The Drew Carey Show

Season 5 Episode 20

The Gang Stops Drinking

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2000 on ABC
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The Gang Stops Drinking
Kate wears an ear piece so that Drew can talk her through an interview with a catering company. She gets the job, and serves the guys some leftovers from her first assignment. They become violently ill, and blame Kate's cooking. However, Steve forces Mimi to confess to lacing a cookie (which Drew believed was a gift from his bosses) with a drug that causes vomiting when ingested with alcohol. The gang cannot drink for two weeks until the drug passes through their systems. Drew and Kate cannot spend any time together because of their busy schedules. He asks her to move in with him, but she believes they are moving too fast. He eventually agrees, and blames his temporary lapse in judgment on the sobriety. Lewis and Oswald begin seeing a pair of recovering alcoholics. After the drug wears off, they must choose between their new girlfriends and alcohol.moreless

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  • What will the guys do when they can't drink?

    We join Kate in an interview for a catering job, and we see Kate is using a cell phone and an ear piece to get help from Drew. When the interviewer asks Kate to list her negative qualities, Lewis and Oswald jump at the chance to help her with those responses. Kate tells the interviewer that she's got plenty of time to work since she's single now and all of her friends are dead.

    Later that day, when Drew comes home, he shows the guys the giant cookie he was given by the board. Kate then mentions she got the job at the catering place. She says that she cooked a big meal for the nuns in town, and brought some leftovers with her. When Kate dishes some up, Drew asks her about when they can see one another again. It seems the job is really keeping her busy. The guys dig into the food Kate made, and they all love it.

    Later that night, the guys are eating Drew's big cookie when they all start feeling sick. They think it's Kate's food, so she feels bad about it.

    At the Warsaw, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are enjoying their beer when Kate comes in and tells them that the nuns didn't get sick. Drew realizes it's the beer and accuses of Lewis and Oswald doing something to it on accident. Steve and Mimi come in and Steve gets Mimi to admit that she put a drug into the cookie which makes people sick when they drink beer. They get upset when they realize they won't be able to drink until the drug is out of their body, which won't be for two more weeks.

    The next day, Steve and Mimi are enjoying St. Patrick's Day, but Kate, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are miserable, as they've never been sober on St. Patrick's Day. When everyone gets up to leave, Lewis and Oswald notice the women are drunk, and thinks that since the two of them are sober, this will improve their chances with the women. They run into two women who aren't drinking, and surprisingly, they seem to hit it off.

    At home, Drew and Kate are chatting about when they can see one another. When Drew realizes they aren't able to spend any time together anymore, he asks her to move in. She reluctantly agrees to move in after Drew begs her.

    In an attempt to find some decorating ideas for Drew's house, he and Kate go into a big home for sale. While in the kitchen, they talk about how she's still reluctant about moving in. When they go to use the bathroom, the realtor leaves and locks the doors. To test whether or not the drug has worn off, Drew and Kate drink some beer in the refrigerator, and it seems to have worn off.

    Lewis, Oswald, and their two girlfriends come into the Warsaw after going to the carnival. They talk about how beer makes them sick. To prove it to the women, Lewis and Oswald take a drink of the beer, and nothing bad happens. The girls tell them that they need to choose between them and the beer, so the guys obviously choose the beer.

    Back at the home for sale, Drew and Kate are drunk and Kate tells him she's not ready to move in with him. To spend more time together, Kate tells Drew he can come with her every now and then to the parties she puts together since most of the party-goers won't know Drew isn't supposed to be there.

    The show ends with a scene where the realtor leaves, which allows Lewis and Oswald to come out of hiding. They go into the kitchen and raid the refrigerator, which has beer and cake in it. They're surprised when the home owners come in and find them eating their food and drinking their beer.

    I loved the plot of this episode, but was a tad disappointed with how little screen time Mimi and Steve had. The final scene where Lewis and Oswald were caught in the house for sale was great!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • During the eating scene, the position and number of beer bottles changes between shots.

    • When Oswald and Lewis meet the two women, Lewis says that they hadn't a drop of booze in three days. Yet, only the day before they learned that they can't drink anymore for two weeks and they were drinking beer at that time.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • (Drew has just discovered Buzz Beer has been poisoned and begins to warn all of the customers at the Warsaw Tavern)
      Drew: Alright, hey! Everybody listen up! Whose ever drinking Buzz Beer, it's poisoned. So if you're drinking Buzz Beer, stop!
      (everybody looks at Drew and resumes drinking their beer)
      Drew: (glances around and sees everybody is still drinking other brands of beer) Nobody. It's the cheapest beer in here, I don't get it.

    • (a drunk Steve asks Drew to take care of Mimi for him if necessary)
      Steve: If anything happens to me, I want you to take care of her.
      Drew: Oh, I'll take care of her. (he pauses) The very next day.

    • (Lewis and Oswald discover that they can drink again)
      Lewis: Waitress, four beers!
      Woman: But we're alcoholics!
      Lewis: Sorry. Eight beers!

    • (Talking to two women at the Warsaw)
      Oswald: Why is this working?
      Lewis: They used to be alcoholics; maybe they've got brain damage.

    • (After realizing the ease of picking up drunk women)
      Lewis: Hello, my name's Lewis. For the next few hours, I'm gonna seem like a good idea.

    • Lewis: I gotta say, now that I'm not drinking, there's nothing between me and the realization that I'm a single, 40-year-old janitor.

    • Drew (after a drunk Mimi comes on to him): Now I no longer fear death.

    • Kate: Sister Mary is leaving the order and getting married.
      Drew: Wow, what do you get half of when you divorce Christ?
      Lewis: Talk about not living up to someone's ex.

    • Drew: Well, it's been 24 hours. I think I'm ready for my first solid food since Kate's dinner party or, as I prefer to think of it, "The Night the Toilet Cried."
      Lewis: Man, that was like power-vomiting. I had gum coming out of me they don't even make anymore.

    • (Lewis gets sick after eating Kate's meal)
      Kate: What's the matter, didn't you like the food?
      Lewis: No, I loved it. And the best part is...I get to taste it all over again.

    • Drew: I've never been sober on St. Patrick's Day before. Did you know they have a parade?

    • Lewis: No alcohol for two weeks?! Oh, man, I need a drink...OH MY GOD!

    • Drew (to Kate): So let me get this straight... Are all days this long, and has your hair always been brown?

  • NOTES (2)