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The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 27

The Wedding Dress

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 13, 1998 on ABC
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Episode Summary

The Wedding Dress
Greg and Janet try to talk Drew into selling his house so that they can convert it into a barn for their horse. Kate and Oswald plan their wedding, but realize that they will not be able to afford many frills. Kate is upset that she will not be able to afford her dream wedding dress (the same one worn by her Barbie doll). The gang discovers that a bridal shop is having a sale and tries to find the dress. Mimi, visiting the store in search of her costume for a music video, helps Kate fight through the throngs of bloodthirsty bargain hunters. Kate finds that the dress she wants is a designer gown that costs 5000 dollars. Drew sees how disappointed Kate is and desperately wants to make her dream come true. He lets Greg and Janet store the horse in his backyard, and uses the rent money to buy the dress. He plans to surprise Kate at her shower. Mimi learns that Oswald has bought Kate a cheap knock-off of the dress. Mimi tries to warn him about Drew's actions, but thinks better of it after Oswald insults her. She begs for an invitation to the shower so that she can see the sparks fly. Mr. Wick shows up at the shower drunk and tries to make a play for Kate. Drew takes him upstairs to let him sleep it off. Oswald gives Kate the less expensive dress while Drew is out of the room. When Drew gives her the original gown, Oswald explodes and accuses Drew of showing him up and trying to steal Kate. He drags him outside and attacks him. Oswald tells Kate that Drew does not approve of their relationship. Kate is furious at him for not sharing his doubts earlier. She finally admits that she isn't mad at Drew, but is upset with herself because she doesn't want to marry Oswald.moreless

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  • Drew tries to get Kate the wedding dress she wanted.

    In Drew's backyard, Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are playing dizzy pool. The Clemens' bring over a horse, which surprises them all. The horse, Charlie, is lonely, so they want to buy Drew's house and use it as a barn, but Drew isn't willing to sell.

    At Drew's house, Oswald and Kate are trying to plan the wedding, but they're having difficulty because of how much money everything costs. They don't like the way things look when they skimp out on great suits for the guys and a great band. The wedding planner leaves when she gets frustrated. Kate finds the wedding dress she wants in a newspaper, and she shows it to Oswald, who says that they must go there and get it since Kate's wanted it.

    At the big wedding dress sale, it's a mad-house, women are beating one another up to get the dresses they want. Mimi is there, looking for a dress for a video, and she shows Kate the dress she wants, but it's not on sale, and is actually $5000, which she can't afford.

    At Drew's, he's lying down on the pool table, in the living room. Lewis comes in and is shocked to see the pool table inside for a change. Lewis asks Drew what's going on, and Drew shows him the expensive dress he bought for Kate. Lewis notices a horse in the backyard. Drew sold the neighbors access to the backyard for their horse.

    At work, Mr. Wick asks Mimi to file some papers, but in the manner of a song and dance number. Drew comes in with a sub sandwich, and he's singing. He's really happy about himself, and the fact that he bought Kate a dress. Mr. Wick comes out and steals Drew's sandwich. Drew leaves to buy a new one, when Oswald comes in and tells her about the new dress he bought Kate. Instead of telling Oswald to tell Drew about the dress, she convinces him to wait, and keep it a secret. Mimi wants to go to the shower, as she just knows it's going to be hilarious.

    At the big shower at Drew's, Kate is opening all of the gifts. After a few gifts are opened, Mr. Wick comes in, and confesses to Kate how much he loves her. Drew escorts him out of the room when Oswald brings out a dress he bought her. Drew comes down with the special dress he bought her. Oswald gets upset and pushes him outside, and runs him throught he fence, holding the horse in. Lewis and Kate follow them outside, and Oswald states how Drew told him that Oswald and Kate were wrong for one another. Shocked, Kate runs inside, and Drew follows her. Oswald and Lewis chat about the fight and Lewis' fear of horses. Inside, Kate is throwing gifts at Drew, when she slips up and admits she doesn't want to get married. Mr. Wick comes down, followed by Mimi, as it seems they just had sex.

    The show ends with Lewis and Greg trying to prove how replacing Drew with either a horse or a rock, no one would notice the difference.

    I enjoyed this episode quite a bit. The way everything went down was great!moreless
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Meagen Fay


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Melanie Good

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Joni Avery


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Keith Diamond

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    • Drew: Long-legged, swayback crap machine.
      Lewis: ...You're talking about the horse, right?
      Drew: OK, sure.

    • (Lewis is in a wedding dress)
      Drew: You know, you can pull that off!
      Lewis: Hey, thanks buddy!
      Drew: I mean, you can pull that off RIGHT NOW. You look like you're on the cover of Prison Bride.
      Woman: You! Outta that dress!
      Lewis: Usually a lady buys me a couple drinks first... (Gets dragged away)

    • Mimi: Jeez, is everybody in the world getting married?
      Drew: Don't worry, Mimi. Someday your prince will come. Or, SOMETHING named Prince.

    • Lewis: You gave away your backyard so some dumb animal could stand out here all day? And look, he's in my spot!

    • Mimi: Ah, spring. When a young man's fancy slightly turns my stomach.
      Drew: When was the last time you saw a young man's fancy?
      Mimi: When was the last time you saw YOUR fancy?

    • (Drew sucks up to the lunch lady)
      Drew: Ass, get ready to shake!
      Mimi: You don't have to ask it; it just does it on its own!

    • Drew: My house isn't a barn.
      Greg: It could be, if we cleaned it up a little.

    • Drew (to Greg): My house isn't for sale! Now get outta here--boy, I've been waiting my whole life to say this--you and the horse you rode in on!

    • (Greg brings a horse into Drew's backyard.)
      Drew: Hey Clemens, I got a riddle for you. What has four legs and shouldn't be in my backyard?
      Greg: Oswald and Lewis.
      Drew: Okay, what has the I.Q. of... (looks at Oswald and Lewis) What smells like... (looks at Oswald and Lewis) What craps standing... (looks at Oswald and Lewis) Get that damn horse out of my backyard!

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