The Drew Carey Show

Season 7 Episode 15

The Enabler

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2002 on ABC

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  • A very silly episode.

    Tonight's show opens with Drew and Mr. Wick coming into work. Inside their office, they receive a memo stating the board hasn't been able to find a buyer, so they're closing it down. A member of the board then comes in and tells them that it's up to the two of them to get a British group to buy the store. Mimi introduces the head of the group, and it seems he and Mr. Wick attended the same school. When the man leaves, Drew and Mr. Wick talk about how they're going to get the British to buy the store.

    Back from commercial, Mr. Wick's getting drunk at the Warsaw, when Drew, Lewis, Oswald, Kate, and Steve come in to have a drink. Oswald walks over to the bar to buy the beer, but Tim is busy on the phone, so he has to get the beer himself. When an attractive nurse approaches to get some beer, Oswald hits on her, which creeps her out, so she runs out the door. When Drew finds Mr. Wick is drunk as a skunk, he tells him he's going to take him home to sober up before tomorrow's meeting.

    The next morning, Drew and Mr. Wick are giving a presentation for the British when Mr. Wick leaves because he can't stand around without getting drunk. The British decide to call off the meeting until tomorrow.

    At a local hospital, Oswald is able to catch up to the nurse he's met at the Warsaw. When the nurse leaves the room for a minute, Oswald accidentally brings a dead guy back to life, much to the shock of everyone in the room.

    The next day, Drew and Mr. Wick are having a difficult time with selling the store. Mr. Wick is slumped over, with Drew giving the presentation. Getting desperate, Drew decides to give Mr. Wick two glasses of 45-year-old malt scotch, which seems to help him pull things together and he does a great job at selling the store to the British.

    Later that night, Drew comes home with Mr. Wick and tells Kate, Steve, and Lewis about the way the meeting went. Unfortunately, Drew still hasn't taken Mr. Wick to rehab, and the only way the British will sign a contract is if they all have a cocktail party. Oswald comes in and tells the guys about his day with the nurse at the hospital. It seems she's actually interested in Oswald.

    A few nights later, Drew's throwing a party for the British in hopes of them signing the contract. When Mr. Wick goes a little crazy in hopes of finding more alcohol to quench his thirst, the British decide to go ahead and buy the store.

    The show ends with Oswald bringing back the man who Mr. Wick knocked out in Drew's kitchen.

    This is one of the shows in this season which, in a way, mark the downturn of the series. Things only get worse from her on, although I thought tonight's show was funny. From a comedic standpoint, the writing was very well done, and I thought Craig Ferguson did a great job acting... he doesn't get to stand out in very many episodes.