The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 21

The Sex Drug

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 1998 on ABC
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The Sex Drug
Lewis confiscates a sex drug being tested at DrugCo after fighting off an attack by the monkeys who had used it. He nearly dumps it into the green dye that Oswald has prepared for Buzz Beer's St. Patrick's Day batch. Lewis throws the bag into Drew's trash, but Speedy retrieves it. A raven then snatches the drug, and spills it into the dye as Oswald carries it to the garage. Drew prepares to testify on Mr. Wick's behalf in Mimi's sexual harassment case. He is the only witness. Mrs. Louder warns him that he will be fired if he screws up. Everyone at the Warsaw inadvertently drinks beer tainted with the sex drug. Drew has a bottle before going to court, and cannot concentrate because he is hitting on every woman in sight (including the judge). The judge has him removed from the courtroom and dismisses the suit because there are no witnesses. Wick apologizes to Mimi and asks her to return to work as his secretary.moreless

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  • One of my favorite episodes.

    Tonight's show opens with Drew building a model airplane in his kitchen. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come by to check on him, and it seems Drew's been spending all of his time on building an air force. His front room has dozens of model airplanes. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald sing a song to get Drew to fall asleep. When Drew nods off, the guys take off for the night and let Drew get some rest.

    At Drew's, we see Oswald working with a large pot in the kitchen, when Lewis comes over after an accident at DrugCo. It seems the monkeys were given the new sex drug the guys have been working on, and they went a little crazy when Lewis came around. When Lewis almost drops the sex drug into the pot of beer Oswald is making, Oswald yells at him for it. Lewis decides to throw the drug outside in the trash can, but Speedy takes it out of the trash and drops it to chase a cat. A bird flies down and picks up the sex drug and drops some of it in the pot of beer Oswald brings outside, and neither Lewis and Oswald notice it.

    At work, Drew and Mimi exchange several insults before Mr. Wick comes in. He's nervous about the sexual harassment lawsuit Mimi has against the store. Mrs. Lauder then comes in and tells Drew that if he screws up on the stand, he'll have no shot at a promotion.

    Later that night, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate drop by the Warsaw with some green beer for the bartender. Drew comes in and joins the guys at their table. After a few minutes of drinking, Kate, Lewis, and Oswald start getting turned on for some reason. Before he leaves for the trial, Drew decides to have a drink, and afterwards, he admits he'd like to hear some Barry White.

    A few hours later, we join the court case in progress. Mr. Wick is on the stand, and he's having difficulty telling the truth, so the judge tells him he can just take the 5th amendment if he doesn't want to say anything. Mimi then gets on the stand at trying to bribe the jurors. When it seems Mimi isn't credible, she gets dismissed. Next on the stand is Drew, who's obviously horny as can be because of the beer.

    At Winfred-Louder, Kate's sitting at Drew's desk, and she's enjoying sitting on a guy's pager, since she's horny. She calls Oswald and tells him go come home immediately.

    We cut to Oswald, who's riding a mechanical horse outside of a store.

    We then quickly cut to Lewis, who's getting a physical, and when the doctor goes to check Lewis' prostate, and he's got an erection.

    Back to the court room, we catch up to Drew, who's hitting on every woman in the room, even Mimi and Mrs. Louder. Drew gets escorted out and the judge ends up dismissing the case since neither side can produce a good witness. Afterwards, Mr. Wick apologizes to Mimi and invites her to come back and work for him. She agrees to take him up on her offer and then they agree to go down to the Warsaw for a green Buzz Beer.

    The show ends with Lewis, Oswald, and Kate talking about the green beer and the effects it had on them.

    As far as St. Patrick-themed episodes go, this one was great. I really liked it from beginning to end, and gave the end of the sexual harassment case a funny ending.moreless
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