The Drew Carey Show

Season 9 Episode 25

The Passion of the Wick

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Sep 08, 2004 on ABC

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  • Good for being in the Bad era of the show.

    Good episode. Featuring Lewis and Oswald: the worlds worst newscasters and the return of my favorite character Nigel Wick. The stuff at Nigels girlfriends house were funny. Best momment for me was watching Wick fire "Johnson" yet again.

    [Tv.Com Recap] The show opens with Drew at work, on the phone with his mother. Drew's not interested in the cheap shoes she got him. Scott comes in and yells at Drew for the personal calls. When Scott leaves the scene, Mimi walks in and tells Drew that Scott's been on edge all day, and she decides to hack into his E-mail to see if she can learn anything. It turns out the store is going under, which obviously disappoints Drew and Mimi.

    Back home, Drew and Mimi tell Kellie about the terrible news about the store likely going under soon. Drew tells them the store would be better off if he were the manager. Mimi suggests getting help from Mr. Wick, since he's got the necessary money to get the store going.

    We now join Mr. Wick, giving his forecast in the studio. When there's a commercial break, Drew, Mimi, Kellie, Lewis and Oswald come in to ask for the money. After chatting with Mr. Wick's father-in-law about investing in the store, Drew talks to Mr. Wick, who tells Drew that he needs them to get a chalice of some kind from his girlfriend. The scene ends with Lewis and Oswald, posing as anchors, reading the news.

    Done with Mr. Wick, the gang decides to drop by Mr. Wick's girlfriend to pick up the chalice, but when they get there, the woman pulls out a shotgun. Lewis quickly leaves without too much notice. Eventually, the guys get the woman to put the gun down. She tells the guys she gave all of Mr. Wick's things to a thrift store.

    Now at the thrift store, the guys have been unable to find the chalice for Mr. Wick, but Drew eventually notices an elderly woman has it and wants to use it as a candy holder. The only way she will give Drew the cup is if he spends some time with her, since her husband passed away.

    We quickly cut to Drew and the woman dancing, and Drew's clearly not enjoying it.

    Tired and disgusted, Drew comes home to Kellie, with the chalice. Drew seems rather creeped out by what he and the woman did for the past several hours.

    In the new Winfred-Louder store, Drew gets a little overvealous with his plans of taking over the world. Mr. Wick then walks in and fires Johnson for misspelling Drew's name on the door. Drew tells him he doesn't have the power to fire him, but it seems Mr. Wick has been made manager by his father-in-law. Drew's only job opportunity is to be back him human resources.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald reading news again.