The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 17

The Front

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 07, 1996 on ABC
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Mrs. Louder learns of Bell's relationship with Suzie and orders him to fire her. A furious Bell responds with an edict threatening to fire any member of management who is caught dating an employee. This makes Drew and Lisa hesitant to continue their clandestine affair, especially after Mimi vows to catch them together and get Drew fired. Jay suggests that he and Kate could go on double dates with Drew and Lisa; Jay would pose as Lisa's boyfriend, and no one would hassle Drew and Kate because they are known to be friends. The arrangement soon takes its toll on Kate and Jay's relationship, as they can never have any time alone. When Mimi runs into the foursome at the Warsaw, she challenges Jay and Lisa to prove that they are involved by kissing. Kate is incensed when Lisa kisses Jay, but admits that she is mainly upset about not getting to see her own boyfriend. Drew and Jay nearly fight when Drew accuses him of making a move on Lisa and gets worked up about a girl that Jay supposedly took from him in junior high. The arrangement comes to an end, and Lisa decides to stop seeing Drew altogether after he refuses to take a chance and pursue an open relationship. Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis take "smart pills" as part of a DrugCo study.moreless

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  • Lisa and Drew continue to date secretly.

    Lewis, Kate, and Oswald are sitting on the couch when Drew walks out into the kitchen and hears a man yell. He runs out to the backyard to find Tim Allen dangling from a parachute in a tree. Tim asks him to help him down, but Drew doesn't seem to be in a hurry. He yelled that Tim Allen is in his tree, so Lewis, Oswald, and Kate run out to see, and they're surprised as well. When it looks like John Goodman is coming down in another parachute, they run out of the way.

    At work, Drew asks Kate to cover her ears so he can tell Lisa about her erotic dream about her. Drew's too concerned about someone catching him dating Lisa because of the policy at the store about management dating regular employees. Suzie goes in to see Mr. Bell, who fires her after Mrs. Louder finds out about the two of them. There's a new policy about management dating employees, they're fired immediately with no benefits, which scares Drew a little.

    At home, Drew and Oswald are sitting down when Lewis comes in with news that the lab is testing smart drugs on him, since the rats started exploding. Oswald volunteers for the program, since he wants to be smarter. Jay and Kate stop by to see everyone. In order for Drew to see Lisa, they decide to double date, so Drew doesn't lose his job.

    Out in the car, Lisa tells Drew they are safe now, no one has caught them yet, so why bother sneaking around?!

    At the Warsaw, Drew chats with Lewis and Oswald, who are now both taking those pills from the lab, in hopes of getting smarter, but they don't seem to be able to remember where they parked the car. As they leave, Drew walks over to the table Kate, Jay, and Lisa are sitting at. They're still using the double date trick, but when Mimi stops by, he puts them to the test. Lisa is forced to kiss Jay so Drew can keep his job, but this upsets Kate, who runs off to the restroom.

    In the restroom, Lisa joins Kate, who was busy writing Lisa's name and number on the stall door/wall. Lisa explains to Kate that the only reason she kissed Jay was so Drew wouldn't lose his job over the whole thing. Out in the bar area, Drew and Jay get into an argument over something from school. Jay started going out with a girl, just as Drew was getting up enough courage to ask her out, but was obviously too late, but Drew chose tonight to take it out on him. Kate and Lisa come out of the restroom, to tell them that they're over the whole thing, but Drew and Jay are just about to get into a fight, but are separated by the ladies.

    At the office, Drew is joined by Lewis and Oswald, who are now off of those pills, but seem to have been affected. They both seem a little smarter, but still can't seem to remember where they parked the car. Jay and Kate stop by to see Drew. Drew tries to get Jay and Kate to continue with the double date thing, but they don't want to anymore. As they leave, Drew asks for Lisa and a few others to come by. Lewis and Oswald decide to leave for lunch. Drew congratulates four of the women, and ask Lisa to stay. They chat about their social life, while acting like they are discussing business-related things. Drew also tells her that Mimi is off trying to get a candy bar which Drew has apparently glued to the candy machine. Lisa comes out and tells Drew that she's tired of sneaking around, either they date publicly, or they stop dating. As Lisa leaves, Mimi stops by with part of the candy machine in her hands. She turns to Drew, to say that they need a new candy machine now.

    The show ends with showing Tim Allen dangling from the tree. He's talking to John Goodman, who is apparently on the roof.

    Overall, not a bad episode, I enjoyed it. I was a little surprised by Tim Allen's appearance. This was obviously a way to get some cross promotion for Tim's show, Home Improvement.moreless
Tim Allen

Tim Allen


Guest Star

Angela Dohrmann

Angela Dohrmann


Recurring Role

Katy Selverstone

Katy Selverstone

Lisa Robbins

Recurring Role

Robert Torti

Robert Torti

Jay Clemens

Recurring Role

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    • (After Lewis and Oswald have been taking smart pills with no apparant effect)
      Oswald: Let's go get some ice cream, my cavity is hurting and neurons are spiking through my cerebral cortex like electrons through a linear accelerator.
      Lewis: ...What'd you say?
      Oswald: ...I said, "C'mon, let's get going."
      Lewis: Oh, okay. For a minute there I thought you said something smart. (They start to leave) Hey, are they still using linear accelerators?
      Oswald: Actually, most particle accelerator accelerators are circular.
      Lewis: Don't you mean "elliptical"?
      Oswald: Ah, but aren't all circles ellipses? (They laugh) ... where's the car?
      (They look around stupidly)

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