The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 17

The Engagement

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Feb 11, 1998 on ABC

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  • Oswald and Drew argue with one another about who knows their girlfriend better.

    The show opens with Mimi talking to a man, who she's trying to hire to lie in court, so that she can win money from the store. He's not entirely interested because she's trying to commit fraud.

    At home, Drew and Lewis are sitting on the couch, opening Valentine's Day cards. One of them is from Drew's mother, and she warns Drew of getting his prostate checked because Drew's father is having problems with his. A minute later, a police officer comes by and asks Drew and Lewis about their neighbor, who killed her husband. The police officer asks Lewis to come down to the station to answer some more questions. When Oswald comes by, he's asked by the police officer to come by as well. When the officer leaves, Oswald tells Drew that he and Kate are moving in together, and the news really surprises Drew.

    In Lewis and Oswald's apartment, everyone is helping Oswald pack things up to move in. Kate and Oswald end up getting into a big fight. With Drew thinking their relationship is over, he confesses to Oswald that he never thought he and Kate were right for one another. Oswald gets angry because his relationship isn't over with Kate, just their fight. Angry at Drew, he ends up walking out of the apartment, still angry at Drew.

    At Winfred-Louder, Drew is questioning Mr. Wick, while he's connected to a lie detector. Drew's asking Mr. Wick about the lawsuit, and he's trying to find any holes in Mr. Wick's story. Mr. Wick ends up lying to nearly every question, and he pulls off the cuff to the lie detector. Mimi then comes in and tries out the lie detector, and she seems to be able to lie to any question asked, without setting off the machine. She then leaves the scene to allow Oswald to enter. He and Drew get into a fight over who's more compatible, he and Kate or Drew and Nicki. They decide to ask their dates questions from a compatibility test during their Valentine's Day dinner to see who's the most compatible. When Oswald leaves, Mr. Wick comes back in to take the test. He pours hot coffee on his lap to distract himself, all in an attempt to help him pass the lie detector.

    Back home, Lewis, Drew, and Oswald are making dinner for their dates. As they walk into the living room with wine, Drew and Oswald ask Nicki and Kate questions from the compatibility test. Lewis' date, Pinky, isn't acting quite right because of a cat vaccine she's testing. As the night progresses, Drew and Nicki are doing terribly, while Kate and Oswald are doing pretty well. Oswald ends up getting on one knee and proposes to her, putting Drew in an awkward position, so he does the same, so Nicki agrees.

    The show ends with Lewis and Pinky having some wine at Lewis' apartment, when all of a sudden, they decide to go have sex.

    Tonight's episode was pretty funny; the test during dinner got to be a little ridiculous, but it wasn't over the top. My favorite part of the episode was the second scene, where Drew and Lewis were reading Valentine's Day cards.