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  • Season 6 Episode 19: Drew and the Motorcycle

  • Drew as Kyle tries to prove how daring he is by opening a beer bottle by slamming the top against the counter and ends up breaking the bottle in half. When this happens, Drew says, "Well, Kyle isn't getting his nickel back on that bottle." Ohio does not have a bottle deposit return program.

  • Season 6 Episode 18: Drew's Life After Death

  • Drew's obituary states he was 42 years old. However, his 20th high school reunion was the year before, meaning he'd have been 20 or 21 at graduation.

  • Drew states that he's not married, not divorced and that he's never been married. All three statements are wrong: he was married to Diane in "Drew Gets Married," and obviously got a divorce from her, and he was still married to Wick at that time.

  • When one of the men seeking help at the crisis center refers to his marriage of 18 years, Drew comments that the only woman he ever loved for that long was his mother. The problem with this is that Drew has said he's loved Kate "his whole life" many times throughout the series. Many, many, many times.

  • Season 6 Episode 17: Hush Little Baby

  • When you see a close-up of the baby's face, you can clearly see that the crying noises were added.

  • Season 6 Episode 13: Oswald's Dad Returns

  • In this episode Lewis tell Drew about his plan to ask out the cute teller at the bank. He says that every week he takes out 10,000 dollars from the ugly teller and the re-deposits it through the pretty one. "This way after a couple of years, she thinks I'm a millionaire..." Drew can't find the flaw in the plan. But wouldn't the pretty teller be depositing the money back into the same account that he took it out of, thereby seeing how much money is in the account?

  • This episode was filmed early in the season and postponed from its original air date. Because of this, and the fact that Drew and Kate smiling and holding hands while referring to the fact that they had broken up seemed strange, I thought that the original line may have been "the bully magnet IS engaged to the skank" and that it was dubbed over to "used to be engaged" in an attempt to hide the fact that the episode was airing out of order. However, isn't there another line later in the episode where they refer to Drew being single?

  • This episode cannot possibly fit anywhere into continuity. At one point it is stated that Drew used to be engaged to Kate (when Oswald's dad referred to Lewis, Drew and Kate as "the tall weirdo, the bully magnet and the skank," Drew states that "the bully magnet used to be engaged to the skank"), implying that they had broken up. Yet later, it is stated that Drew is still unemployed; but Drew was offered his job back immediately after his break-up with Kate in the episode "Drew and the Trail Scouts," which takes place immediately after "The Pregnancy Scare." Even if it didn't, it was established that Kate and Drew did not become friends again until a few episodes later ("Drew and Kate Become Friends"). Anyone have an explanation for this discrepancy?

  • Season 6 Episode 11: Fetal Attraction

  • Susan Egan guest starred in the Season 3 episode The Dating Consultant.

  • Season 6 Episode 10: Buzzie Wuzzie Liked His Beer

  • Watch closely--in some scenes with the truck, it's clear that the "bear" is actually a man in a bear costume.

  • Kate asks Mimi to perform at a party for her nephew. However, in "Drew Cam," Kate was said to be an only child and thus, couldn't have a nephew. (In that episode, Lewis complains about Kate wanting to call him out to talk about herself, and mutters, "You're an only child and it's all about you.")

  • Season 6 Episode 9: Drew Can't Carey a Tune

  • Drew seems to come down with "Barney Fife Syndrome" in this episode. Just as Barney sang well on many episodes, only to have an episode center around his bad singing voice, here we have the same phenomenon with Drew. Drew has sung several times on the show, in a passable, on-key voice. He also sang the "Moon Over Parma" theme during the first season.

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Drew and the Trail Scouts

  • How much time has passed from the end of the previous episode to the beginning of this one? Apparently enough time for Drew to follow Kate around but not enough for Lewis and Oswald to know that Drew and Kate are no longer together.

  • Season 6 Episode 6: The Pregnancy Scare

  • Same-sex marriage is not actually legal in Vermont. Civil unions are, but they're only recognized under Vermont state law, not the Federal government. It would be impossible for Mr. Wick to get citizenship by "marrying" Drew.

  • It doesn't stop there. In "The Engagement," one of the questions Oswald asks Kate (during the competition between Drew and him to see who is more compatible with his girlfriend) is about how many children she wants. I can't remember if she replies one or two (she changes her answer at one point), but it sure wasn't zero. Plus, the entire episode "Kate's Family" centered on her desire to have children. She becomes so enamored with the neighbor kids that she is babysitting that she starts to think of them as her own and tries to trick them into staying with her after their mother returns. At the end, she complains to Drew about how much she wants a life with a nice, supportive guy and a couple of kids. Maybe it could be argued that this is different, because she was actually in a position of thinking she was pregnant. However, if she always wanted to have kids in the past and now has found the love of her life, why would she change her mind now? If the writers couldn't think of a more plausible reason to break up Drew and Kate than this, then maybe they shouldn't have done it.

  • Kate says she doesn't want to have kids, but in "Drew Live," she tells Lewis she'd be willing to make that sacrifice: "9 months without beer, but after that I'd have a little drinking buddy."

  • Season 6 Episode 5: Drew Live II

  • In the Pacific version of the show, Brad Sherwood mentions that if Drew wants to get Louis' job back, he better do it in less than sixty seconds or else he will be doing it on Spin City.

    Spin City was another show on ABC that aired after The Drew Carey show. In Eastern versions of the show, the stars of Spin City (Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen) even came to play parts in it.

  • When Drew diffuses the situation between the waitress and Oswald and Lewis, he points to a "hidden camera" but not at the one currently shooting, but the waitress waves to camera.

  • The TV in Drew's living room, is an OLD style Dial TV, but the VCR has ONLY RCA cables sticking out of the rear, it would not be possible for Drew to watch video tapes on that TV unless they used a coaxial cable, which I dont believe I saw sticking out of the VCR.

  • When Drew picks up the phone, he says, "Carey Employment Agency," but the phone keeps ringing. He covers by saying, "They must be on line one."

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