The Drew Carey Show

Season 6 Episode 6

The Pregnancy Scare

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2000 on ABC

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  • Is Kate pregnant?

    Kate walks in to see Drew staying in bed.

    Kate opens the door and in come the Go-Gos. Kate wants them to excite Drew and get him out of the funk he seems to be in.

    Drew asks them what they think of Cleveland, just as they're about to leave. They then start to sing the theme song for the show.

    At the store, Steve comes in with news about the sex of his child. Mimi tells him to open the letter, and it turns out they'll be having a boy. Drew congratulates them.

    Drew walks into Mr. Wick's office with a list of things he's done to Drew. He's planning on duing Mr. Wick. Mr. Wick's having more problems. His work visa is expiring, and he's trying to get an American citizen to marry him, so he can stay in the country.

    Mr. Wick wants Drew to marry him. In turn, Drew will get his job back and a 10% raise. Drew says no, and he'll add this to his lawsuit.

    At home, Drew is celebrating the fact that he's still unemployed. Drew told Lewis and Oswald about Mr. Wick's proposal. They then told Kate about it. Kate then tells Drew that she's "late". He had no idea what she was talking about. The other two didn't know either, of course. Drew eventually figures it out when he finds the pregnancy test box.

    At home, Drew walks in to see Speedy sitting next to the table. Drew takes a doll out of a bag and Drew wants to see how Speedy will react to the new baby. Speedy tears off the doll's head.

    Mimi and Steve walk in and Drew tells them about the baby on the way. They congradulate him on the news.

    Kate comes home, and tells Drew that she's not pregnant after all. Drew was a little disappointed, while Kate was happy because she's making progress in her job.

    Lewis and Oswald come in wearing suits. They're sad because their goldfish, Mr. Goldfish died. They ask Drew to say a few words, and he says he'll go get the Bible, and he's meet them next to the toilet.

    At work, Mr. Wick shows Drew the fancy desk and chair he could have.

    Mimi comes in with a gift, but Drew had to tell her Kate wasn't pregnant after all. Drew then talked to another employee about he and his wife not having kids. He and his wife have a suicide pact, and they'll kill one another next week in Florida.

    In a dream, Drew is surrounded by 8 children, all of who look like him...well they have the big glasses.

    Drew wakes Kate up in her sleep to talk about having kids. Kate doesn't want to talk about it, but he wasn't willing to put it off. Drew says he'd be willing to be a stay-at-home dad. Being over 40, Drew's a little concerned that he may have waited too long to have kids.

    Drew comes down and drinks a beer with Speedy. Mr Wick comes in to up the offer to include company car, parking space, etc. Drew says yes, and Mr Wick runs off to call his mother about the good news.

    The show ends with a little scene with Drew in a nursing home. A funny little ending to the episode.