The Drew Carey Show

Season 1 Episode 15

There is No Scientific Name for a Show About God

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jan 17, 1996 on ABC

Episode Recap

At work, Drew is checking for fraud, so he asks another employee if he really has a wooden leg. He responds by stabbing a letter opener into his leg, so that ends that. There is an announcement over the intercom saying there's an ice storm, and the store is closing early. Kate runs over and tells Drew she just saw a bird hit the window, and the bird shattered. Drew asks her if there's any room in her carpool, but there isn't. He turns to Mimi, who won't let him ride with her, so Drew turns to the Optimist Club, which says "yes." Drew has to finish up something before he leaves, but his monitor explodes and catches fire.

At work, people are gathered around Drew's desk because they think he died. When Drew shows up, everyone is shocked. Apparently, the Optimist Club got in a car crash and someone got killed. Kate and Jay stop by to tell him that a lot of people think he's dead, but some are celebrating his death, oddly enough.

At home, Drew has Kate, Jay, Lewis and Oswald over. He's trying to find Drew's Bible. Jay finds it on the bookshelf. Drew pulls out a piece of paper. It's a list of things he wanted to do before he died, which he made when he was a kid. Everyone gets out the Ouija board because Drew wants to know why he was saved. Drew decides to spend some time at church.

Arriving at church, Lewis, Oswald, Kate and Jay sit down to enjoy the day's services. Drew stands to talk to the Reverend, who thinks Drew is his father, George. Drew asks to talk to the Reverend about the death of one of the people from work, and he thinks God kept him from getting in that car, and he is considering devoting his life to the church.

At work, Nora and Suzie come by Drew's cubicle. Suzie says Nora is trying to steal the cat she found, so Drew tries to settle the argument, but it doesn't go so well, so they walk away, saying they'll share custody of the cat, just like the UPS man. Kate and Jay stop by to see Drew. They get into a big discussion about Drew's interest in the church. After they leave, Mimi comes over and jokes with Drew about joining the church. When she goes back to her desk, she finds that Drew cut part of her coffee cup, causing her coffee to spill all over her desk.

Drew stops by the church to see the Reverend, who is busy working on a batting order for the softball team. The Reverend leaves for a minute, and Drew walks up to the podium as a woman comes in to speak to the Reverend. She thinks Drew is a Reverend, so she asks him for some advice on some pressing moral issues, but Drew confesses he isn't a Reverend, so she storms out. Since she needs money, he offers her a job, which cheers them both up.

Drew arrives home to see Oswald, Lewis, Kate and Jay playing pool in the backyard. They all go inside and talk about Drew not going into the church. Instead, Drew has decided to attend church every Sunday, right after the Super Bowl.

The show ends with Drew walking the Reverend into his office at work. He's asked him to perform an exorcism on Mimi.