The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 19

Two Days of the Condo

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 09, 2003 on ABC
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Two Days of the Condo
Drew cannot afford to get a birthday present for Kellie because he has spent all of his money on an engagement ring. He learns of a condo that is available for the weekend, but only for married couples, and decides to take advantage of an offer for free televisions. Drew mock-proposes to Kellie and asks her to pose as his wife for the weekend. Trouble arises when a man starts hitting on Kellie, leaving Drew jealous.moreless

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  • Drew and Kellie plan visit a condo to get a free TV.

    At the Warsaw, Drew comes in and shows Kellie the engagement ring he bought for his future wife. Kellie thinks it looks great and quickly breaks down into tears since next week is her birthday and she's all alone. Oswald and Lewis walk in and show Drew a photograph of a message termites apparently left them, "get out." They announce they're going to tent and fumigate their house to get rid of them. They then tell Drew about a man, who is giving away free color televisions for newlyweds if they stay in their condos. To cheer Kellie up, Drew asks her to be his fake wife to score the free television.

    At the condo, Drew and Kellie are shown a great place to stay, and they decide to stay there. Kellie and Drew lie about being married, and Kellie's lies don't make Drew sound very manly. The manager, Ted ends up hitting on Kellie, right in front of Drew, much to his chagrin.

    Meanwhile, Oswald and Lewis are eating dinner at Drew's house. When Lewis goes to open a cabinet, he notices it's got a lock on it, so he and Oswald debate what could possibly be inside. Lewis breaks down and breaks the lock and pulls out a small, triangular box, wrapped in gold paper, with the letter "F" on it.

    Back at the condo, Drew comments on how Kellie was in the jacuzzi tub for forty-five minutes, and then he shows her a cake and some perfume he got her. Ted, the manager then drops by to mention a complimentary brunch they will have available for them in the morning. Ted compliments Kellie on the perfume and hits on her, so Drew knocks the guy out. They then scramble to pick up their things and take off.

    We now join Drew and Kellie in the car, and they're talking about their relationship, as Kellie wants to make sure Drew only thinks of her as a friend, and not something more. Kellie then tells Drew that they need to go back to the condo because she forgot the ring, so they quickly turn around.

    Back at Drew's house, Lewis and Oswald are looking at the mystery box. Oswald opens it up and finds a large, silver egg inside. Lewis opens the egg and finds a small box with a note from Drew. Drew tells them to stay out of his stuff, and there's a trap in the little box. They decide to open it anyway, but we're not shown what happens.

    Back at the condo, Drew and Kellie knock on the door to their old room, and it seems there is a couple already there. Kellie and Drew think the woman who answers the door is wearing their ring, so Kellie pulls it off her finger and takes off with it.

    Back in the car, Drew and Kellie are almost home when Kellie wakes up. She then realizes the had the ring afterall, so they turn around to give the ring back.

    Back to the condo, Drew and Kellie leave the ring in front of the door and then knock on the door. A woman comes out and picks it up. The problem is the woman isn't the same one who Kellie stole the ring from, and she thinks her husband wants to marry him, but it's clear he doesn't.

    We now join Drew and Kellie at home, and Kellie realizes they took the wrong ring back. Fed up with driving back and forth, Drew tells her he'll have it appraised instead of taking it back. Kellie leaves and Drew joins Lewis and Oswald in the living room. Lewis and Oswald are covered in blue ink or paint, making it obvious what happened to them when they opened the box. The two of them decide to leave and go to the mall.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald at the condo, trying to take a free television.

    A decent show overall, it showed Drew's a bit jealous of other guys hitting on Kellie, and gives a peak into the future storyline possibilities. The thing with Lewis and Oswald was great. I would have loved to have seen the explosion which caused them to be covered in the blue ink or paint.moreless
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Drew Carey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • With the second couple to be in the condo after Drew and Kellie, the woman thought the guy is proposing. Shouldn't they already be married, if the condo is just for married couples?

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Kellie comes back from the jacuzzi)
      Drew: Wow! 45 minutes. That's some jacuzzi tub.
      Kellie: I got a question. How could a mindless stream of water find something in 5 minutes that my husband couldn't find in 15 years?

    • (Drew gives a gift [perfume] to Kellie)
      Kellie: You got me 'White Rose'? How did you know it was my favorite?
      Drew: I went through your things.
      (Kellie stares at Drew)
      Drew: I guessed.
      Kellie: Drew, this is so expensive. I thought you were short of money.
      Drew: I was. Now I'm out of money.

    • (Trying to figure out what the "F" box is.)
      Oswald: Fish.
      Lewis: Nah, we'd smell it.
      Oswald: Freakin' big pile of money.
      (Starting to get annoyed.)
      Lewis: It could be anything if it has freakin' in front of it.
      Oswald: Fun!
      Lewis: IT'S NOT A BOX OF FUN!

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