The Drew Carey Show

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 17, 1997 on ABC
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Winfred-Louder holds a contest, offering two tickets to the Bahamas for the employee with the best desk decorations. Mimi tries to impress Wick by re-creating the abbey of his youth and having a children's choir sing insulting songs about Drew. Wick points out that he was regularly beaten by choir boys as a child, and tells her that she lost. Drew creates an entirely edible cubicle, while Kate just dances on the cosmetics counter. Wick names them co-winners and gives them each a ticket. Drew confesses to Lewis that he is worried about being alone with Kate, as he has always dreamed of being stranded with her on a deserted island and doesn't know if he can control himself. He offers the ticket to Oswald, but he has to work. Drew tries to get Kate to give her ticket to Nicki; but she also must work, and thinks that she is too fat to wear a swimsuit because she is now eating all of the time. Lewis accidentally spills the beans about Drew's feelings for Kate to Oswald. An enraged Oswald stows away on a courier flight to the Bahamas. Drew acts extremely nervous around Kate, who seems oblivious. She eventually gets him to loosen up, and suggests they take a trip together every year. They must take refuge in the bathroom after birds take over their room. Kate confesses that she is unsure if her relationship with Oswald has a future. Drew reassures her by telling her a story that makes it sound as though Oswald has always loved her. Kate almost figures out that he is talking about himself. When Oswald shows up, Drew gives him the room and tells him to pretend they planned the whole thing as a surprise.moreless

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  • Who gets to go to the Bahamas?

    At Winfred Louder, Lewis and Oswald come running in, dressed as Santa. They insist they have great toys for Drew's toy drive. They pull out two dolls, which in Drew's opinion, are terrible, and no one will choose them. Mr. Wick comes in and announces it's time to judge the decoration competition. Kate comes in, wearing an odd yellow and black outfit. Mr. Wick goes over to see Mimi's entry in the contest, which included a small group of singing boys, who proceeded to insult Drew. Mr. Wick says that Mimi loses because of a bad memory from childhood. Drew then shows off his entry, a gingerbread cubicle, everything's edible, even the computer and the pink slip. Mr. Wick decides that he will give both Drew and Kate the tickets to the Bahamas as the prize. They're both a little bummed, since they each only got one ticket, and they didn't want to have to split the prize like this.

    In the backyard at Drew's house, Drew and Lewis are trying to play a game of pool, but the balls are all frozen together. Drew doesn't want to go inside, he wants to talk to Lewis about the problem with the tickets to Bahamas. They decide to go inside, and they find Oswald making something to eat. Drew decides to give Oswald his ticket to the Bahamas, so he and Kate can go together. He gives it back to Drew since he can't go because of he has to work. Drew goes into the living room and asks Kate to give him her ticket so he can take Nicki, but Nicki doesn't want to go because she's put on a little weight. Kate says that she and Drew will be able to go there themselves and have a good time on their own.

    The next day, Oswald complains to Lewis about how much he misses Kate. They're both really happy about Drew letting them stay at his house. They try to play dodge ball inside, but they try to put everything that's breakable into a box and set it to the side. Lewis accidentally slips up and says something Drew told him about him dreaming of Kate. It spooks Oswald a little and he leaves.

    In the Bahamas, Drew and Kate check in to their room, and notice that the room only has one bed. Drew gets a little embarrassed when he sees her start to remove her clothes.

    On an airplane, Oswald is riding in the cargo compartment, thinking of Kate.

    Back to the hotel, Drew is looking through the mini bar when there is a man who is to deliver some free food for the "honeymoon couple". When a flock of tropical birds come through the door, they run into the other room and call the room service and tell them about the birds. Kate sits down in the large spa, and starts talking to Drew about she and Oswald. In the hallway, Oswald is shown trying to find Kate and Drew. Back to Kate and Drew, who are talking about Oswald. She is wondering whether or not Oswald is the guy. Drew makes up a story about Oswald saying how he thought she was "the one". One of the room service people come in and say that the birds are gone. Oswald comes by and sees the man leaving Drew and Kate's room. Drew comes out and runs into Oswald. Oswald asks Drew if he and Kate had sex, so Drew told him "no", and then gave him the key to the room. Drew then asks the man who got rid of the birds if he would tell him where the nude beach is, but he won't tell him since Drew is thinking of joining in.

    The show ends with Drew and Nicki making out on his couch, and stop when they hear someone on the TV introducing Mimi and a boy's singing group. They proceed to sing a song which insults Drew.

    I enjoyed this, although some parts were pretty silly, such as the exchanges between Drew and Oswald when Drew offered him the ticket to go with Kate to the Bahamas early in the episode.moreless
Tico Wells

Tico Wells

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Keegan De Lancie

Choir Boy

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