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  • Season 6 Episode 26: Bananas (1)

  • The doctor at the sanitarium describes Drew as a "model citizen," but other episodes have shown that Drew has a substantial arrest record. Indeed in a later Season 7 episode, USA customs refused to let Drew fly to Spain because of his rap sheet.

  • Season 6 Episode 22: The Easter Show

  • Goof: When Oswald is punching and kicking the air, the turf used for the grass can be seen moving around under his feet.

  • Oswald refers to Lamb Chop as "him," but the character of Lamb Chop is female!

  • This goof happens towards the end of the episode where Kate and Oswald are delivering their baskets via expedited method. When they throw one of the baskets through a window, you can see that obviously this was not the first basket to hit the window, due to the chocolate covering the window frame from what can be assumed to be previous takes.

  • Season 6 Episode 21: What's Wrong with This Ep...

  • The fact that the closing credits list Robert Torti as Nick, rather than Jay, was counted as a mistake in the April Fool's contest. However, the character was never identified by name during the show, and it is not uncommon for an actor to play more than one character during a series run. If the character was Jay, the misidentification of his job should have been included on the errors list; he was a mover, not a garbage man.

  • Kate doesn't even live with Lewis, so what sense does it make for her to move out of her apartment because of him? He'll just bother her at Drew's place.

  • When Mr. Wick first opens his shirt to reveal his bra, if you look closely you can see his microphone wire.

  • 1) Writing on the pavement says, "The word of the day is lubricant."
    2) Spaceship flies during theme song.
    3) Scene in theme song is from The West Wing.
    4) Theme song music is played backwards.
    5) Scene in theme song is from "Kung Fu King."
    6) Scene in theme song is in black and white.
    7) There is a Dr. Pepper cooler in the office.
    8) Mimi has a Cocoa Cola poster.
    9) Mimi has a bubbling cauldron on her desk.
    10) Picture on Drew's wall is missing.
    11) TV remote is a clown shoe.
    12) Baby crying sounds like a monkey.
    13) TV changes.
    14) Slapping sound is changed to a bounce noise.
    15) "Out of order" sign disappears.
    16) Chair near Drew's desk is a horse on a spring.
    17) Mimi calls Drew "pug."
    18) Drew is nice to Mimi.
    19) Acrobats do gymnastics on Drew's staircase.
    20) Stock shot is wrong.
    21) Lewis sings, "Michael row your GOAT ashore."
    22) Plastic head in Oswald's fridge.
    23) Kate dates a guy she dated in a previous episode.
    24) Kate and her boyfriend suddenly switch positions.
    25) Stock shot is reversed.
    26) Graphics in the office resemble "The Sims."
    27) Laser gun shooting everyone is not in "The Sims."
    28) Football players tackling people is not in "The Sims."
    29) All the football players have the same name on their jerseys.
    30) Mr. Wick's door says "Mrs. Wick."
    31) Cornfield in the middle of the office.
    32) Mr. Wick's accent is Scottish.
    33) Lewis is charred after being struck by lightning (He isn't charred outside).
    34) Mr Wick's bra is showing, then covered, then showing again.
    35) Kim Fields replaces Kate.
    36) Meshach Taylor replaces Oswald.
    37) Thea Vidale replaces Mimi.
    38) Gary Coleman replaces Drew.
    39) Jimmie Walker replaces Lewis.
    40) Thea looks at camera when saying "Is that her catchphrase? I don't watch this show."
    41) Theme from Good Times plays.

  • 42) Office backdrop is a mural of people.
    43) Oswald's uniform has a globe on it.
    44) Office backdrop is a picture of trees.
    45) Lewis hands back the insignia twice.

  • Mimi (this time played by Thea Vidale) emerges from Wick's office, even though Steve had only been fired less than 5 minutes ago.

  • Drew tells Lewis that the Heavenly Guide told him that Lewis was going to hell. This isn't exactly true. The Heavenly Guide (played by Ben Stein) told Drew that all but one of his friends were going to Heaven, and Drew automatically assumed it was Lewis.

  • Season 6 Episode 19: Drew and the Motorcycle

  • When Drew, Oswald and Lewis are listening to their album, Oswald says there is a B-side, but on a CD, there isn't a B-side, only a second track.

  • Bikers ride choppers, Harleys and Indian motorcycles, but Drew has a BMW motorcycle, straight off of the showroom. So he's not biker material.

  • Drew as Kyle tries to prove how daring he is by opening a beer bottle by slamming the top against the counter and ends up breaking the bottle in half. When this happens, Drew says, "Well, Kyle isn't getting his nickel back on that bottle." Ohio does not have a bottle deposit return program.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Drew's Life After Death

  • Drew's obituary states he was 42 years old. However, his 20th high school reunion was the year before, meaning he'd have been 20 or 21 at graduation.

  • Drew states that he's not married, not divorced and that he's never been married. All three statements are wrong: he was married to Diane in "Drew Gets Married," and obviously got a divorce from her, and he was still married to Wick at that time.

  • When one of the men seeking help at the crisis center refers to his marriage of 18 years, Drew comments that the only woman he ever loved for that long was his mother. The problem with this is that Drew has said he's loved Kate "his whole life" many times throughout the series. Many, many, many times.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Hush Little Baby

  • When you see a close-up of the baby's face, you can clearly see that the crying noises were added.

  • Season 6 Episode 13: Oswald's Dad Returns

  • In this episode Lewis tell Drew about his plan to ask out the cute teller at the bank. He says that every week he takes out 10,000 dollars from the ugly teller and the re-deposits it through the pretty one. "This way after a couple of years, she thinks I'm a millionaire..." Drew can't find the flaw in the plan. But wouldn't the pretty teller be depositing the money back into the same account that he took it out of, thereby seeing how much money is in the account?

  • This episode was filmed early in the season and postponed from its original air date. Because of this, and the fact that Drew and Kate smiling and holding hands while referring to the fact that they had broken up seemed strange, I thought that the original line may have been "the bully magnet IS engaged to the skank" and that it was dubbed over to "used to be engaged" in an attempt to hide the fact that the episode was airing out of order. However, isn't there another line later in the episode where they refer to Drew being single?

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