The Drew Carey Show

Season 4 Episode 26

Up on the Roof

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 1999 on ABC
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Up on the Roof
After her wedding plans don't work out, Oswald's mother moves back to Cleveland and decides to open a beauty salon. Kate gleefully quits her job as Mrs. Louder's assistant after Mrs. Harvey offers her work at the salon. Mrs. Harvey needs someone to repair the roof of the salon, and Drew suggests Sharon. Sharon is unsure because she doesn't have any experience with roofing, but Drew convinces her to take the job. Mrs. Harvey demands that Sharon re-do the job after the roof blows off in a storm, while Sharon insists that she isn't responsible. Lewis and Oswald get into a spat after Lewis sides with Sharon. Lewis ends up moving out and staying inside a storage locker. Mrs. Harvey sues Sharon for the completion of the job. She later goes to see Drew, who mistakenly believes she is seducing him. Mrs. Harvey instead shows Drew a report that proves that Sharon screwed up; she didn't realize that she needed special roofers' nails. Drew, Lewis and Kate try to repair the roof on their own. Oswald joins them, and he and Lewis patch things up. Sharon finds them and learns about her mistake. She is touched that Drew tried to protect her, and helps them with the roof. Kate discovers that she made more money with Mrs. Louder than at the salon, so she gets her terrible job back by claiming that the person who quit was an impostor.moreless

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  • Sharon fixes Kim's roof, but gets in trouble when the storm tears it apart.

    Mr. Wick walks into work with tickets for everyone to the baseball game at Jacobs Field. Mimi's not pleased about having to sit close to Drew. Mrs. Louder comes in and leaves a note for Mr. Wick who is elsewhere in the building now, and she uses Kate's back as a table to write the note. She also uses Kate to lick an envelope, to check to see if her cream in her coffee has gone bad, and to blow up her seat for the baseball game.

    At home, Drew brings in a baseball he caught at the game. Oswald comes in with his mother, Kim. She reveals that she left the guy she was about to marry, and is single now. She also mentions that she's going to be starting a salon. Kate starts to complain about her job with Mrs. Louder, so Kim tells her about the salon, and offers her a job. Before the salon opens, Kim tells everyone about how the roof needs some repair. Drew decides to volunteer Sharon for the job.

    At Winfred-Louder, Sharon comes in to see him, and Drew tells her about the roofing job he got her, and it really surprises her since she's never done a job that big before. Kate comes in and calls out Mrs. Louder. When she comes out of Mr. Wick's office, Kate quits her job.

    Back at home, Drew is joined by Sharon, who just finished the roof, right before the storm hit. They go outside to see Drew's pool table standing on end, thanks to the big storm. Oswald, Lewis, and Kate are out there looking at all of the damage as well. Kim comes over and complains to Sharon about the roof, which seems to have been torn off by the storm, so she wants her to fix it again, but she isn't willing to pay again, since Kim thinks it's Sharon's fault. Everyone in the backyard ends up getting into a big fight over it.

    The next day, Drew and Sharon are in the kitchen, talking about Kim's roof. Drew was up all night thinking about it. Oswald comes over with a package for Drew and a letter for Sharon. The package was destroyed by Oswald, but he says it was an act of God, much like the roof. The letter turns out to be a greeting card, which tells Sharon that she's being sued for the poor job on the roof. Before Oswald leaves, he tells Drew that he and Lewis aren't living together anymore. When Oswald leaves, Drew convinces Sharon that they need to get Lewis and Oswald back together, since Lewis is the only man Oswald trusts.

    Drew stops by a storage locker, and it seems Lewis is using it as a temporary home. Kate comes by to tell Drew that Kim wants to speak to him, so Drew leaves.

    At home, Drew is joined by Kim. She brings by a report which says Sharon used the wrong nails for the roof. Drew promises to correct everything, and she knows he will.

    Kate, Lewis, and Drew are up on the roof of the salon, ready to work on the roof when Oswald comes by. There's an awkward pause between Lewis and Oswald, because of their recent fights. They decide to make up, and bury the hatchet. Sharon comes up to the roof and is curious about why everyone is up there. Drew shows her the report Kim, Oswald's mom, brought by. They decide to begin working on the roof tomorrow, since it looks like another storm is coming, but it seems Lewis and Oswald have nailed themselves to the roof, when screwing around with the pneumatic nail guns.

    The show ends with Kate back at Winfred-Louder, trying to get her job back. Mrs. Louder decides to give her another chance, and puts her back to work, as her personal foot stool.

    I liked the plot of this episode, and enjoyed the writing. The scene up on the roof had its very funny moments, particularly when Lewis was trying to kill bugs, and when Lewis and Oswald nail themselves to the roof.moreless
Adrienne Barbeau

Adrienne Barbeau

Kim Harvey

Recurring Role

Jenica Bergere

Jenica Bergere

Sharon Bridges

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Nan Martin

Nan Martin

Fran Louder

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Drew bangs on Lewis' storage locker door, it opens a fraction before Lewis touches the handle.

    • On the roof of the salon, Lewis is trying to kill bugs with the pneumatic nail gun, but if you look closely, there aren't any nails coming out, which means he's only shooting air.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Kate: (goodbye song) I...hateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou IhateyouIhateyou Ihateyou I QUIT!

    • Drew: You're living in a storage locker?
      Lewis: Yeah, this was the only place in my price range that I really liked.
      Drew: Listen, I know I've said this before, but thanks for making me feel better about my life.

    • Drew (after Kate quits): I don't believe her! She stole my 'quitting song'!

    • (After Kate tells off Mrs. Louder)
      Mr. Wick: Disgruntled employee! Disgruntled employee! You all thought I was MAD to get bulletproof glass, didn't you?! Well, tell Saint Peter I said hi!

    • Sharon: Aw, crap. When the heck am I gonna be a real freaking contractor?
      Drew: Well, first you gotta learn to swear better than that.

    • Drew: We need to get Lewis to talk to Oswald.
      Sharon: Why?
      Drew: Because Oswald respects Lewis more than any other man in the world.
      Sharon (pause): Why??
      Drew: We don't know.

    • Kate (goodbye song): I...hateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyouIhateyou I QUIT!

  • NOTES (0)


    • Mr. Wick: It's Employee Night at Jacobs Field!

      Jacobs Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians baseball team.

    • Drew: They give this tape to you for free when you buy a nail.
      Drew is watching an episode of Tim Allen's sitcom, Home Improvement, as he tries to fix the roof.

    • Lewis: (holding up power tools) Permits? We don't need no stinkin' permits!
      This quote spoofs a line from the movie "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre."

    • Lewis (to Oswald, who asked Lewis to come back and live with him again): You had me at "throwing up."
      The quote "You had me at 'hello' comes from the movie "Jerry Maguire."