The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 9

The High Road to China

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 18, 1998 on ABC

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  • Drew gets shipped off to China.

    Mimi and Drew come into work, but Drew's ignoring the heck out of him. A photo comes down with a photo of Mimi and a monkey, and it asks you to spot the difference. Drew then triggers an elaborate system which manages to throw a cold cream pie at Mimi, and dump some sort of yellow goo all over her desk. Drew taunts Mimi by saying there's nothing she can do that can top that. All of a sudden, we see Drew wake up on the Great Wall of China.

    Drew's walking the Great Wall of China, and runs into some men working on the wall. He tries to find out what's going on, but they don't speak English. He finds a tape recorder in his pocket, and it has a message from Mimi.

    Drew gets a ride into a town, on a trailer, pulled by an animal. Drew finds a young woman who speaks English, so she tries to help him. If Drew can sell her father's chickens, he can make some money.

    At Winfred Louder, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald are looking through Drew's desk, looking for clues for where Drew is. Mimi comes in, and Lewis thinks she killed Drew. Mimi drops subtle hints, but they're not picking up on them. Mr. Wick, who comes out of his office, and realizes what Mimi has done. He and Mimi end up getting a good laugh about it. Drew doesn't have too many options since Mimi took his passport and wallet.

    Back to China, Drew's trying to sell chickens to the local population, but he's not sold a single chicken, mainly because he can't speak Chinese.

    We then see a shot of Kate, Lewis, and Oswald, standing around, thinking about how to get Drew back home, but they're not making any progress.

    Back to China, Drew gets paid, and convinces the woman to drive him to Beijing, so he can hopefully get home. When they get there, the Embassy is closed, so Drew says he'll try it in the morning.

    A bit later, Drew's asking a police officer where he can sleep for only a little bit of money, but Drew can only sleep on the park bench for that much. Drew notices someone earning money by dancing, so Drew tries to entertain people by doing sock puppets. It goes terribly, with a kid stealing one of his shoes, and he gets arrested for not having a peddler's license.

    In a simple room, Drew is joined by a man who tries to help him out.

    Back at Drew's place, Lewis is on the phone, trying to get the phone number to the Great Wall of China. Drew calls and and talks to the Lewis and Oswald. Kate doesn't get to talk to him because he hung up. Lewis says he's going to call an old girlfriend of his, who moved to China, but Oswald and Kate tell him that they just recently saw her in Cleveland. It becomes obvious that she lied to him.

    Back to China, we see Drew wandering the streets when he sees an elderly woman, with a box of french fries. He asks her where she got them, so he points out a McDonalds restaurant. Drew runs in and tries to order something, but Drew doesn't have enough money for a Big Mac. he then asks to speak to a manager, who then comes out, and isn't of much help. Drew starts singing and dancing, and is able to get the manager to buy him a meal.

    We then see Drew running up a set of stairs until he tires out.

    The show ends with different takes from a scene where Drew is trying to sell chickens.

    This was a very funny episode. I loved the opening scene with Drew getting Mimi covered in cold cream.