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The Drew Carey Show

Season 2 Episode 20

Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1997 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar
Earl is released from prison and insists that he has changed his ways. He says that he never really intended to hurt Drew, as the gun he pointed at him was a toy. Drew is put off when Earl rents the house next door and begins watching his every move. Earl insists that he wants to observe Drew so that he can learn to become normal and assimilate into society. Drew likes the idea of being a role model, until Earl begins dressing exactly like him and trying to do his job. When Drew confronts him, Earl apologizes. He invites the gang over to his house for a party to say goodbye. They reluctantly attend, only to find that Earl has redone his house to look exactly like Drew's place. He wants everyone to call him Drew, and waves a knife around menacingly while serving pizza. He then pulls a gun on them and leads them to believe it is real. He wants to kill Drew so that he can take over his life. Oswald distracts Earl with a math story problem and jumps him. Kate calls the police and predicts that Earl will end up on the news. The guys decide to cover him with Buzz Beer bumper stickers to get free advertising. Mimi prepares to meet the King of Poland with the hopes of becoming queen. Mimi's aunt dies, and Mimi pilfers a ring from the corpse that is to signify her new title.moreless

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  • It's too bad the syndicated episode is so edited.

    (This recap is of the syndicated version of the episode, which has had its opening altered after the original airing.)

    Drew, Lewis and Oswald are at Drew's house watching TV. They think they're watching scrambled porn, but it's scrambled surgery. After Lewis complains to Drew about not paying for the porn channel, Drew tells him that when you order the cartoons channel and the porn channel, the cable company puts you in a special file. Kate runs in complaining about her crazy boyfriend, so she asks them for help. Drew, Lewis and Oswald run into the other room, and when Kate's new boyfriend comes in, each of the guys come out, claiming to be Kate's lover. After they get into a fight, Kate actually ends up leaving with the guy.

    At home, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate are wanting to place Buzz Beer stickers on the members of the Cleveland Cavaliers, so they'll get some free advertising. When they leave, Drew goes into the kitchen and notices Earl looking through one of the windows. When he comes in, Drew tries to call the police, but Earl assures him he's fine now. Drew goes into the kitchen to call the police again, but Earl catches him again, and decides to leave.

    At work, Drew pours some coffee for Kate, who tells Drew that she's now barred from coming around the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kate then warns Drew about Earl, as he lives very nearby. Mimi then comes in, wearing all black, since she was just at a funeral for a family member. Earl then comes by, which freaks Drew out a little bit. Earl tells Drew that he wants him to be his role model, as he's got a pretty stable life for the most part.

    At the Warsaw, Kate is trying to sit down, but Earl is dancing around her, preventing her from sitting down. They eventually go and sit down with Drew, Lewis, and Oswald. Lewis then asks Earl about how things were when he went crazy. Lewis seems relieved when he responds, as he now knows that he (Lewis) isn't crazy. When Earl goes to grab a burger, Kate talks about how weird it is that Earl follows Drew around.

    At home, Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in, and they're handed a beer by Drew, but when Kate grabs his stomach, it turns out it's Earl, but dressed like Drew. When Earl leaves, and Drew comes home and realizes Earl got in by himself, they all rummage through his things, and find that Earl is literally trying to live Drew's life.

    At work, Mimi orders Drew to do something, but it's actually Earl, all dressed up like Drew. Drew comes in and pokes fun at Mimi's zebra-like clothing. Drew notices Earl dressed up like him, and yells at him. Earl then decides not to dress up like Drew, and then invites them all over to his house for a beer.

    At home, Drew tells Kate, Lewis, and Oswald about the offer from Earl.

    They all walk into Earl's house, which looks exactly like Drew's house. Earl pulls out a knife and says that he's getting rid of Earl, and he's going to be Drew. Earl then pulls out a gun, so Oswald decides to distract Earl with math and they take the gun away from him. After tying him up, they plaster him with buzz beer stickers since everyone will be seeing him on TV when he's arrested.

    The show ends with Oswald streaking through the Warsaw, shouting "Drink Buzz Beer", and then comes back in saying how cold it is outside.

    I thought this was a pretty silly episode. I wish they aired the original episode in syndication, as I don't really remember the opening very well.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • (Drew, Lewis, and Oswald are watching scrambled surgery on TV when Kate knocks on the door)
      Kate: You guys have to help me, I have to get rid of my date, act like my crazy family. I told him that I live here. (the three guys leave as Kate sits on the couch, and Stan comes in)
      Stan: Kate, my pet, I'm sorry I took so long. Did you miss me?
      Kate: No.
      Stan: Ha ha, how about we have a drink?
      (Lewis bursts into the room, holding a beer and acting drunk)
      Lewis: I knew you were fooling around with me woman.
      Kate: Oh no, it's Clark, my insanely ex-boyfriend.
      Lewis: I'm angry!
      Stan: Maybe I should leave.
      Lewis: I might get crazy. (Lewis spanks Kate, and immediately regrets it as she glares at him)
      Stan: I can't leave you here.
      Kate: He's just stupid.
      Lewis: Stupid? Stupid? I'll show you stupid. (picks up Drew's lamp and smashes it to the floor)
      Drew: Hey, what the hell is going on here?
      Kate: Uncle Billy!
      Drew: I thougt I made it clear that I didn't want any more men in this house.
      Stan: Kate, you need to leave this place.
      Drew: Wait! She's pregnant.
      Stan: What?
      (Oswald bursts into the room and jumps over the couch)
      Oswald: It's mine and I'm her brother.
      Stan: Wait, if you're her brother, why do you have an accent?
      Oswald: Uh, I was born on vacation.
      Lewis: You're not her brother. I should know, I'm her father.
      (the three guys argue about their relationship to Kate as Stan escorts Kate out of the house)
      Stan: Kate, I know a shelter I can take you to.
      Kate: Yeah, whatever.

    • Drew: Oh my God! This guy wants my life.
      Lewis: Here's an idea: let him have it.

    • (Earl is dressed as Drew with a Drew wig on.)
      Earl: Let me get out of your hair.
      (Removes wig)

  • NOTES (2)

    • To fill the time left by the removal of Mimi's storyline, syndicated versions of this episode open with the opening from "It's Your Party and I'll Crash If I Want To," in which Kate asks the guys to pose as her deranged hillbilly relatives to help her chase off a date.

    • The Polish-American community wasn't amused by the episode. So if you have it on tape, keep it. When the episode was re-aired, all references to Poland were removed. Also, it is no longer be mentioned that Mimi is of Polish heritage.