The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 19

Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 04, 1998 on ABC
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Two Weddings and a Funeral for a Refrigerator
Drew and the gang are depressed when his refrigerator breaks. Drew sees a beautiful new refrigerator in a Winfred-Louder ad, and convinces Mr. Wick to make it the grand prize in the annual employee games. Mimi teams up with Larry in the hopes of continuing her unbeaten streak at the event. Drew worries that he and Nicki won't be able to win the competition. Kate and Oswald and Lewis and Pinky also enter, promising to give Drew the fridge if they win. Unfortunately, Pinky has been involved in a DrugCo experiment that encourages competitive behavior. She takes out Drew, leaving him on crutches with his arm in a sling. After Mimi wins the final tug-of-war to take the contest, the injured Drew challenges her to a grudge match. She sends him flying headfirst into a refrigerator. Drew's friends chip in to buy him the dented model, and tell him that he got it as a consolation prize.moreless

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  • Drew's refrigerator dies.

    In the middle of the night, Drew's up, grabbing something to eat. He notices that the refrigerator is "sick", it's dying. Everything is warm, and the ice is now water. Lewis, Oswald, and Kate come in and see what's going on. Everyone except Nicki is sad, but Nicki just doesn't quite get it.

    At Winfred Louder, Mr. Wick brings Johnson over to Drew, and asks him for some advice with a problem. Mr. Wick says he's got a problem communicating with Johnson, so they do a role-reversal game, and somehow Mr. Wick manages to fire Johnson. When Johnson leaves, Mr. Wick tells Drew that it's time for the Winfred Louder staff games. When Drew sees that one of the prizes is a brand new refrigerator, he gets rather excited. Mimi and Larry come in and complain to Drew. Larry was apparently lying down on the couch in the ladies room, while Mimi was doing her business. Larry wants Drew to put a couch in the men's room, but Drew doesn't think it's a good idea. When Mimi hears about the staff games, she's all set to play, and Larry wants to be her partner, as they can both use a new refrigerator. Mimi and Drew do a little trash talking, and then Mimi and Larry walk away.

    Drew and Nicki come home, and pay respect to their refrigerator. They have a little memorial built for it, with flowers and candles. Kate, Lewis, and Oswald come in through the front door with a "new" refrigerator. It looks like a fridge that had parts taken from other appliances. Drew isn't too happy about the "new" fridge, because of its bad smell and the fact that Drew doesn't want settle, but rather win that new fridge. After Lewis, Kate, and Oswald leave, Drew and Nicki walk into the living room and Drew tries to imagine having that new refrigerator. All of a sudden we see Drew and Nicki miniaturized, dancing around in a large refrigerator, enjoying themselves.

    At the employee games, Drew and Nicki are signing up to enter the games. Lewis, Kate, Oswald, and a friend of Lewis' come in all set to compete. Lewis' friend took some Drug Co drugs, and affects her competitiveness. Larry and Mimi come in and try to psych out Drew. Mr. Wick brings in his friend, a female bodybuilder. The games start with leaf blower hockey, where Drew and Nicki defeat Mr. Wick and his partner. Up next is Kate and Oswald against Larry and Mimi in a race, where Larry and Mimi win. Next is Lewis and his friend against Drew and Nicki, but Lewis' friend freaks out and beats up Drew. With Drew out, Lewis takes his place, and Mimi and Larry beat them in a tug-of-war. Since Mimi didn't beat Drew, she goes up against him in the tug-of-war competition, and wins since he's injured. Oswald bribes the judge with some money for one of the refrigerators.

    Back home, Nicki and Drew are pleased with their new refrigerator. They walk into the living room to watch a basketball game, but the TV breaks, saddening Drew.

    The show ends with Oswald and Lewis, miniaturized, in a refrigerator, and they get a little scared when an Tia, the attractive, muscular woman Mr. Wick was with earlier, comes in.

    This was a silly episode, but very funny. I laughed out loud when Mimi was tapping Drew with her stick. His responses were great!moreless
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    • (The whole gang are giving their final words to Drew's dead refrigerator)
      Drew: Here's to you old pal. We'll all miss you.
      Ghostly voice: Good bye.
      (Whole gang looks around scared)
      Drew: Lets get the hell out of here.

    • Larry: You don't want this bad enough. Look who I've got as a partner. I've got the devil's babysitter.

    • Mimi: Why should I pick you?
      Larry: I'll do what it takes. I'm sleeping with my 80-year-old boss, I run a craps game out of my mom's nursing home, and I sold my son's comic book collection for lap dances.

    • Larry: How come there's no couch in the men's room?
      Drew: If there was, would you want to lay on it?

    • (Before the competition)
      Larry: I've been popping steroids like there's no tomorrow. Sweaty palm, shrunken testicles: you bet. But small potatoes make the steak look bigger.
      Drew: We're not afraid of you or your shrunken testicles. (pause) I'm talking to you, Mimi.

    • Drew: I'm not afraid.
      Mimi (after tapping Drew's knee): Then why are you wearing knee pads?
      Drew: I always wear knee pads.
      Mimi (tapping Drew's arm): AND elbow pads?
      Drew: In case somebody pushes me while I'm on my knees.
      Mimi (taps Drew's crotch): So why are you wearing a cup?
      Drew: Because people keep tapping me there!

  • NOTES (1)

    • In a fantasy sequence, Drew and Nicki dance around inside the new refrigerator to "40 Cubic Feet," a parody of the title song from the Broadway play 42nd Street. The song was included on the soundtrack.