The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 23

The Rebound

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 1998 on ABC
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The Rebound
An attractive handywoman named Sharon comes to the house after the gang breaks several appliances during a drunken celebration honoring Drew's last payment on the engagement ring. She seems to get along well with Drew, so Oswald and Lewis push him to ask her out. Kate feels that Drew is on the rebound and will only get hurt. Drew makes up an excuse to see Sharon again. He asks her out, but insists that he only wants to be friends. He tries to cheer her up after a date stands her up, only to have her leave when the guy gets out of his work commitment. A lonely Drew interrupts Sharon's date by calling her for help with a plumbing problem, then intentionally breaks a pipe. He accidentally floods the entire basement. Drew tries to get Sharon's attention by riding through the flood waters in a raft and playing his accordion for her. She says that she is just not interested in dating him. Kate cheers up Drew by telling him how sweet and romantic he is.moreless

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  • Drew falls for a handywoman.

    Drew and a woman are in his kitchen. She's fixing Drew's dryer, and finds several slices of cheese in there. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in. Kate asks if Sharon fixed the VCR as well, but Drew didn't know it was fixed. Lewis and Oswald suggest to Drew that he ask Sharon out. Sharon comes in with a bill for all of the fixes she's done. As Sharon packs up her tools, Sharon tells Drew that she's not interested in him, and Drew responds that he's not interested in her either.

    At work, Mr. Wick comes in and asks Drew about the engagement ring he's trying to sell. Drew refuses to sell it to Mr. Wick so he can use it to get lucky. Mimi comes in and Drew pulls a gag on her with flowers. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come down to see Drew. Sharon comes in and asks Drew about what he wanted. Kate pulls Drew aside and asks Sharon about what he's doing, she doesn't want him to get too attached to Sharon. Sharon's working on the chair, and comments on how bad the chair's springs are. When Drew asks Sharon out, as a friend, but Sharon thinks he's gay.

    Back at home, Drew's surrounded by a lot of friends, while they decorate eggs. Lewis' friend is even there. She's testing a new drug which screws up her sense of distance. Sharon sits Drew down in the front room and asks him why some guys seem to lie to her about going out with her. Sharon's pager goes off, as her date is back on, so she leaves.

    Later that night, Drew's in the kitchen, calling Sharon. It seems the date is still going on, and asks if she can come over and fix a leak in one of his pipes. Drew hangs up and grabs a baseball bat. He runs downstairs to break a pipe.

    A few minutes later, Kate, Lewis, Oswald, and Lewis' friend come back over because of an accident with all of the eggs. Oswald notices the shirt and the music, so he and Lewis ask Drew about what's going on. They all realize Sharon's coming over soon. When he notices Speedy is all wet, Drew, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate run downstairs, and notice the basement is completely flooded, much more than expected. They all try to save important things, even Drew's father's old Playboy magazines. Sharon arrives, just in time, and tries to fix the pipe. Sharon notices the pipe, which looks to have been beaten with something, and asks Drew if this was an accident or if he did this on purpose. She tells him that she'll fix the pipes, but they won't date. Kate comes back down after hearing what happened, and tries to cheer him up.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald screwing around in the flooded basement. Oswald pretends he's being attacked by something in the water, while Lewis relaxes in Drew's small, inflatable raft.

    This was a silly episode, with several funny parts. The whole scene in the basement was good, but not great. The whole thing with Lewis and his friend, Pinky was pretty silly.moreless
  • Drew falls for another woman and goes to insane lengths to try and woo her.

    As Drew tries to pull himself together after his disasterous breakup with Nicki, a new woman comes into his life: Sharon, a beautiful handywoman who comes by to fix the aftermath of one of their drunken escapades.

    Drew decides to ask Sharon out "as a friend," since he's the only one of the group who doesn't have anyone to do couple stuff with. She accepts, and they seem to get along fine for a while.

    But eventually, Drew ends up falling for her and he ends up breaking a pipe to get Sharon over in the middle of the night. He ends up flooding the basement, and resorts to floating in a raft and playing an accordian to try and win her heart.

    The flooded basement scenes are the funniest part of the episode! Lewis wrestling with a hose (and getting pulled under), Drew rescuing his Dad's old "Playboy's", and Drew's accordian playing are absolute side-splitters.moreless

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