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  • Season 7 Episode 26: The Eagle Has Landed

  • The bird that was used in the episode was not, actually, a bald eagle. It was an african fish-eagle.

  • When Drew was showing Kathy his photo album, he mentions that he met the Blue Man Group. This was a reference to the episode "Drew Live III," in which the Blue Man Group guest-starred.

  • Season 7 Episode 25: Look Mom, One Hand!

  • This episode marks yet another time where Drew has defended himself in court; other examples being Season 1's cartoon courtcase, Season 3 "The Dog and Pony Show" and Season 5 "The Gang Law." Just to name a few.

  • In the ending credits, Marion Ross and June Lockheart compare their character mothering with old sitcom mothering. Marion Ross was on Happy Days, and June Lockhart was on Lassie. They are saying they could not live up to their younger selves.

  • The list of website visitors switches position between shots. You can see the name "Margarita Kirpatrick" appear when Mrs. Wick says "Nigel," but when we see the screen again, the name rolls up again.

  • Kate has a "new stepmother" in this episode, which means that her father would have to be alive. Although no one had ever directly said that her father was dead, this seemed to be implied in many episodes:

    In "Drew and Kate and Kate's Mom", Mrs. O'Brien--while trying to get Kate to go for Drew--says, "Your father was my best friend, and we were very happy." Considering how worried she was about Kate getting hurt by men, it is unlikely that she would advise her to follow the same course of action if her own marriage had ended in a bitter divorce. Thus, it seemed more likely that her husband had died.

    In "Drew Gets Married", Kate gives her father's wedding band to Drew to use for appearances when the child welfare agent is around. Her dad could have just given it to her after a divorce, but it seemed more like something that would be left behind after death.

    Finally, in "The Wedding Dress", while explaining his desire to try to pay for Kate's dress, Drew says, "If her father was still around, he would have figured out a way to pay for it...but he's not." If he was still alive and--as devoted to his daughter as Drew made him sound--then why wasn't he around to help pay for it (or to walk her down the aisle in the next episode)? (Ed. note: This is just a theory, so don't rip my head off if I'm wrong. After all, they're called nitpicks for a reason.)

  • Season 7 Episode 24: What Women Don't Want

  • Lewis states that the longest relationship he's had has been two weeks. However, he dated Pinky for much of season 3.

  • Season 7 Episode 21: Never Been to Spain

  • It looks like Drew and Mimi needed their canes to be able to walk, but when they had their "sword fight" with the canes, they could jump around like they didn't even need them at all.

  • Season 7 Episode 18: It's a Dog Eat Drew World

  • If the journal was written when Drew was in high school (as Lewis states), then there should not be entries from 1972. In the flashbacks in "Be Drew to Your School," the gang was shown to be in high school from 1975 to 1979. In this episode, Oswald says that he is 42; if the characters were in high school in 1972, they would have to be at least 45.

  • Season 7 Episode 15: The Enabler

  • When Oswald was walking from the heart monitor back to the "dead body" and acting like the tv doctor/nurse, you can see the "dead body's" stomach move up and down as he breathes.

  • Season 7 Episode 13: Drew and the King

  • After the Elvis record turns into dust, Lewis starts coughing and says, "I need another drink, I think some Elvis went down the wrong pipe." He gets up to get another beer, but he has half a glass left.

  • When Kate is giving Drew, Oswald and Lewis their old stuff, she gives Drew his "old Risk game," but the game box is the newer box design, so it couldn't be Drew's old game.

  • Season 7 Episode 9: Drew Live III

  • The beagle jumps from next to Drew and John, into the cage with the other dogs.

    Also, pounds separate the animals into their separate cages, that way it keeps the animals controlled and easy to keep track of.

  • In this episode, Lewis and Oswald keep talking about visiting Dollywood in Nashville. Sorry guys, but Dollywood is not in Nashville. It is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which is at least three hours east of Nashville.

  • In the Pacific time zone version of this episode, they rang the bell as Kate and Mimi were discussing Mimi's tryst with Steve on the train, meaning that Christa Miller had to come up with an ad lib. Her response, "You should try it in the caboose," was bleeped by ABC. This show has had literally hundreds of lines over the years that have been more risque than that, so it seems pretty stupid that they would choose to censor this. (They apparently realized this was a mistake, as it was no longer censored when the episode aired in syndication.)

  • Season 7 Episode 2: Drew Carey's Back-to-Scho...

  • When Drew moons the camera and the censored balloon covers him up, he does not pull up his pants when the camera shifts and the balloon goes away, so he did not drop his pants.

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