all of a sudden relives the moment of the crash, and it freaks him out.

    At work, Mimi informs Drew that it's his turn to drive the carpool, but Drew lies about the car being broken. He, of course, doesn't want to drive because he's scared; he just can't own up to it.

    Mr. Wick comes in with an easter basket in his hand. They're doing a special promotion, which Drew is in charge of now, of course. The baskets must be delivered on Easter morning. Lewis and Oswald come in, just as this is going on, and Oswald volunteers. He's got the truck, afterall. A woman then comes in to replace the water bottle, and Lewis hits on her. She decides to go out on a date with him. She writes her number on his hand, but when he shakes hands with Oswald, the number gets smeared, so he runs after her to get her number again.

    In Drew's backyard, Lewis, Drew, and Kate come home, drunk. Kate tells Drew he should drive next time they go out, but he says no. Lewis is still trying to get the water lady's number.

    When they get inside, the house is all warm. Speedy hops up onto Drew, and his paws were covered with Chocolate. Everyone goes downstairs, to see Oswald walking around nervously. He turned the furnace too high, and all of the chocolate bunnies are all melted.

    In the backyard, Kate arrives after looking for chocolate at the stores. They were all out of course. Kate tells Drew to use his car to help out Oswald, but Drew doesn't want to because he's scared.

    Inside, Lewis and Oswald are working over the stove, melting all of the chocolate, adding other chocolate syrups and whatnot to make more chocolate. Drew decides to give everyone a basket-full of "Easter Gravy".

    In the backyard, they're getting ready to load Drew's car, but Drew doesn't want to drive. He convinces Lewis to drive the car, after Drew admits to being scared. They then leave to deliver chocolate.

    As they're delivering chocolate, they end up creating a huge mess. Melted chocolate and little kids make for a mess.

    When Lewis is driving Drew around, he sees his "water goddess", and leaves Drew alone in his car. Drew slowly drives away.

    At home, Oswald and Kate are celebrating the fact that they got all of the chocolate delivered. Lewis comes in and tells what happened with Drew. Lewis' "water goddess" then comes in with two jugs of water.

    Outside, Drew is home, and when the "water goddess" sees him with the bunny ears, she thinks he's "special", if you know what I mean. Drew couldn't get out of the vehicle. He couldn't seem to take his hands off the wheel, so the car eventually ran out of gas.

    The show ends with a clip of Mr. Wick insulting Oswald.

    Drew's fears from his accident come to a head in this episode, when Drew refuses to drive his car. This wasn't an all too surprising reaction to that sort of thing. They were able to take a serious problem and make it funny. Oswald, classically screws up, and everyone has to make things better, but Drew's job depends on this one.moreless
Drew Carey

Drew Carey

Drew Allison Carey

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Christa Miller-Lawrence

Kate O'Brien (1995-2002)

Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader

Oswald Lee Harvey

Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles

Lewis Kiniski

Kathy Kinney

Kathy Kinney

Mimi Bobeck Carey (episode 2+)

Craig Ferguson (I)

Craig Ferguson (I)

Nigel Algernon Wick (1996-2003)

Sami Reed

Sami Reed


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Johnnie Walker

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: When Oswald is punching and kicking the air, the turf used for the grass can be seen moving around under his feet.

    • Oswald refers to Lamb Chop as "him," but the character of Lamb Chop is female!

    • This goof happens towards the end of the episode where Kate and Oswald are delivering their baskets via expedited method. When they throw one of the baskets through a window, you can see that obviously this was not the first basket to hit the window, due to the chocolate covering the window frame from what can be assumed to be previous takes.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Drew: Well this is just great. I try to do a favor for Oswald and what do I get? Covered in chocolate on Easter morning. I know it doesn't sound bad, but by golly I am very upset!

    • Oswald(using a sock puppet): Hey, everybody! Guess who I am?!

      Drew: Whoever you are, you've got an idiot growing out of your butt.

    • Drew: Shouldn't you get back to work and see how long the cowboy can stay on you?
      Mimi: Are you calling me a bull or a whore??
      Drew: Either way, it's bad news for the cowboy!

    • (Mr. Wick has just exited his office with an Easter basket)
      Drew: Mr. Wick, I'm sorry, you can't see Grandma today. There's been a horrible incident with a wolf.

    • (Chasing after the "water goddess")
      Lewis: Sorry, Drew. Hoes before bros.

    • (After giving two kids drippy baskets and having a "chocolate fight" which ruined their clothes)
      Mother (offscreen): Oh my God! Look at your clothes!
      Drew: And when she went outside to see what magical creature caused all this, he was gone.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Lewis: I bought the bones of Eleanor Roosevelt. They CLEARLY came from a horse!

      Lewis attempted to purchase the remains of Eleanor Roosevelt, famous activist and First Lady of former President Franklin Roosevelt.

    • Drew: I'm buying the bones of Mr. Green Jeans!

      Drew mocks Lewis and Oswalds' excessive spending sprees by claiming that he has bought the remains of a character from Captain Kangaroo.

    • Drew: Remember that time you bought Sammy Davis Jr.'s eye? It was just a marble with a fake eyelash on it!

      Sammy Davis Jr. was a famous entertainer who had a glass eye. Apparently, Oswald fell for a scam and bought a fake duplicate of Sammy's eye.

    • Oswald: It's Lamb Chop!

      Oswald buys what he thinks is Lamb Chop, a sheep puppet made famous by Sheri Lewis. However, Oswald's puppet is nothing but a sock with a painted face.

    • Lewis and Oswald talk about "bidding" on items--probably a reference to Internet phenomenon Ebay.