The Drew Carey Show

Season 8 Episode 18

Two Girls for Every Boy

Aired Daily 9:00 PM Jul 02, 2003 on ABC

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  • Drew gets mixed up in a threesome.

    The show opens with Drew, Lewis, and Oswald at the Warsaw. They notice Reverend Henderson walking in with an attractive somen, so they decide to join them. After a bit, the Reverend tells the woman, who is his daughter, to go out with Drew, which catches Drew by surprise. After a minute, the woman, Elaine, goes over to Kellie, who's bartending, and asks for her number. Drew comes over and talks to Elaine about some plans for their date and she walks away. Kellie then tells Drew about how Elaine just hit on her, shocking Drew, as he thinks she's a bisexual now.

    At home, Drew's joined by Elaine, and they talk about their date. Eventually, Elaine admits she's a lesbian, not a bisexual, much to Drew's disappointment. She tells him she needs him to be her date at a cousin's wedding, so Drew agrees to help her out.

    At Mimi's house, she's joined by Steve, who wants to make up. Unfortunately, Mimi isn't quite ready to forgive him for cheating on her.

    At the party, Drew helps a woman out of a jam when she manages to get her sweater caught on a nail on the wall. Drew manages to ask her out before she walks away. When Drew tells Elaine about it, she tells him she also hit on the woman, making them both feel a little embarrassed.

    At Drew's, Kellie makes some soup for Oswald, who's sick as a dog. She then asks Drew about the woman he's going out with. This somehow manages to get into a discussion on what exactly a bisexual is, as Oswald is rather confused.

    We now join Mimi, who just got home, and she's shocked by how Steve has redecorated the house, all in attempt to recreate their honeymoon in the Bahamas. This seems to work on Mimi, as she tells Steve it's time to have sex.

    Now in the Warsaw, Drew's with Teri on their date when Elaine walks in and tells Teri she has tickets for her birthday. Drew and Elaine get into a little argument since they both seem to have plans with Teri, so Teri tells them they should all be together on her birthday, which of course interested Drew.

    Back home, Drew's sick because Oswald passed his cold to him. He then starts to feel a little woozy after Lewis and Oswald gave him four small cups of cold medicine and an erectile dysfunction pill. Elaine and Teri come over with some champagne and are ready to party, but Drew ends up falling asleep on the couch, missing out on all of the action.

    The next morning, Drew wakes up and is disappointed because he missed it all. Lewis and Oswald run in and are anxious to hear what happened, so Drew tells them the truth. Lewis walks over and tells Drew to make up something because Oswald stayed up all night last night, waiting to find out how his threesome was. Drew reluctantly makes up a story to please Oswald's curiosity.

    The show ends with Lewis and Oswald trying to pick up a woman at the Warsaw, using a similar technique to what Teri used to get Drew.

    The plot of the episode was fairly interesting. My favorite scene was the last major one, with Drew telling Lewis and Oswald the "truth" about last night with Elaine and Teri.