The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 16

The Salon

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 1998 on ABC

Episode Recap

At work, Mimi comes in and hands Drew his paycheck after setting it on fire. Kate comes in and apologizes for something she did last night. Drew tells Kate that he's going to get back at Mimi with some hairspray, but when Mimi comes over, Drew sprays Kate with the silly string. Drew's not quite over what Kate did. Mrs. Louder comes in and tells Drew about a new job involving going to Paris, which interests Kate. However, Mrs. Louder says Kate isn't sophisticated enough for the job. Kate proceeds to spray silly string at Drew's crotch. At the Warsaw, Drew, Oswald and Lewis are betting on the topic of The Jerry Springer Show on the TV. Kate comes in and asks about the buyer's job, but Drew's got bad news: Mrs. Louder isn't interested in giving Kate the job. Lewis seems to have the same problem at DrugCo, as he's not seen as management material. The guys come up with a plan to impress Mrs. Louder, so they decide to invite her and others over for an intelligent conversation, in hopes of Mrs. Louder seeing Kate in a whole new light. At Drew's house, several people are all dressed up and making small talk, even the neighbors are there. Lewis' boss is also there, and is impressed by all of the non-fresh food in Drew's house. When Mrs. Louder comes in, she's surprised by everyone who showed up. When Mimi comes in, Drew tries to push her out the door. When the topic of Internet censorship comes up, Kate and Mrs. Louder get into an argument, and Kate gets fired. The next day, Kate is riding with Oswald, since she works with him for Global Parcel now. When a driver cuts them off, Kate gets upset and throws a box at the driver. When he rams into Oswald's truck, he fires her. At the office, Mimi has decided that the mail is now self-serve, and dumps the mail on the phone. Mimi walks over to her old desk and answers the phone. It's Mr. Wick's mother, and tells Mimi tells Mr. Wick that she'll give him the phone if he gives her the buyer's job. When he refuses, Mimi hangs up the phone, upsetting Mr. Wick. He then tells her that he's going to counter-sue her for defamation of character. Drew comes in, shortly followed by Kate and Mrs. Louder. He wants them to settle their differences, so he brings in radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, who tells Mrs. Louder that he disagrees with her about Internet censorship, and Kate ends up getting her job back. The show ends with a western-style high-noon showdown between Mimi and Drew with their silly string.
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