The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 17

Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 10, 1999 on ABC
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Three Guys, a Girl and a B-Story
Lewis meets a woman at a Babylon 5 convention and gets a date with her. Oswald gets a date with the same woman, Tracy, when he delivers a package to her house. It is an ice cream maker from Lewis, but Oswald doesn't know this because Lewis wrote his name and address in an alien language from Babylon 5. Drew meets Tracy when she complains to him about the store's reluctance to exchange the broken ice cream maker. He also gets a date with her. The guys are excited to have found possible girlfriends, and have no idea that they are dating the same woman. They seek advice from Kate on how to make a first date special. They follow her suggestions a little too literally and freak out Tracy by each following the same routine (paying everyone at the Warsaw to yell out his name when he enters, pulling out a pocket watch, and singing the Commodores' "Three Times a Lady"). The guys finally run into each other during Drew's date and realize what has happened. Tracy is mortified. Drew later explains the misunderstanding, and she says that she is still open to dating them--so long as they don't fight over her. Meanwhile, Wick tires of serving as landlord for the Winfred-Louder employees and dumps the job off on Mimi. She accepts bribes in exchange for repairs and services. Kate tries to start a massage business.moreless

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  • Lewis, Drew, and Oswald realize they're all dating the same woman.

    Kate comes into Winfred Louder to give Drew a massage. It seems this is her new business venture. Drew sits down on the special chair, and Mimi comes over and laughs. Before she gives Drew a massage, she asks him to sign a legal document, waiving the ability to sue her for any damage. Mr. Wick comes out and asks Mimi to get some things for a party, celebrating his being sober. Larry comes over with a complaint about his house, so Mr. Wick decides it's time to get someone to deal with all of the complaints. When Mimi hears this, she tries to run away, but is unable to since her scarf got caught in a drawer to her desk, and Mr. Wick chooses her to deal with the problems.

    Oswald and Drew are sitting at one of the tables at the Warsaw when Kate comes in, and tells them her date didn't go so well, as the two of them have a relative in common. Lewis comes in, wearing a Babylon 5 costume. He explains what he's up to, as there's a gathering for Babylon 5 fans at the Ramada.

    Lewis arrives at the Ramada, and is instantly attracted to a woman, and they seem to hit it off. She agrees to go out with her sometime when he asks her.

    On his route, Oswald delivers a package to a woman, who proceeds to help him with a sliver of wood he has in his hand. Oswald decides to ask her out, and she agrees to go out with him.

    At work, Mimi is surrounded by gifts, and she receives a call about someone, who is complaining about his/her house is full of gas. When Drew comes in, he asks her about all of the presents, which are all bribes. Tracy, the woman Oswald and Lewis are dating comes in to complain about the ice cream machine Oswald dropped. Drew gets on the phone and gets someone to bring up a new ice cream maker for Tracy. Drew asks her out, when they seem to hit it off. Surprisingly, she agrees to go out with him. Lewis and Oswald come in to see if Drew is ready to go out for lunch. They all share stories about how they're all in love with someone.

    Drew, Lewis, and Oswald come in to the Warsaw, and they're excited about their dates. They go over and talk to Kate, who is dateless tonight. Kate asks them what they've got planned, so they all tell her their plans. They then ask Kate about what she likes on a first date, so she tells them about a few things.

    Later on, Lewis comes into the Warsaw with Tracy, and he uses every single tip Kate told him about.

    The next day, Oswald comes into the Warsaw with Tracy, and Tracy notices things are exactly like things were with Lewis. It kind of creeps her out.

    The next day, Drew's date doesn't go so well, as it goes the exact same way the other two went. Oswald and Lewis then come in, and realize they're all dating the same woman.

    Back at Drew's, Kate can't believe they were all dating the same woman at the same time. She leaves on a date. They're expecting Tracy to come over, and she does. She's a little hesitant to come over, and is creeped out by the fact that they wooed her with the exact same routine. They apologize about how things went, and Drew gives her her key back. They all proceed to ask her out again. Tracy says they can ask her out, but she doesn't want them fighting over her.

    The show ends with Larry coming into Winfred Louder and asking Kate for a neck rub. He proceeds to strip down to his boxers. When Kate notices him nearly naked, she tells him to put his pants back on. Mimi comes in and quickly regrets seeing Larry.

    This was a fairly silly plot, but it set up for a few more funny episodes. The way the dates went was absolutely hilarious.moreless
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